Confused About Frosting with at Home TCA Peel

I did my first TCA peel last night - 15%. I've been on Retin-A for three months prior to the peel. The first layer had no frosting after five minutes, so per the instructions that came with the peel, I applied a second layer. I almost immediately got some light frosting around my crow's feet area and in between my eyebrows. At this point, should I have neutralized my entire face, neutralized just the frosting parts, or let the peel continue until 5 min is up or I frosted all over?

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TCA Peel and Frosting

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These are all good questions, but which can be best answered in person at a consultation. When it comes to TCA peels, there is no one way to do things and I approach each case differently depending on the skin type, problem areas and desired goals to be achieved by the peel.  If done improperly, TCA peels can cause permanent discoloration and scarring (even with lower strengths).  The post-peel wound care and skincare regimen is essential for healing as well. I recommend you consult in person with a board-certified dermatologist to answer your questions and to discuss treatment options that will help you achieve your desired goals. Click on the link below to view before and after photos of a woman who underwent a TCA 35% peel with a very heavy full-face frost. 

I do not recommend home TCA Peels because of the risks invloved.

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TCA is a powerful chemical with many potential hazards to an inexperienced person.  If you get the product in your eyes, it could cause severe damage.  If you do the peel wrong, you could end up with permanent pigment damage and even scarring.  Go see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon!

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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