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This medical grade chemical peel claims to take your skin from blah to beautiful in a few treatments. LEARN MORE ›

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I got my first VI Peel yesterday (1st of 3 recommended) I did the Precision Plus (which is 25% stronger than the regular one) mostly to cure my blotchy complexion caused by a very stubborn but light hormonal/cystic acne. My skin affects my mood and self esteem so badly, I put a lot of hope in... READ MORE

. I have acne and blemishes for many years. I tried the VI peel. I did not feel any pain when applied. The first night was uncomfortable with itching. I took Tylenol to make me sleep. Peeling began day and 3 and 4. . 9 days later skin clearer smoother. Minimal discomfort. Will do again in... READ MORE

All of you are making the dermatologist rich,I was going to one until I realized I can buy my own vi peel online ,they charge 100-150 just to apply the peel which takes less then 60 secs to apply,I have been doing my own just search for vi peel on Google will have to go check out a few different... READ MORE

My rating is on the performance of the VI Peel not the staff. The staff was wonderful! I am 64 and had my first chemical peel. The process was easier than I thought. Stinging when applied at the dr's office, but not much. Redness in the face before I left the office. The hardest part was the... READ MORE

This is my second ViPeel (performed by different Med spa). First was 2 years ago (felt that one was slightly deeper). I'm on Day 4, 80% of peeling is complete, some crusty flaky areas, very itchy today. My skin is so much brighter and more even tone! I wish I could get this peel 2-4x/year... READ MORE

I understand the Vi peel is great for many reviewers. Unfortunately I am having a different experience. No one told me the Vi peel would itch to the point if pain. It's night one, and this is pretty miserable in my opinion. It's a lot of discomfort, and I cannot imagine the improvement is worth... READ MORE

I got my first VI peel back in February 2016. I remember my skin feeling raw and the peeling was the worst (and so gross!). I am 33 years old and for as long as I can remember I have had horrible acne. I tried dermatologist visits and prescribed medications, OTC medications, expensive products... READ MORE

I was so nervous to have this done after reading all the reviews. Even the person doing this said I would probably be miserable and on my way home stop and get Benadryl and desitin, which I did. I left it on overnight (10 hrs) washed it off in the morning. I used the towelettes and I did not get... READ MORE

I heard mix reviews about the VI Peel, however, I wanted to try it for myself. I was initially hesitant and nervous the day of my appoint. The esthetician was very calming & she explained everything and made me feel to much at ease. Over the next 3-5 days my face reacted just as she... READ MORE

I do the VI Peel at home. It's great. Did 3 last year and one this month. I have to do them every 3 to 4 months to keep skin problems at bay. I use the entire kit as directed and def moisturize a lot. Also when itching sets in I use Benydryl at night and also Biafine cream from Paris which is a... READ MORE

I've gone through two Vi peels, and would do it again. The results are clear: fresh new skin, diminished fine lines. I had the peel applied on a Thursday, went to work with a beet red face on Friday, started to peel on Saturday, and peeled Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I peeled a lot. I looked... READ MORE

Very pleased with the results of my peel. It did a great job getting rid of and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It lightened the brown spots but I want to see if doing another Vi peel will help even more. The peeling was pretty extreme on days 3-6 and gradually tapered... READ MORE

I've been talking about doing a peel for quite some time so the PA at my dermatologist's office recommended the Vi Peel. I was so excited about finally doing it. The procedure was easy & I followed the post peel directions to the letter. Today is day 6 & besides my skin feeling dry & having an... READ MORE

I have had problem skin all of my life. I do have quite a bit of acne scarring,--not terribly deep scarring-- but a lot of it. I also have a lot of melasma. I wanted to try and even out and smooth my skin so I went for a vi derm peel. I know I will need more than one. My skin feels tight... READ MORE

Excellent VI Chemical peel, Katie did a wonderful job. Explained everything in advance, very gentle, and also covered my neck. Some only do the face, and forget the neck area, but Katie did a wonderful job. Still in the process of the VI peel, one more day , but so fare my face looks so smooth... READ MORE

I bought mine online (I know I was terrified at the thought also but it really wasnt a big deal). I am about three weeks out and my skin def looks better. It isnt a miracle worker and for a week or so after I thought it didnt work at all but now my skin is def softer and brighter. Scars from... READ MORE

Like most people in their 30's, I want to keep my skin young looking. I have light freckles that I would love to eliminate if possible. It was suggested that the peel would refresh my skin and I would have great results. The technician said if I did the peel on Tuesday, I would peel on... READ MORE

I'm 39yr old male with olive skin. My face was showing some sun spots and also had an uneven surafce. After a series of 3 VI plus peels my face looks 10 years younger. The texture is perfect, most of the spots are gone, several fine wrinkle lines are gone as well. I love the results! Now be for... READ MORE

I'm getting ready to turn 50 soon ! I'm tired of long hours in the beauty salon so I cut my hair short ,I'm wearing a natural style. I also work out and swim. I wanted to clear my skin of dark spots and unevenness . So my Esthetician convince me to have the VI Peel ! I look Awful ! My skin... READ MORE

Dr. Kaplan had done fillers on my nose to mouth lines and under eye bags, last year. The procedure was a success and so I returned to have a touch up. I decided to have a vi peel instead and today my skin feels wonderful and I have not yet felt or seen the full work of the peel. The fillers... READ MORE

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