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New pain and soreness four months after fat transfer to buttocks? (photo)

I haven't had any pain at all up until this normal? Four mths ago I had a CTT w/ lipo on back, neck and thighs & fat transfer to butt. I... READ MORE

I have lumps, dents and scar tissue from Brazilian Butt Lift @ 3.5 months Post op. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I had 6 lymphatic massages, needed a second drain put in 3 weeks after surgery due to Seromas. I had an 8x10 size area of necrosis on my left side due... READ MORE

My Butt is Hard and It Sweats After a Brazilian Butt Lift? Is This Normal?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift about 4 months ago. I had 500cc injected in each side. My butt is slowly softening but is still hard in places. I've... READ MORE

Overseas plastic surgeons do a great job with aggressive liposuction. How come no one in the US does the same? (Photo)

I had a brazillian butt lift 4.5 months ago, and i am sad that my doctor didn't take more fat off of my stomach. Was I supposed to ask him to be more... READ MORE

Is Hardness 4 Months Post Op Brazilian Butt Lift Normal?

Four (4) months post-op and I have hardness in one cheek after Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this normal? I purchased a foam roller to massage the hardness.... READ MORE

How can I tell the difference between scar tissue and fat necrosis?

I had bbl in march and from the beginning i had this tender firm area and dents around it. I asked my dr what can i do about it and he said to massage... READ MORE

Lipo Touchups? (photo)

Hello, Dec 2012 I had a tt, bbl (inner thigh/low back/waist lipo).I now have ugly stomach fat,slight inner thighs bulges&indents. The dr grafted... READ MORE

Pain 4 month after a BBL? (Photo)

. The last couple of weeks my butt has become very sore all the way around my butt and hips, where the top of the butt crack is.,No lumps, heat or... READ MORE

Lifting weights post Brazilian Butt Lift. Increase results or ruin results?

I have had a BBL done 3 1/2 months ago and I have a few questions. First, I still feel tenderness mostly around my belly button area some soreness on... READ MORE

3 Months Post Lipo Aqua Lipo and Bbl..possible to Have Seroma?

Hello, i had the brazilian buttlift abroad 3.5 months ago,Its difficult to observe in a photo but on my right flank to my belly button when gently... READ MORE

4 months post-op: why does my stomach look this way? Is this something that needs to be corrected with a TT? (Photo)

I had a BBL 4 months ago. I am not sure as to why my stomach is poking out. My PS told me it would be flat. Was the lipo not as aggressive on top as... READ MORE

4 months post op, I gained some weight and my stomach fat came back. Any suggestions?

I had my bbl 4 months ago my stomack after surgery very flat and fuller butt but now i gain some weight i gain in the stomack again not in the butt... READ MORE

When is very DEEP tissue massage ok after Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a BBL done 4 month ago. Some parts of my butt are still sore. I got a very intensely DEEP tissue massage on my glutes yestersay and now my butt... READ MORE

I had Liposculture 4 months ago with fat transfer to my butt I want to have my butt a little bigger.

Hello before I had my surgery I was not a fat person I was average but no shape now I have a shape with an ass but I'm not satisfied with my butt my... READ MORE

Pain in my butt four months post op! Where can I go for aftercare?

I am 4 months post op. I got liposuction with BBL. The last month I have been having pain in my butt, especially while sitting but it is almost always... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my BBL hip irregularities? Thighs are uneven. Is it swelling or scar tissue? (Photo)

I had a BBL 18 weeks ago. One year before I had a tradisjonal lipo at inner and outher thighs. My BBL result are a lot of irregularities on both hips.... READ MORE

My legs are discolored 4 months ater BBL. What's causing this?

I am four months post op bbl & my inner & outer leg's are discolored wtf? READ MORE

4mo post. Lower back preop had good shape (no fat or rolls). Now I have a roll of skin across lower back I can feel & see awful

What do I do? Followed all post opp including cincher Garment my back before surgery was great didn't need had decent curve sloup I'm so upset it... READ MORE

Butt Soreness 4 months post op! Any suggestions?

Lately, I have been having soreness in my feels like muscle Butt have been fine up until then!!! What's wrong??? I will add that... READ MORE

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