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The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. LEARN MORE ›

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3 TCA Peels for Adult Acne

I got a series of 3 TCA peels over the summer. I did it for adult acne. I had cysts, whiteheads, blackheads. My skin improved 80% and is still improving.I keep thinking retin a is thinning my skin but my derm insists that it has the opposite effect. Because I panic and see weird dents, i end up... READ MORE

TCA Peel Ruin my Face

Used TCA just for 3 spots of sun damage but the Dr did applyed on all the face to prevent discoloration. Now my face is worse.Used TCA 50% and now I have brown spots all over my face like hyperpigmentation or signals of acid. How can I lighten the spot ?? READ MORE

Wrinkles After a 20% TCA Peel for Acne Scars

My sister say it will help my acne scars. She bought it from a website. my skin just looks horrible now. There are wrinkles all over my face and it is very uncomfortableI did a 20% TCA peel last week and now have wrinkles all over my face and also cracks. It is literally all over my face. ... READ MORE

TCA Peel 30% - Areas Treated Turned Dark Brown

I chose to use TCA chemical peel because the laser treatments were much more expensive. I started out getting the TCA chemical peel on my back for a tattoo removal. It was doing pretty good, so I wanted to try it on my face to remove some wrinkles.My skin READ MORE

Pigmentation Side Effects from Chemical Peel

I had a tca peel on my leg done by a friend of mine.was painful..someplaces the result are beautiful,but at places it has left hypoigmented strips like pattern on my leg. there are alternating patchy hypo and hyper pigmentation on my legs now and the skin looks thinned at hypopigmented places... READ MORE

50% TCA Peel - Is This Normal?

Hi Everyone,I recently had a 50% TCA peel at the doctors on 9/30/09. I am freaking out. My skin looks like a barnicle, crusty, ozzy, pussy. My face is swollem, almost to the point on non recognition. I just went to the restroom and noticed small blood patches mixed in with the crusts. The... READ MORE

TCA Peel at Home and I LOVE It!

Okay so I'm 34 yrs old and have had acne since I was 11yrs. Large pores, oily skin, acne scars, and now some fine lines.I bought a 12.5% peel and it went really well for me. I started out with one layer of the 12.5% and was peeling in about 4-5 days later. It took about almost 2 weeks to... READ MORE

15% TCA Peel at Doctors

Pro's - My face is amazing!!I went to my PS and had a 15% TCA Peel, and it is the best thing I have ever done! I use to smother my face in make up and now I have chucked all my make up away. And brought some mineral make up which is a lot healthier than what I was using before. I paid for four... READ MORE

Why Did I Get a Broken Blood Vessel in Eye from 18% TCA Peel?

Peel is working but my eye is badly affected. I did it to get rid of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Its worth it but not for a broken vessel in eye which may take 6 weeks to heal.Has this happened to you? Is a broken blood vessel in the eye a common side affect of putting an 18% TCA peel on... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Sun Damage - You Look Awful to Begin with and Just when Desperation Hits Your New Skin Appears

I have done numberous TCA peels over the years - I can do a 21% peel left on for 10 min with great results and I maintain with .1 retin a -I'm still trying to undo sun damage and it's slowly fading away.My question is If I peel too close together or with too strong an acid what's the worst thing... READ MORE

Treating Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation on Chest Burns

I had hyperpigmentation on my chest from a burn several years ago. I was trying to improve the appearance and got a tca peel.I have hypopigmented patches in the area cased by the peel.Now I am left with both pigmentation disorders. What can I do? READ MORE

TCA Peel - Worthless for Atrophic Scars.

For atrophic acne scarring. The plastic surgeon convinced me that it would be sufficient for my level of scarring. The actual procedure was bearable, recovery was not fun- it was a deep chemical burn all over my face. That's fine- no pain, no gain right? Unfortunately it did nothing at all... READ MORE

25% Tca Chemical Peel Burn on my Back

I had a 25% TCA chemical peel on my back. Most of my back peeled and healed properly but my lower back has dark brown blotches.Does Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation clear on its own? If so how long would that take? And is there anything i can do to speed up the process? READ MORE

Trouble Dealing with Itchiness Associated with 35% TCA Peel

My chest was extremely sun damaged and have had the 35%TCA to correct this.It is only day 4 so have no results as yet but need help in relieving the associated itchiness on skin. Does sorbalene cream work? Can I put anything on my skin or is it better to use nothing?How do I relieve the... READ MORE

No Peeling Two Days After 12.5% at Home TCA Peel

I have recently bought the 12.5% TCA peel off the Makeup Artists Choice website for the first time. I wanted to lighten the skin on my face up, so i thought that by using the TCA peel it would peel off the dead and damaged skin off and reveal the new skin underneath. The cons so far have been... READ MORE

Light Peel for Acne Led to Outbreak of Pimples

I had a light peel done on my face a couple of weeks back. My face had just a few pimples (not more than 5) and my doctor suggested that the easiest way to get rid of them was to do a chemical peel. However, after getting it done, I have an outbreak of pimples all over my face especially on my... READ MORE

Home Jessner's and 20% TCA Peel

Home Jessner's and TCA (20%) peel. It worked really well and was affordable. But I did a second peel in some areas of my face only a week later, evitably far too soon, I now know that the time in between peels is as crucial as the peel itself.I have unsightly red streaks on my face, but since it... READ MORE

Chemical Peel?? Still Not Sure if It Was Worth the Pain..

I've been going through a skin recontruction process with my doctor for the past 3 weeks due to having terrible acne problem. The skin has improved a lot and I was happy with the results, when my doctor applied chemical peel with 35% TCA without warning me about the reaction and the recovery... READ MORE

TCA Cross Method 100% Concerns TCA Face Peel 25%

25% TCA peel went fine with no problems as yet, looking like sunburn the next day. I purchased the peel for better smoother skin and to rid of black heads and ice pick scars. Also purchased 100% TCA peel for tattoos that also went fine but was using this for the TCA cross method for ice pick... READ MORE

20% TCA Peel--Always Have GREAT Results

Just had a 20% TCA peel done on Friday afternoon in a PS office by a licensed RN. I am 4 days post and my chin has already peeled off and so has my nose. My cheeks and forehead still remain. This is the SECOND peel I've had in two years, with the previous one costing me $125. PROS--skin is... READ MORE

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