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tca 15%

Home treatment MUAC TCA 15% : 50 years of age, smoker, sun damaged, acne scars, ruff areas from peeling sunburn, fair skin mother and dark olive skin father. This is my second treatment, the first was one layer 15% with a little frosting did not want to go too severe too quick, some peeling... READ MORE

These Photos Are Two Days Post Peel.........

I have taken these photos two days after the chemical peel. I was applied to some of open wounds as well they turned into white colour after that. Now iam in 5 days post peel. Now skin peeling is started......those white spots turned into light pink in colour. The new skin is appearing with... READ MORE

12.5% TCA Peel @ Home Peel on Face-Georgia

Just did a 12.5% TCA chemical peel purchased from MakeUpArtistChoice last night (10/29/10). Did 2, 30% Glycolic Acid peels the previous 2 weeks spaced a week apart to prep skin. I bought the kit with the 1/2 oz. TCA peel, green tea soap, sample of Rose Hip cream, gloves, and carrying bag. I got... READ MORE

30% Under Lower Eyelid Peel-New York

I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me stress though, that I have had a dermatologist give me glycolic peels yearly since I was 27. I am now 46. I also have used retin-A off and on since I was 18. I have educated myself on the use of peels, have tried lactic acid, salicylic acid,... READ MORE

tca peel 12.5% vs. 25%

I bought TCA 100% ...I diluted to 12.5% and later on I did a 25% dilution. The 12.5% did nothing for me, no peeling or burnt effect. So at 3 weeks I tried the 25% and that one worked. Each person is different, you always want to do a spot treatment test. Be patient and read, READ the... READ MORE

So Far So Good (At Home TCA Treatments)

Pros:Peels off layers of top skin (like a bad sunburn) Cons:It burns(learning PATIENCE/ PLAN FOR IT) I'm 3 weeks of turning 37 WHITE/fair even- toned skin)it's momma's genes).That's how I was until last year.We tried having a second child(we have an 18 year old,I know... READ MORE

25% TCA Peel - Age 27, Black Female - London, UK

I tried a really low percent TCA acid peel and it did nothing to my face, a few days later i done a 25% acid peel. It began to frost instantly and the burning was horrific. I left to acid on my face for 2 mins but i couldnt handle the pain so i ran up and down my house screaming. I splashed cold... READ MORE

My 20% TCA Peel for Acne Scarring

I began by pretreating my face with Retin-a and a high % of an AHA.First he swiped Acetone on my face to raise the ph level then he did a Jessner's Peel which is AHA, BHA, and resorcinol. Then he did the 20% TCA Peel. I primarly did the peel to fade acne scarring. It worked great! READ MORE

Self-administered 11% TCA Peel, Permanent Scarring?

I did a 11% TCA peel a couple days ago and the results were not good.. Underneath the flaking dry skin was: Blotchy, raw, larger pores than I began with and even darkening of my scars..although texture was baby smooth.. Petrified and infuriated, I decided to do something really dumb and try... READ MORE

Anais Gorgeous Peel Burned my Face

I recently did a Gorgeous Peel from Anais Corporation. I purchased the EZpeel $62.00 with shipping from them and it did not work so I went up a notch to Gorgeous Peel $89.99 with free shipping. There is supposed to be no down time and you can wear makeup after the peel.They told me to put a peel... READ MORE

Full Face, Neck and Decolletage 20% TCA Peel

20% TCA, full face for acne scarring and poor texture. It all happened pretty quickly... initially it was a mild stinging feeling, but quickly turned into major burning...fan did wonders!! Had a 20% TCA full face, neck and decolletage peel on Tuesday (10/20). I just took this picture just... READ MORE

It's Worth It, but Must Make Time for Recovery!

3 or so months later:    I have no brown spots, my skin cleared up a lot. Also, the texture has improved trumendously.  I'm going to wait till the end of the month and do it again, this time i think i'll do 3/5 solution and 2/3 water, that should make the solution close to 20%... READ MORE

100% TCA Peel at Home

I don't recommend this to anyone! It was a VERY painful experience. I was off work for 2 weeks and had a horrible time! The swelling was so severe my eyes were swollen all but shut for 6 days! I was afraid to go out in public.I did a 100% TCA peel at home 4 weeks ago. The usual swelling pain was... READ MORE

My Scars Are Going Away with 35% TCA Peel

I have serious acne scars and I`m 30 years old. A few years ago for a long period(4 years) I had a severe cystic acne and facial ulcers that caused face full of ice picked scars, redness, huge pores & a constant need for make up. My dermatologist first stopped acne and then suggested a TCA... READ MORE

At-home TCA - I Peeled the Scabs off Too Soon!

I found the results of a TCA peel to be effective if done correctly. However, mistakes are very costly and cause more hassle than its worth.I done some really stupid which is I picked the scabs of on day 3 and am now left with this light brown blotch on my face. Can someone offer some advice... READ MORE

Burns from 50% TCA At-home Treatment... 3 Months on

I had a 50 percent tca from my brother art home and after three months it looks like the picture above.Raw red?lumpy its horrific not even doctors help.She sent me to a NHS dermatologist who is thinking of putting me on accutane.But as far as I know accutane sucks all the oils in your body wont... READ MORE

TCA Skin Peel Nose Scar (Dent)

I did a TCA skin peel to improve some dark spots on my face during the healing process i accidently scratch the tip side of my nose now i have a small dent what can i do it happen 1 week ago READ MORE

My Experience: TCA 35% for Acne Scarring - Age 23

At the time of this procedure I was 23 years old, now 25. I had this to help with the shallow atrophic acne scarring I have on the left side of my cheek as well as an allover smoothing of my skin. I paid $1,100.00 CAN I was given Valtrex for 2 days before, 7 days after. The procedure took... READ MORE

Not "Extremely Painful" As Some Would Put It

If used as directed, this stuff only produces a MILD stinging. As long as you leave it on less than 3 minutes it should feel like a bee sting and then go numb. I was removing deep scars on my arms so I needed to use 50% TCA and leave it on over 10 minutes. Though I left it on way above the... READ MORE

Phenol Peel and TCA Peel

I consulted with Dr. Donn Hickman for a chemical peel (Phenol and TCA peel). He is professional, and proficient in his craft. He understood my concerns and goals that I wanted to achieve. I had my peel done a month ago and enjoying my results. My skin looks youthful, and I always get compliments... READ MORE

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