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The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. LEARN MORE ›

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Big Acne Scars - Taringa, AU

I suffered from severe acne on my face, neck and back, and as a result I was left with a fair few craters in my skin. Doctor Lim advised my on the TCA peel treatment, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I no longer had to feel self conscious about the scars on my face - after the... READ MORE

Tempted of Doing TCA Peel Myslef. Huntley, IL

Hi everyone. I saw this post and I became excited I have scars on my face caused by acne but not deep though very visible. It's annoying me. I would like the scars to vanish. I read that tca peel can help. I'm an asian with... READ MORE

44 Years Old Woman - Schererville, IN

When you turned 40 you realized that you have to take care of your skin more then ever. I did lot of research to find right treatment for me. I had microneedling procedure for my entire face but I wasn't happy with my under eyes area. Then I went to Dr. Gallante's office and he did a MIRACLE for me! READ MORE

First-time TCA 10% Skin Peel (DIY) - Brooklyn, NY

I decided to get a skin peel because I've heard so many great reviews about it. I wasn't really comfortable going to a licensed practitioner and spending too much money. But I also didn't want to do it myself and end up with terrible results. After scouring the internet I found a great website... READ MORE

Do It Myself 25% TCA Peel - Birmingham, England

I had a 25% TCA peel two days ago at a clinic in England. I found the procedure to be fairly benign, there was a lot of itching when the ointment was applied but the fan took care of that. I had the procedure done on Friday and it is now Sunday and I am a bit disappointed as I've only... READ MORE


I did a 50% tca peel under my left eye and am horrified that I have done permanent damage. I underestimated how strong 50% was and never should have put it around my eye. My eye feels really tight and dry and I can feel my lower skin tugging away from my eyeball every time I open my mouth. I... READ MORE

TCA Treatment + Ablative Surgery - Brisbane, AU

I can say with full conviction that acne scars hampers one's confidence given that today's society are so fixated at vanity, scrutinising at individuals physical attributes. Dr Davin has been more than a dermatologist to me. Through his experience and expertise in this field, he has provided... READ MORE

TCA 20 Peel - Dermatologist Office, Age 51. San Diego, CA

Hi have a lot of fine lines and "smoker's lines" around my mouth. My skin texture is rough. I went in for the TCA 20 peel. The redness lasted about 1-2 days. I put Cerave moisturizer cream on constantly for 3 days and also sunscreen. I am cleansing with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. On day... READ MORE

TCA Hands

I applied a first layer of TCA 25% on my hands using a cotton ball. I felt no stinging or reaction. I applied another layer, this time a slight burn/sting, then rinsed with cold water thoroughly, after leaving on for approximately 5 minutes. Day 2 my hands appeared crepey, like an old woman. Day... READ MORE

TCS Peel, Botox - Sarasota, FL

Dr. Wright consulted me on a tca peel, I had been considering it for a while but was a little nervous about the procedure, downtime, and overall results. He was very clear and thorough in the consult and answered all my questions. The procedure itself was great, Dr Wright and his staff made... READ MORE

33 Years Old PIH from Hormonal Acne and Blotchy Skin Tone - Fredericksburg, VA

The past year I have experienced the most painful acne. Deep papules on my chin that lingered and scarred. I'm also a licensed master esthetician with a successful rate of treating acne but I could not get a handle on my own. After research and speaking to my physician it was concluded that I... READ MORE

TCA Peel

I was experiencing some pigmentation issues from waxing and shaving in some areas in my private area and I wanted to get an overall even skin tone in that region for my upcoming wedding. I researched on the net endlessly for a solution to this problem and found Dr Micheal K Obeng of Miko Plastic... READ MORE

60 Yrs. Old and Ruddy Complection with Wrinkles and Pimples - Alberta, Canada

I hope the pimples and dark spots are gone, and I sure would not be bothered if some of the wrinkles were gone also. Pimples at my age who would have thought this would be an issue. My girlfriend does the peels all by herself and that may be great for her but it doesn't work for me. I am too... READ MORE

41 Year Who's Done Peels Before--TCA 25% Skin Obsession Peel--will Be Self Administered - Atlanta, GA

I have used Skin Obsession's 40% glycolic peel a couple of times and have had peels at the spa and am trying this TCA one soon (just ordered it). I work part time and am worried about when the worst day of peeling is so I can time the worst days for when I don't work. What would you folks... READ MORE

muac 30% - Colorado

Just finished my first deep peel. Over the past 5 years or so I've played around occasionally with milder TCA peels, up to about 18%, but never consistently. Also, I've been doing regular mild MUAC Mandelic and Fade Peels. I wish I'd done all these more regularly to build up to this stronger... READ MORE

56 Years Old, Wanted Spots Off, Clearer Look and Smoother Face! - Aliso Viejo, CA

I was wanting to perk the ol' face up and have it fresh, clear of age spots, and the skin lovely for my daughter's upcoming wedding. I had not done a chemical peel before but heard gr8 results occur. This was all explained thoroughly by Sandi who represents the office spectacularly! She is... READ MORE

Life Maintenance. Cincinnati, OH

I have been a client of Dr Martin's for years. I have had many procedures from him. I am very happy with the results. I recently saw Dr Martin for my yearly face maintenance. I had a TCA Peel, botox, facial filler, and lip enhancement done. I look absolutely amazing and I am SO HAPPY with... READ MORE

The Best Investment I Could Have Made in the Quality of my Skin Tone!! - Manhattan, NY

Dr. Zweifler suggested I get a TCA peel as the quality of my skin tone was poor...I trusted her suggestion. She told me that there would be down time so I was prepared to lay low for a while!!!! Well after approximately 10 days my skin looked radiant and years younger!! Thank you Dr. Zweifler... READ MORE

Aching with Acne Scars - Manhattan, NY

I have always been bothered by the scars left by teenage acne. I decided to do a TCA peel. It was performed in the doctor's office. As the liquid is being applied, you start to feel the heat. To help alleviate the doctor had fans blowing on my face. This helped tremendously. My face turned first... READ MORE

48 Year Old Sun Damage Skin - Geelong, AU

Great result skin smooth and Pores reduced skin lighter and less wrinkles fantastic result will recommend this for a refreshed look great follow up and dr was great explained everything followed all instructions and achieved a amazing result will definitely be getting more treatments for myself... READ MORE

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