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The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. LEARN MORE โ€บ

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I just turned 50, and I guess I was freaking out a little bit about getting old. I am fair skinned, blue eyes and blond. I have always tanned (I get a pretty nice golden tan after about two weeks) but those days are over. I now have ugly brown spots on my legs and arms. I have always used good... READ MORE

I had a medium depth/strength TCA peel on my face neck and chest to remove the MASSIVE amount of freckles I had accumulated as a child and through adulthood. Freckles run heavily in my family so I was afraid that there was nothing I could do to remove them and even out my skin tone but the nurse... READ MORE

Skin background: fair, acne-prone, combination skin, slight freckling (mostly on forehead, nose, and upper cheeks), broken capillary under nose, acne scarring (mostly on lower cheeks), blackheads expectations/ reasons for doing peels: improvement of shallow to medium-depth acne scars,... READ MORE

I'm a 22 year old that was dealing with some some freckles and acne. I had one 15% TCA peel at a Derm's office that gave me disappointing results. That cost me $300 dollars. I purchased a half-ounce bottle of 30% TCA online and performed three multi-layered peels spaced 3 weeks apart.... READ MORE

I applied it for a minute,it didnt frost but did burn ,but not to bad on day 3 and 4. my under eyes looked terrible and felt so tight, but on day 5 they started to flake and now they look ok they have improved ..this was my first trying tca.. READ MORE

I have decent skin for 41, though i do have an '11' between the brows and 3 lines of somewhat deep forehead wrinkles. I bought some products form MUAC after reading positive reviews online. Got gly-luronic serum, hyluronic serum, 30% glycolic peel (lunchtime peel) and 8% TCA because this... READ MORE

I bought 100% TCA from America through eBay, ive got skin thats porous, some acne, darke pigmentation down one cheek, a scar high on that cheekbone. the pigmentation is the skin over compensating for the lack of melonin protection from the sun. ..Ive had some thickening in this area as well.... READ MORE

Last Friday I did my peel using the Gorgeous peel. I applied it at bedtime for 3 minutes then rinse off with soap and water. And did not apply anything after the peel. The next moring my skin felt tighter. I applied my mineral foundation before going to work and redid the peel the following... READ MORE

I had a TCA Peel almost more then a month ago and I've noticed a blotchy almost black patch form darker and darker under my jaw almost on my neck. When I had the TCA Peel I also had a allergic reaction aswell i have noticed the areas I have gotten blotchy patches of PIH discoloration are... READ MORE

So i just had my first tca peel and in some areas that have peeled already it is red and raw...I was wondering if it will scar or not? READ MORE

ThePros: Freckles are gone, skin is tighter and smoother. The Cons: Brown spots are returning My skin was always uneven in tone and I had developed brown spots as large as a dime all over my face due to sun exposure and hormones. The TCA peel has helped, but after 2 months I am noticing... READ MORE

Just some back-ground. When i was around 15 years old I ended up getting severe sum damage to my face. I never went to the doctor and just kept it moist at home. Over time I've developed some nasty looking skin and very enlarged pores on my nose, cheeks and forehead. A lot of my pores... READ MORE

I did my TCA peels myself at home to try to reduce some fine lines, get rid of some brown spots on my cheeks, and even out my skin tone and texture. I used glycolic peels and other AHA products prior, so that is probably why I didn't experience any adverse effects to the TCA. I first apply a... READ MORE

Purchased a bottle of 20% TCA online, really happy with the results. Skin looks smooooth! and supple. READ MORE

This peel does absolutely nothing. I feel ripped off and the customer service is AWFUL. Stay away from Anais READ MORE

I can recommend a TCA peel for sunspots, acne scars and such quite easily. As I write this TCA peels only get a 48% approval. I'll point something out about the negative reviews. A lot of them wrote reviews on the 3rd or 4th day. They also wrote reviews who self administered and used a very... READ MORE

I tried 35% TCA peel at home which is a big no no for Asian skin as it can cause hyperpigmentation. I initially only put it on the wrinkles as I am 43 years old and have static and expression linked wrinkles and was really scared about getting hyperpigmentation. It is day 13 and even the... READ MORE

Chemical peels are brilliant. I am fair skinned and personally I wouldn't bother with the 12.5 or 15% TCA peels, they do very little. I started with a 30% TCA blue peel (£800) and the results were amazing. I followed up with another 30% TCA ordinary peel that cost £200 the y READ MORE

I booked an appt for a Vi Peel at at Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's office. They knew what I wanted and I expected that procedure. After I left I called to ask a question about the follow up care and came to find out she decided to do a 20% TCA peel on me instead of the Vi. She never asked me... READ MORE

So I tried an at-home TCA peel. I purchased two strengths - 12.5% and 15% - with the intention of using just the 12.5% first. I use Retin-A, so my skin was prepped, and I stopped using it a few days before the peel.I applied the 12.5% over my whole face and it didn't frost at all. After five... READ MORE

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How much does a TCA Peel cost?

The typical cost for a TCA Peel ranges from $160-$2,500 with an average cost of $200. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 154 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more