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My Body Looks Like an Hourglass Figure in the Mirror and Photos, Can Surgery Make It Look Like This in Real Life?

I'm 25 and 5'9 and over 300 lbs, but still my body looks like an hourglass in my reflection, what can be done to make it really that shape? READ MORE

Can rigorous exercise after the procedure is done cause you to lose the work that was done? (BBL)

I am in the process currently of losing weight, so that I can be healthy enough for the surgery to have this procedure done. I am currently 5.5 feet... READ MORE

Full Figured and wanting a Bbl & Tummy Tuck. Could I get this even though I'm not "average size"?

I'm 5'10, weigh 290 lbs and have no health issues...besides RA. My ideal weight is 240 which would make me a size 14/16...i know because i was once... READ MORE

I'm 5'9, 300 lbs. How much weight I need to lose to have a BBL/hip fat transfer from back, flanks, arms, and thighs? (photo)

I want to know how much weight i need to lose to make sure i don't lose to much weight.I want my pre baby weight back which it's about 2/220. I I to... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Get a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I'm about 5'4" and a half and I weigh about 299lbs, 19 will be 20 in a few weeks. I carry most of my weight in my stomache and torso in general. I'm... READ MORE

I am around 290 overweight and want a BBL. I am 5'8"/5'9" and carry my weight very well. Can I get a BBL? (Photo)

I realize the whole complication factor thing... But at the same time I've never had any clots, except during my period, my BP stays in the 1-teen... READ MORE

Can morbid obese young woman have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I understand that many doctors refuse to perform cosmetic surgery on morbidly obese persons. However would I still be able to get a Brazilian butt... READ MORE

Can I have a fat transfer/BBL procedure if I'm still overweight? (Photo)

I'm a 6'1" female, currently 300 lbs. I have lost 30 lbs so far and have a goal of hitting 240, then hope to have a fat transfer procedure to make my... READ MORE

Is there a doctor that can give a 290 lb woman an hourglass shape and a booty?

Im 54, 1 c-section, 290 lbs, 5'6", chest 50D, waist 50", hips 52". I also have the kangaroo pouch. im not trying to be a size 2, just have a flat... READ MORE

Could someone use your fat to help them shape themselves?

Hello I was just wondering could someone use your fat of your body to help them shape themselves am not looking for money I just want help someone to... READ MORE

I'm about 300 lbs and want lipo and BBL. Do I need to lose weight to get that procedure done?

I want this procedure done but I still want be thick. Do I need to lose some weight first and how much? READ MORE

What is an ideal weight a patient should be when considering butt augmentation?

I am currently 296 with most fat in mid section i.e stomach, back, and flanks. READ MORE

I have a few concerns about a BBL procedure. I'm 22 years old and I've started a health journey, when can I get a BBL? (Photos)

I've only loss a little over 40 lbs but I am on track with my weight loss system. :) I am currently 299 lbs and 5'8.5. Unfortunately I am VERY top... READ MORE

Can I have a Brazilian Butt Lift? I'm 16 years old and I weigh over 300+lbs.

I"m 16 years old and I weigh over 300+lbs. I would like to have a safe surgery to improve my health. But I have a large bottom its not as round. Or... READ MORE

What are the size preference for a BBL?

I am in the title of obese and I want lipo and a bbl. I weigh 300 standing 5'5 all weight in my thighs, butt and a lower pouch stomach. I am not... READ MORE

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