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This medical grade chemical peel claims to take your skin from blah to beautiful in a few treatments. LEARN MORE ›

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I recently decided to have a vi peel done after reading several reviews about it and being that I'm about to turn 30 something. I have had severe acne in the past which has left enlarged pores on nose and for head as well as scars and pigmentation. I also wanted to address fine lines forming.... READ MORE

This is my 3rd Vi Peel and I've had great results each time. I originally went in for a chemical peel 2 years ago for acne scarring on my cheeks. My main concern was to minimize my scars and little bit of active acne I had. And the peel did just that. I was really pleased with the results and... READ MORE

I was excited to try the VI peel, thinking I would see some amazing results I have never yet experienced. I followed the after treatment procedures to a t. I have to say, this is really disappointing. One thing I should mention, is that it could be just that it does not work on ME. The reason... READ MORE

I have been struggling with adult acne and scaring for about 2 years. Last year the esthetician at Coordinated Health recommended a vi peel in May. I decided to try it, she sold me a series of 2 peels for just under 300.00, which included aftercare visits and dermaplaning before each peel. ... READ MORE

I have had the DOT and other IPL treatments, but am still left with light pigmentation from freckles. I'm hoping the Vi Peel will help remove these stubborn lighter ephelides. Had the procedure done in morning. Burning sensation during procedure, not bad. Left looking quite orange. Have... READ MORE

So I have tried just about everything to get my malasma to go away. I finally did a ton of research and came across the vi peel. I did it today and will update later on.. The procedure itself was painless and actually enjoyable. I purchased a package of 3. I didn't know what malasma was at first... READ MORE

I turn thirty(something) in a few days, & wanted to get a peel that would diminish my hyper pigmentation, scars & give me a youthful glow. The Vi peel came highly recommended by Caroline at Medalase. I've been a client at Medalase long enough now to know, if someone there recommends something... READ MORE

Im 37 with a 18 months toddler during my teenage years I never suffer from acne but around 32 I started developing occasional zits that would leave none or small scars, then at aye 35 I got pregnant and develop some melasma on my face and beside that I was noticing that my acne scars were... READ MORE

Vi peel is not for scarring but only for pigment correction if multiple treatments are done depending on severity of discoloration. The Aesthetician also told me that if I do get the Vi peel, it would prepare my skin for the next step (which is laser for my acne scars). First day was not bad... READ MORE

Here Iam about 2 weeks post Vi-peel Precision. I had the Vi-Peel on a Monday and started peeling on Wednesday of that same week. I was done peeling by Sunday. I wanted to even out my skin tone and help minimize the appearance of my freckles. Im very excited to see nice bright healthy glowing... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and have always had problem skin, so I decided it was time to try a peel. I just did the peel today, it stung a little but was tolerable. I have some acne scarring from my junior high days and I break out on my period, I hate it and I'm willing to do anything that can help my... READ MORE

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe help someone decide if somebody with Melasma wanted to try this procedure. I wanted to share the OUTCOME but not go into very many details. I have Melasma really bad since I moved to the South. I always had light freckles now I have dark ugly... READ MORE

So I've researched a lot on procedures and chemical peels for acne and acne scarring.. I found a lot of good results and reviews online for the vi peel and I finally decided to try it. During the process they clean your face with a cleanser then wipe your face off with acetone which removes... READ MORE

No results. 2 weeks later I see no difference whatsoever. Dark spots, tiny pimples, wrinkly upper lip still exactly as it was the day before I did the treatment. The only difference is I'm now paranoid about any sun on my face, I now ride my bike looking like a hoodlum. Total waste of my time... READ MORE

I did the Vi peel to get rid of: brown/sun spots, large t-zone pores & very fine lines. DAY 1: I awakened in the night due to 'pinches' on my neck & 'pangs' on my face. It hurt. DAY 2: I had blurred vision. Possibly from the 'post-peel protectant', which is 1% hydrocortisone)? DAY 3: I am... READ MORE

Let me start out by saying, the VI Peel is the most effective treatment for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation I’ve ever experienced. I’m closer than I’ve ever been to the flawless skin I’ve always desired. My peel was applied on a Friday at Motykie Med Spa in Beverly Hills. Applica... READ MORE

To start off I want to say I've struggled with acne for a long time it started in my teens & I'm 24 now... It got really bad ab 3 years ago I had it all over my face & really bad on my cheeks & sides of my face. I went to the dermatologist several times they gave me pills, topical creams, I even... READ MORE

I did a Vi Peel yesterday. My goal was to improve skin tone, tighten pores, and soften fine lines round my eyes and mouth. The application of the peel was quick and only had a tingling sensation. It did not burn at all. I kept the peel on all evening and washed my face this morning. After... READ MORE

I was told about a Vi-peel by a NP (nurse practitioner). I researched the procedure and decided to give it a try. I found Dr. Romero, who is located in Dix Hills, NY who did the vi-peel. The procedure took 10 minutes and the peeling process occurred over 3 days. I cannot begin to express how... READ MORE

I had my first vi peel done 4 days by a very prestigious med spa in my area. I have been dealing with acne problems since July 2009 due to an allergy reaction to an antibiotic tetracycline and after trying all kinds of treatments ,home remedies etc my acne has been under control however it has... READ MORE

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