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How Long After Botox is Necessary Before Facial Massage?

I have heard on here several different answers, so how long must I wait prior to receiving a facial massage( temples especially) after receiving... READ MORE

Knot and Redness After Botox Injection

I had botox injections four days ago and still have a knot & redness at one of the injection sites. After researching the web, it is obvious the... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Damaged by Massage?

I received botox in my forehead about 5 days ago for the very first time. today i was getting a manicure, and the manicurist took it upon herself to... READ MORE

Will Massage 2 Hours After Treatment Affect Botox?

I have just had my first Boxtox treatment done between my eyebrows. I was advised not to lie down for 4 hours but nothing was mentioned about applying... READ MORE

Did Facial Massage After Botox Ruin Results?

I think I have made a bad mistake. I had botox in my forehead and above my eyebrows approx 3 weeks ago, and after 4 days had a facial massage which I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Botox Around Eyes?

I got 25 units of botox around my eyes i hate it, can i massage it or use galvanic to help metabolize it quicker?Please i look horrible and my face... READ MORE

Jawline Botox Gone Wrong? (photo)

I recently went to a doctor to get jawline Botox. One side of my jaw muscle was bigger than the other so the doctor put more injections in. He then... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Receiving Botox, when Can I Massage my Face?

I had Botox 3 weeks ago and like the results. I am still a little nervous, though, when I inadvertently rub my face. When can I safely massage or rub... READ MORE

Can I Use a NuSkin Galvanic Spa After Botox Injections?

Will the massaging effect of the machine cause the botox to "migrate"? READ MORE

Forehead Froze After Massaging Botox, is This a Common Side Effect?

I inadvertantly pressed the center of my forehead after nearly 5 1/2 weeks since botox injection. My face froze into a frown, even felt it down my... READ MORE

1st Time Botox Today, Half Dose, in Upper Forehead. Afraid I May Get Droopy Eyes Bc I Rubbed It? (photo)

Hi. First time botox today. No swelling or bruising just a lil red. Only half a dose in upper forehead but I wasn't aware I wasn't suppose to rub it... READ MORE

I Have an Enlarged Orbicularis Oris. Anyway I Could Reduce It Naturally Without Botox or Any Form of Surgery?

I don't want to use any surgical methods because I'm afraid of anything going wrong or any mishap. I hate the enlargement of the orbicularis muscle.... READ MORE

My Doctor Massaged the Botox Injections I to my Skin?

I had botox 2 days ago and the doctor immediately massaged it in....pretty aggressively!! Now I'm reading that you shouldn't rub it for hours let... READ MORE

Facial Massage/Exercises Post Botox?

Hi, Dr's. I am 5 mos. post my last botox treatment and am trying to swear it off since I never needed it to begin with. It leaves me with saggy under... READ MORE

It has been 3 and a bit days since I had botox, am I ok to be messaged?

I am getting a message today and it has been 3 and a bit days since I had botox in my forehead. I am concerned about the pressure on my forehead when... READ MORE

Massaged Botox, Shorter Longevity?

Today I had 2 units of botox injected into the sides of my nose in order to further improve the look of my deep nasolabial folds. I didn't know better... READ MORE

Is it OK to massage neck muscles if you get neck pain after Botox injections?

It has been two weeks with neck pain that has not diminished much. My Dr. injected a trigger point for a specific injection site that was even more... READ MORE

Could my Botox be influencing this?

I had a massage today and was face down through most of it. It's been 6 hours later and I still have the lines and major imprints on my forehead from... READ MORE

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