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Medical grade chemical peels from VI Aesthetics are designed to treat several skin problems, including aging skin, sun damage, and acne. More than one treatment is usually required for desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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Skin Was Nice Already; Unnecessary Pain and Expense. - San Francisco, CA

My aesthetician suggested the Vi Peel. I have regular facials, micro peels. I am older, thus keeping a healthy glow & good skin care is very important to me, for a spectrum of reasons. I found my results disappointing. My skin looked bad for several days, harsh peel. More lines now on... READ MORE

So Far, So Good. Melasma On Face - Baltimore, MD

I have melasmas on my upper lip and on each part of my face aside my nose but not on my nose. they are quite big. i have been using retin-a and hydroquinine for 6 months and that did lighten them but i went to both a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist and they both said the only thing that... READ MORE

What a Waste of Time

I had this peel about a month ago and I see nothing different about my skin. I still have all of the brown spots fine lines and wrinkles My skin has not changed at all I feel like I wasted my money. My whole goal was to have my brown spots lightened or even to disappear like that had done with a... READ MORE

VI Peel is Incredible! - Atlanta, GA

I just had my third. I am almost 50 and fare white skinned. I have the worse skin. I have suffered with life-long acne, lots of stress, cafine, some smoking and drinking. Not a lot of sun but everything else that you can do to make your skin bad I did it. Add on top of that, age (almost 50) and... READ MORE

Fantastic Experience - San Francisco, CA

I'm a 32 year old woman with fair skin who suffered from acne and some acne scarring. I trusted my dermatologist, and when she recommended a series of six treatments of ViPeel, I decided that it was worth a try. The peel takes just a few minutes to put on, but it's really important that you go... READ MORE

Vi Acne peel - So Far, So Good...- Austin, TX

Hello everyone. I'm on day 4 of the Vi Acne peel. Before I went in for my appointment, I scared the hell out of myself bu reading all of these message boards! I think it is important to remember that people are much more likely to post if they have had a bad out traumatic experience.... READ MORE

I'm on Number 3! - Brandon, MS

I've had 2 done professionally with great results. Please people give it a chance before you post negatively. I didn't get optimum results until my second one. I am a 30 yo black female with very oily skin and lots of discoloration. I peeled alot on day 3 but it subsided probably because... READ MORE

Sun Damage - Southern California

The treatment took around ten minutes. I was preped, and then applied the peel three passes. I felt a slight tingle. On a one to ten scale, I felt a three. Minimal irritation. Within an hour my face was red with a tightness. after 48 hours I began to peel around my mouth and nose. The next two... READ MORE

Nothing and my Skin is Now Really Dry - Phoenix, AZ

I did not peel that much, only a little and not in the places that needed it the most. On the second day my skin seemed dewey and fresh, although parts were peeling. I did not peel at all after that, and instead my skin is really dry (even when I use the mosturizer day and night. My brown spots... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Chicago, IL

Brief history: I am 35 years old, caucasian, lots of freckles, acne scarring. I've done things in the past like IPL for the freckles but wasn't really too impressed. I have been to many doctors to get an opinion on a good treatment to just help with the scarring and freckles. Seems like... READ MORE

Vi Peel - African American Skin - Clarksville, MD

I am 40+ and i have suffered with acne since i was a teenager. I don't have a lot of break outs now but i do get an occasional bump which often leaves a scar. Therefore i have years of acne scaring. I have used many products over the years and I felt that I have done all i could do and it... READ MORE

Iv Peel Hopeful - Vienna, VA

I just had the treatment done about 3 hours ago. So far so good, I have been reading all the reviews and must say I'm really scared. I have dark circles all over my cheeks. I just turn 40 and have been really depress about the situation. I'm hoping this will help. I got to go to work,... READ MORE

First And Second day of VI Peel

Wonderful aesthetician Terri Grayson with It's Permanent in Louisiana. It burned slightly but got numb quickly. My eyes look old, dry and crinkly after peel. My face is splotchy and red. All of my sunspots are coming out of the woodwork! I'm optimistic and pleased with comfortableness of... READ MORE

not worth it - please read - Chicago, IL

Please read this BEFORE you get this procedure done. All the posts below have some truth to them (both the positive and negative reviews). If you take one piece of information from this post and any other post is that there is AT LEAST A 7 DAY HEALING PERIOD IN WHICH YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO... READ MORE

VI Peel Experience-Indian Skin - Herndon, VA

I juz had my first VI peel. I have a wheatish brown indian skin color but i had lot of breakouts last month resulting in hyper pigmentation on all those breakouts, i felt sick when i look myself in the mirror, so i decided i meet my dermatologist for a fraxel treatment but she told me that kind... READ MORE

Ayana - Washington, DC

I hate to say it, but this was $300 wasted. Nothing bad happened, but nothing good happened either. My skin looks the exact same in my opinion, and the slight differences that I do notice definitely weren't worth $300 bucks. I go back for the microdermabrasion (purchased as part of a package... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Day by Day Progress - Wilmington, NC

I went to my dermatologist for my third Revitalize peel (light peel from SkinMedica) and told her I wasn't happy with the results so far, so she recommended the vi peel instead. I started a series of 5 peels for problems with dry, yet acne prone skin and deep white bumps around my nose... READ MORE

Face Love - Tucson, AZ

Michelle Roque is the aesthetician that did my Vi Peel. I have been going to Michelle for over 1 year for eyebrow sculpting and tinting. My Vi Peel did everthing she said it would do and I was very happy with the results, I have had a couple of Vi Peels now and my face just keeps getting better... READ MORE

Brown Spots Are Gone - Charlotte, NC

I had a good experience with the VI peel. I have older skin and sun damage . I had a lot of brown spots on my skin. I had a red spot on my face close to my nose that I could never get rid of no matter what I used. After one VI peel I noticed a difference and my brown spots were less noticable.My... READ MORE

Don't Do the VI Peel - Manhatten, NY

I've had acne since i was 11 im now 23 my acne wasnt as bad just alot of dark spots so i went to to about laser treatment the women said the best thing for me was to do the vi peel and id see a dramatic improvement by just one peel so like an idiot i believed her now my skin is worse than... READ MORE

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