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The TCA chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to dry the top layers of skin so they peel off over a period of several days. The treatment is used to reduce discoloration, improve melasma, and reduce fine lines. LEARN MORE ›

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African American (Dark Skin) 15% TCA Peel at Home. My journey.

Is this a normal amount of frosting? Too much? Or should I have applied a little more to the areas that weren't frosting? I used a 15% TCA from Skin Solutions. I did the test area, and had no reaction on Monday. I did full face yesterday (Tuesday) for a full 5 minutes, a little burning but no... READ MORE

27 Year Old Middle-eastern Female - Iraq

I had a %20 TCA peel performed by a Dr. I had acne for about 10 years and now it stopped, but I had a lot of visible and ugly scars on my face and wanted to get rid of them. The peel hurt a lot and my skin became red the day of the peel, but next day the frosting spots became darker and darker... READ MORE

African American, Oily Skin - 30% TCA Peel -Honolulu, HI

So. I'm 22 years old, brown-skinned, oily skin type, and never really battled with acne. I just get a few here or there, or around "that time of the month. But sometimes when I'd break out, it would leave behind PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation). I wanted to get rid of these dark marks.... READ MORE

TCA- 30% Questions! - Atlanta, GA

I am african american and decided to use a 30% TCA on my hyperpigmentation marks only. I have used 15-25% before and it had not burned my skin! However I used the 30 % last night and it frosted QUICKLY. it turned extremely white, about 15 minutes later it turned extremely dark and has been the... READ MORE

Very Good Overall Improvement After TCA 30% Peel - France, FR

After taking advice from the Realself community, I finally went for a TCA 30% peel. It was applied at my doctor's office (he is a plastic surgeon) on Tuesday morning. It's Sunday and the last part of the dead skin peeled off my face this afternoon. I am very happy with the result since the... READ MORE

First TCA Peel 15% - Self Applied and Love it!

What I Used: 15% TCA Skin Peel Enhanced with 5% Salicylic Acid 'and other botanicals' from "Perfect Image" ----------------------------------------------------------- This post is a full documentation of what I did and went through in hopes it helps someone figure out their own way.... READ MORE

How to Heal Skin Damaged by 25%TCA Peel

A series of 25%TCA home peels gave fantastic results in the beginning but the last one left me with scarring and dry skin similar to rosacea. It was blotchy, bumpy overall horrible. And this was still several months after the peel. My skin is almost back to normal after using a home RF device... READ MORE

TCA 40% Way to Strong. I Got 2nd Degree Burns, From TCA on Ebay - Nyack, NY

I did a 40% peel on my face and neck. I knew something right away was wrong because the frosting was like snow covering my face and neck not frost. And the pain was excruciating..I left the tca on for about 90 seconds or less. The frosting lasted about a half hour then my skin turned... READ MORE

Skin Darkened After Tca Peel 35%, This Correct - Brazil

Hi, my name is Alisson, 20 years old and live in Brazil. I peel, TCA 35% + 40% glycolic acid was bleaching the skin, the skin and then turned dark as a scorch. Make one day today I made the shell. It is true the darkening of the skin after the frusting? sorry, wrong for the English. I await... READ MORE

You Tell Me: I Am Going to Post Pictures As I Go with As Much Detail As Possible - North Carolina

I have had one peel at my dermatologist office for $90 three weeks ago. Decided I can do this! Paid total of $28 plus shipping for 25% TCA and Neutralizer (separate sellers) on Amazon. Applied the first peel today and can tell you, it was a kicker compared to what the dermatologist gave me. The... READ MORE

At Home TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentations/melasma - Australia

I'll update this as the days go one- I've just done my first 12.5% TCA peel. I've been getting microderms for months and use AHA / retin A products so my skin was well-prepped. Pros- - Cost: it's cheap I got my kit from MUAC. It will probably last a year's worth of... READ MORE

Can Be Done on Dark Skin [Age 20 - Did for hyperpigmentation]

Hi there, I am a dark-skinned African female and I have done the TCA peel on myself with success. Last week, I did my first TCA peel ever at 12.5% in two layers. I experienced frosting and was strangely amazed, haha! I gave myself months to prepare for the peel. I do lactic or glycolic peels on... READ MORE

tca 15%

Home treatment MUAC TCA 15% : 50 years of age, smoker, sun damaged, acne scars, ruff areas from peeling sunburn, fair skin mother and dark olive skin father. This is my second treatment, the first was one layer 15% with a little frosting did not want to go too severe too quick, some peeling... READ MORE

These Photos Are Two Days Post Peel.........

I have taken these photos two days after the chemical peel. I was applied to some of open wounds as well they turned into white colour after that. Now iam in 5 days post peel. Now skin peeling is started......those white spots turned into light pink in colour. The new skin is appearing with... READ MORE

12.5% TCA Peel @ Home Peel on Face-Georgia

Just did a 12.5% TCA chemical peel purchased from MakeUpArtistChoice last night (10/29/10). Did 2, 30% Glycolic Acid peels the previous 2 weeks spaced a week apart to prep skin. I bought the kit with the 1/2 oz. TCA peel, green tea soap, sample of Rose Hip cream, gloves, and carrying bag. I got... READ MORE

30% Under Lower Eyelid Peel-New York

I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me stress though, that I have had a dermatologist give me glycolic peels yearly since I was 27. I am now 46. I also have used retin-A off and on since I was 18. I have educated myself on the use of peels, have tried lactic acid, salicylic acid,... READ MORE

tca peel 12.5% vs. 25%

I bought TCA 100% ...I diluted to 12.5% and later on I did a 25% dilution. The 12.5% did nothing for me, no peeling or burnt effect. So at 3 weeks I tried the 25% and that one worked. Each person is different, you always want to do a spot treatment test. Be patient and read, READ the... READ MORE

So Far So Good (At Home TCA Treatments)

Pros:Peels off layers of top skin (like a bad sunburn) Cons:It burns(learning PATIENCE/ PLAN FOR IT) I'm 3 weeks of turning 37 WHITE/fair even- toned skin)it's momma's genes).That's how I was until last year.We tried having a second child(we have an 18 year old,I know... READ MORE

25% TCA Peel - Age 27, Black Female - London, UK

I tried a really low percent TCA acid peel and it did nothing to my face, a few days later i done a 25% acid peel. It began to frost instantly and the burning was horrific. I left to acid on my face for 2 mins but i couldnt handle the pain so i ran up and down my house screaming. I splashed cold... READ MORE

My 20% TCA Peel for Acne Scarring

I began by pretreating my face with Retin-a and a high % of an AHA.First he swiped Acetone on my face to raise the ph level then he did a Jessner's Peel which is AHA, BHA, and resorcinol. Then he did the 20% TCA Peel. I primarly did the peel to fade acne scarring. It worked great! READ MORE

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