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Supposedly Phoenix Reborn Turned Rooster Tattoo

Hi everyone. I am 31 years old, brown skin, from the Philippines. And I would like to share you my story. Good things started to happen in my life. Work is good, I started to quit smoking (from 10 sticks to 1 stick per day - as of now), and I started going to gym. As I have been wishing to... READ MORE

YAG (Non Ablative) + Microdermabrasion - Large Pores/Orange Peel texture

For a while, I have been super unhappy with my large pores/orange peel-y texture on my cheeks and chin. I had the Erbium ablative done earlier this year (with ok results), but since I didn't like the 10+ days of downtime, I opted for the YAG non-ablative. This was considered a "lunchtime" peel,... READ MORE

GOODBYE TRAMP STAMP! Eclipse MicroPen Tattoo Removal Vs. Q-Switch ND:Yag

I have two tattoos I am having removed using two different methods; the professional tattoo on my back is being removed via the Eclipse Micropen and the DIY/Indian Ink tattoo is being removed via the Q-Switch ND:Yag laser. My black sun "tramp stamp" tattoo was inked by a professional 20 years... READ MORE

Used Laser to Remove my Sun Spots and Freckles - Taipei, TW

I wanted to remove a large sun spot from my face and decided to get rid of all my small freckles as well. But my doctor did not inform me that I would have a bunch of red spots all over my face as a side effect of the laser and that they will last 7-10 days. Now I'm super worried I will have... READ MORE

Yag Laser, IPL and Hydrafacial - New York City, NY

I wanted to get rid of the broken blood vessels (telangiectasia) and overall redness on my cheeks and chin. It was suggested by the esthetician that I have a YAG laser to individually remove the telangiectasia, an IPL to brighten up the sun spots, and a Hydrafacial to clean and plump up my skin.... READ MORE

"So...you're over 35, Right?" Houston, TX

Yag destroyed my face. I really wouldn't recommend this laser. I went in to get rid of melasma, and left with uneven skin texture, scars, way worse hyperpigmentation, and micro holes. I'm not sure what went wrong. I do know that on day 5 of healing my face got super itchy, burned, and was quite... READ MORE

Concern About Tattoo Removal - Larnaca, Cyprus

Hello all, ive read numerous articles in here from people that successfully removed their tattoo. From the picture you will see that my tattoo is quite big and im a bit relactant to go under the removal. All i want now is some psychological backup and opinions in order to start my own journey to... READ MORE

Yag Laser Acne Scars - Mandeville, LA

Was tired of the acne scarring and fine lines. Got this done today, they put a topical numbing cream, then got started. Took about 30 minutes to complete. During I could smell my skin burning. That was yuk. After it was done, face burned a lot. A lot. Got home and put neocutis on it and that... READ MORE

Picture Available..I Would Not Recommend Yag Laser Procedure on the Nose! - Frisco, TX

I went in for a simple procedure to correct tiny veins on the either side of the nose. It was the worst experience I've ever had! Painful to where I cried! I left there in pain, my nose was bruised, swollen, and so red and it was oozing. I called the next day they told me to put Neosporin on it... READ MORE

Yag Laser for Sun Damage - Oklahoma City

I am 53 years old and have spent my entire life in the sun. I Had my first yag laser treatment done today. I have severe sun damage and brown spots on my chest and a few on my face. My Doctor said it would probably take three treatments. This procedure is very painful. I would describe it as... READ MORE

Scars, Dents and Redness Left from Laser Surgery Months & Even Yrs Later - Tampa, FL

I had Erbium laser 2yrs ago when i was 53. After the surgery I was left with more scars only worse, a dent in my cheek, very noticable & a huge patch scar around my old scars. Not to mention all the redness for months after. Pro none Cons scars, dents, redness, pigment... READ MORE

Oh Dear, I Wish I Cheked This Out! - Thailand, TH

I asked for fraxel laser, meaning less sagging and wrinkles and smaller pores. They did not have it, but they had other things. The doctor said I would need 3 to 5 of this yag treatments and it would have a smaller effect, mainly on pores. It sounded like a small treatment. Nothing invasive. She... READ MORE

Gentle Yag Skin Tightening Was Not Worth It for Me- Louisville, KY

I bought 3 procedures with a groupon. Was told that normally 3 treatments should be good but that it might take up to 6 treatments to get great results. Very painful treatments even after applying skin numbing cream. After my 3rd treatment I was asked if I wanted to purchase additional at the... READ MORE

Yag Laser Scarred My Arms and Legs - Evansville, IN

My plastic surgeon recommended a Dermatologist because he no longer had access to a Yag Laser. I had a consult to discuss brown spots on my body and made my appointment. The Dermatologist went from head to toe with the Yag Laser. Leaving the office, my body was on fire, but calmed down less... READ MORE

No Down Time or Annoyance of Peeling.....results..? - Scottsdale, AZ

1064 Yag laser used-I have had a hormonally tumultuous year and my skin has suffered like never before. I have never had acne issues until almost literally when I turned 30:( I have tried everything and the only thing that gets rid of my existing acne is Clearasil spot treatment (10% benzoyl... READ MORE

Facial Redness and Thread Veins Caused by Rosacea

I had ND-Yag laser for thread veins and redness caused by Rosacea. The veins are barely visible now and I do not need to wear any make up to cover them up. I was pleased with the results, especially as the laser has also almost completely stopped the associated facial flushing. The initial... READ MORE

My Legs Are Ready for Summer

I had red spider veins in my upper thighs and I hated them. Dr. Nackman gave me a treatment with the YAG Laser and they are gone! I am so happy with the way my legs look. I will be confident in wearing my swimsuit this summer no more veins. Dr. Nackman also performed hand rejuvenation on my... READ MORE

Great Doctor!!

Dr Friedmann is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to all of your questions and explains the procedure very thoroughly. He is very calm, professional, polite, and friendly. I highly recommend him! READ MORE

My Face Was "Meh" and This Made It Beautiful

I'd been doing microneedling every month or so 5-6 times but hadn't really seen much improvement in my skin texture or really even enlarged pores due to acne. I'd had a yag erbium laser facial about 2 years ago and didn't like it because of all the peeling afterwards. It wasn't deep just messy.... READ MORE

Tattoo removal experience

I have had a total of 18 treatments done on 3 tattoos, and 20 on another. Q-switched tag laser. I was quoted a certain number of sessions (8 I think) but have obviously gone way beyond that. I get 4 treatments a year now, taking 10 weeks in between and not doing them during the summer. I use a... READ MORE

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