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Commonly used for anti-aging treatments (think spider veins, sun spots, wrinkles), the YAG laser penetrates the skin so the tissue can absorb the energy, without removing the top layer of skin. LEARN MORE ›

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30 Year Old with Acne Scars and Skin That is Susceptible to Hyperpigmentation. West Des Moines, IA

I would like to share my ongoing and overall experience with Dr. Cody Koch. I relocated to Iowa from Dallas, TX where I had visited a total of 5 different doctors with regards to my acne scaring. They all recommended and executed on their plan to diminish the appearance of my acne scarring. Due... READ MORE

Laser Scarred my Body, Unprofessional and Incompetent Staff - Melbourne, Australia

I had a consultation with a dermatologist at Dr Bekhor's clinic which was brief and not very helpful. I was going to do a trial for freckles on my chest with a laser (Yag). The nurse quickly asked Dr. Bekhor about the trial and then she went ahead. I reported that the laser was very painful... READ MORE

Skin Tightening, Mild Facelift. - Tucson, AZ

I'm not 20 anymore and face skin is different. For last 2 years I gained 20 pounds and then lost 25 pounds so my face skin started sagging after such changes. I tried RF lifting and it ok for a short-term. So I needed to keep getting more RF skin tightening. I went to "Specialists in... READ MORE

40 Years of Too Much Fun in the Sun! - Charleston, SC

I'm a 40 year old former sun worshiper that needed a major reality check, my skin care. I'm having a series of fractionated CO2 and Erbium:YAG laser treatments done over 6 months. I'm about at the midpoint having 1of 2 fractionated CO2 laser treatments and 3 of 4 Erbium:YAG laser treatments... READ MORE

No Idea if my Damage is Laser Related.. Please Help - Albany, NY

I had yag laser done On January 30,2014. The session was literally 5 minutes long ( just for a few broken blood vessels on and around nose). I had a few scabs that fell off after a couple weeks and then had 2 hydra facials one on 2/19/2014 and the other on 3/14/2014. These are pretty gentle... READ MORE

Pleasantly Surprised - Atlanta, GA

I impulsively purchased a Groupon because the discount was so huge and I love a good discounted facial. I didn't know anything about laser facials and didn't have time to do much research before the appointment. I was surprised to find myself in a rather clinical looking room as opposed to a... READ MORE

Yag Laser Skin Tightening -Fairfax, VA

Four procedures were done so far. One more left. It was very painful and I don't see the improvement. I am trying to be positive and not to think that it was a waste of time and money. I hope that it will be some noticeable improvement later or at least the aging process will slow down. Anyway,... READ MORE

A Few Sessions is Needed for Best Results - Singapore

I've recently finished a package of 6 sessions of Gentle Yag laser. I really don't know why this procedure has such a low 'worth-it' rating, because it's one of the most popular procedures at the clinic I frequent, which is one of the top dermatological clinics in Singapore. It's called the... READ MORE

Used for Broken Capillaries Around the Nose - New York

They all magically disappeared immediately. slight redness went away after couple of days. they all came back though in about a month, so i did that again. they came back exactly as before treatments. I used retin a so maybe it caused that. Was worth it anyway because when i blow my nose and rub... READ MORE

Can't See the Results - Englewood, CO

I had the "painting" (less invasive/less painful) method of the Yag Gentle Laser done on my face and neck in June and August of 2012. I can honestly say at this point, (November 2012), that I have not noticed any changes. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for. I was hoping for... READ MORE

Very Good Results! - Brazil, BR

I had a Erbium laser in my acne scars 5 days ago and the results are so amazing! I had tried for years a lot of peelings ( it worked a little bit) but nothing like this laser, I feel my scars softer ( they almost desapear) and my skin so clear !!!! I need to have maybe 2 times again to see... READ MORE

Status of cracked tooth post Gentle Yag skin tightening

I have been having the skin tightening with the Gentle Yag for 3 or 4 sessions. My latest treatment was last Thursday and as the technician was doing my upper lip, she told me to be sure to keep my tongue between my lip and teeth because she "didn't want to hit my teeth with the laser." It never... READ MORE

Concerns Regarding Yag Laser Resurfacing - Florida

I have very Irish skin and over the years (as many others ) have damaged their skin from too much sun. I consulted a doctor recently with the different types of laser options that could remove the sun damage, age spots and feckles. He suggested the Yag Laser. I had the yag laser resurfacing on... READ MORE

Don't Do It! - Wilmington, DE

Area and price was changed at time of treatment. I had to refer back to the all papers and waivers pertaining to area and cost. A struggle...and I should have walked away!! I have darker and spots 4 - 5 times larger than I was trying to correct. It has been over 4 wks. since my treatment...... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Experience - Sacramento, CA

Had facial hair that I used to bleach. Laser hair removal was a waste of money. Went it here for fine but dark facial hair removal, walked away with a full-grown beard. YAG 1064 laser was used, however it had an adverse affect that wasn't conveyed during the consultation. I think she... READ MORE

Removal of Blue Veins Under Eyes - Youngstown, OH

I have had a blue reticular vein on my lower eyelid that began to show more over the past few months. It looked like I was fatigued all the time and was very difficult to cover with makeup. I found a vein doctor who had success treating veins like these with a Cutera 1064 YAG which uses the... READ MORE

Not Worth It: Terrible Recovery and a Waste of Time/money - Taipei, Taiwan

After experiencing poor results from 4 Fraxel restore sessions I decided to try the Yag laser to help with acne scars and crow's feet. It was a complete waste of time and money. Like the Fraxel restore laser, the Yag brightened my complexion and removed sun damage but that was it. No... READ MORE

Erbium Laser Damaged Eyes

I had this treatment two years ago due to concerns about sun damage and skin cancer. The morning after the treatment, it felt as though my eyelids were stuck to my eyes. The PS ignored my concerns (shared the following days) and did nothing. When the symptoms persisted, I went to numerous... READ MORE

Worse Now Than Before Erbium Yag (For Ice Pick Acne Scars)

First it was excruciating. It smelled like burned chicken when they were doing it. After I looked like burn victim with swollen, and bloody oozing. Did the Aquafor, they tell you to put gel icepacks on but it KILLS to touch your face even with water. I looked like a freak for at least a... READ MORE

Yag for Acne Scars on Right Cheek - Post Erbium Laser Resurfacing Damage

I had a history of acne. As a result my face (cheek area) manifest the aftermath of this condition. During the years I've tried just about everything to remove the acne scars, but to no avail. I went through this procedure to remove acne scars on my right cheek.I have a black complexion. On... READ MORE

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