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Medical grade chemical peels from VI Aesthetics are designed to treat several skin problems, including aging skin, sun damage, and acne. More than one treatment is usually required for desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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VI PEEL with Booster for Melasma Mixed Race (Short Review) - Pascagoula, MS

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe help someone decide if somebody with Melasma wanted to try this procedure. I wanted to share the OUTCOME but not go into very many details. I have Melasma really bad since I moved to the South. I always had light freckles now I have dark ugly... READ MORE

19 yr old w/ acne gets Vi Peel - Bad experience

For the record, this isn't the aesthetician's fault, I think the product is just inferior. My skin is even worse than it was before. Which I didn't think would be possible but now I feel like a fool for wanting to change what I had. I'm not sure what this Peel did to my skin but my acne has... READ MORE

57 yo female

6 day of 300.00 Vi Peel. Very uncomfortable with excessive amounts of time burning and peeling with some areas cracking with blood. Really hate it and will never do this again. I thought this peel would be more easily peeled which it waa not, the lotions were not helpful- READ MORE

27 Years Old Multiple Dark Spots and Dead Skin

So I have been struggling with dark spots and uneven skin tone for a while now, my acne has left a trail for sure, my skin is not that terrible but I cannot go without makeup, for sure. I heard about this treatment and I wanted to give it a try. Wanna keep track? Me too! I'll be updating the... READ MORE

60s First Time Peeler - Seattle, WA

Last week I had a ViPeel applied. After the initial sting, which was minimized by a fan, there was surprisingly little time, (a few seconds) before the numbing agent took over. Later my face felt like it had a mild sunburn. I rinsed my face after 4 hours. Using the towelette, about an hour... READ MORE

Day One - Fairfax

Just got it done only two more hours and I can wash in off. So far my face is red especially to my nose and month area. It dosnt really buen or anything. And when I got it done it did sting but only for a few seconds it's really not bad. I just hope this redness goes away. The procuder itself... READ MORE

1ST Vi Peel. Vienna, VA

I wanted to try this Vi peel to help with my adult acne. My acne has been getting out of control the last few years due to age, hormones and STRESS! So a dermatologist told me "it doesn't matter how healthy you are on the inside, if you don't take care of the outside (your skin) it'll be obvious... READ MORE

Brown Dark Patches All over my Face!

I noticed right away that I have big brown patches all over my face . Within four hours of having done the VI Peel I can see these brown patches. Today is day 2 and I still have these brown patches. I'm really scared! Are these brown patches normal. I haven't even started peeling yet. Please advise! READ MORE

20 Year Old College Student - Toledo, OH

I have a little acne but some really bad acne scars. So I tried VI Peel Purify, and this was my first time trying it. I read tons of reviews that scared me from doing it, saying it burned and hurt so bad. When in fact, it didn't hurt at all. It only stung a little bit when first applied, but... READ MORE

VI Purify Peel - Chandler, AZ

After a few months of research on Realself, I decided to go in for a facial peel. My dermatologist recommended the VI Purify peel for my skin to even out my concerns of acne breakouts, blackheads, acne scarring/redness/hyper pigmentation. This is the first peel I have EVER done, so I am excited... READ MORE

1st Peel - Walnut Creek, CA

I have bad hyperpigmentaion. I was recommended this peel. Mind you I have done almost every product to minimize my hyperpigmentaion. I have had it for 7 yrs now. Today was my first peel. Just got out of the office. It burns and smells. And very nervous about this peel since my skin is very... READ MORE

VI Peel African American 54 Years Old - Pinole, CA

I love this peel. It removed sun damage and fine lines on my face. I didn't experience any burning from the towelettes. The worst part was the itching which was pretty much controlled my the peel protection. My skin looks better everyday! Apply the peel protection as soon as you feel the... READ MORE

Never Again! - Henderson, NV

I have had numerous peals of different intensity. This one was for my chest – for Sun damage and precancerous lesions. The doctor recommended this Peel in place of another I had had before which I loved. He told me that this would not be so painful and it would give the same results. So far i... READ MORE

My Second VI Peel - Tualatin, OR

The first peel was back in January. I didn't take any photos or post a review at that time. My provider decided to start slow with my peel and did a light one. During the session it tingled at first but quickly numbed up. I did leave it on all night rather than washing after four hours. The... READ MORE

36 Years, PCOS Sufferer, One Kid, African American

I never had acne as a result of even or as a young adult. I was diagnosed with PCOS about four years ago and suffered from cystic acne which led to acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Thankfully I have the PCOS under control but the uneven skin tone was bothering me. I have tried all types of... READ MORE

2 Kids 38 Year Old - San Antonio, TX

So I did some research on this VIPEEL before I got it done and Everyone loved it!!! Well I didn't react so well to it. It's already Wednesday and got it done on Monday 2 days ago. My face is swollen and I feel bad because my husband looks at me and shakes his head. So today I'm going to see the... READ MORE

First Vi Peel. Day One Blog - Houston, TX

Enjoyed the experience at the clinic but now I'm nervous. My skin is red and itchy 12 hours post procedure. I followed the vi instructions for post care perfectly so I guess this is expected. I'll post before and progress pics. My goals were just to feel more confident with less makeup.... READ MORE

2nd Vi Peel, 43 yr old Hispanic female - Houston TX area

So far, not so bad. the initial sting of the peel wasn't nearly as bad as others have exclaimed. i'm only at day 5 and still haven't seen much of an improvement yet. the peeling is more than i thought! ...but it is not painful either, just ugly. i have been using small scissors to cut off the... READ MORE

29 Year Old with Bad Pores...first VI Treatment - Ocala, FL

Today I had the VI peel done. It was 199 here in Ocala, Florida where I live. It was quick and the esthetician was awesome at Suncoast Dermatology. I wasnt feeling well this morning but I am glad I kept my appointment. I will wash it off in a few hours and track the improvements over the next... READ MORE

23 Years Old with Acne Scarring - Tampa, FL

I had my peel done today, it was a pleasant experience with only a bit of burning sensation. It took about twenty minutes. Caroll explained what I should do as far as after care and the dos and donts for the next five days while my skin peels. I will keep updating everyday as my begins to peel... READ MORE

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