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Those not interested in a traditional, invasive nose job may decide on the non-surgical option. This procedure makes use of injectable fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out bumps and humps and, at times, correct breathing issues. LEARN MORE ›

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Amazing Job, Couldn't Be Happier!

For years I have been very insecure about my nose, I hated everything about it. I have a very prominent hump. I never liked taking pictures especially of my side profile. My ultimate goal was to have the rhinoplasty surgery, but financially it was not possible at the moment. I did my research on... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose - Perth, WA

Nose is one of the important parts of a face in context of aesthetics. I always liked the my nose but I felt it could look better. I saw some amazing before after photos of non surgical nose job and thought I should give it a shot. The simplicity of the procedure along with the fact that it is... READ MORE

Worth It! Non Surgical Nose Job! - Morristown, NJ

I have always had this bump on my nose that made me self conscience. When I heard about this option for fillers to straighten it out I jumped at the chance. My plastic surgeon Dr.Racanelli did an excellent job. He's a real artist. It looks natural and beautiful. I can't thank him enough. It was... READ MORE

So Happy I Went To Dr Mao! - Orange, CT

I'd always my profile and so i finally went to Dr Johnny Mao In Orange Ct to see what could be be done non surgically. I asked for a similar result to a photo that I had edited myself. Dr Mao understood exactly what my wishes were and augmented my nose and chin with filler, greatly improving my... READ MORE

IN LOVE with my Results - Scottsdale, AZ

I have always been self conscious of my nose. My family and friends always told me that I was crazy and obsessive, but it was just something that always annoyed me. I naturally have a bump on the bridge of my nose, and finally decided to go to Dr. Repta for myself. My results are AMAZING. It was... READ MORE

Not Quite What I Was Hoping For - Garden City, NY

I had a surgical rhinoplasty when I was 17 to get rid of a bump on the bridge of my nose. As you can see from my before picture, my nose still was nowhere near perfect because I had an additional bump the surgeon didn't touch and my nose has never been straight. Anyway, I thought the non... READ MORE

35 Year Old with Dark Circles, Dorsal Hump and Indent on Left Side of Bridge - Ventura, CA

It's my first post so please forgive me in advance as I am new to this. I have seen 4 PS now for rhynoplasty in the LA area. First time was when I had my BA / reconstruct done with dr.hodnet. He made it sound like a simple task, but didn't want me u see too long so insisted I return for a... READ MORE

Restylane for Dorsal Hump on Nose - Altamonte Springs, FL

I've always hated the bump on my nose and started to have consults with drs for traditional rhinoplasty. I have very severe Crohn's disease and was reluctant to go under the knife or something elective. So I started to look at nonsurgical rhinoplasty and I found a doctor nearby and the results... READ MORE

26, Should Have Done This Sooner - Nashville, TN

I've always hated my profile, but wasn't really up for surgery. Finally decided to check this out and I'm 1000% glad I did this! It makes a huge difference, yet I still feel like I look like myself. Love it! The procedure was quick and painless. The doctor was super awesome. If you're thinking... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job - Virginia Beach, VA

I am an African American woman that grew up with a flat nose. I looked at non-invasive procedures and came across the non-surgical nose job option. This was more preferable because I did not want my nose to be extremely different but I wanted to accentuate the bridge more. I did research and... READ MORE

Purple Bruise on my Nose and Lump

I just had a hialuronic nose job done on friday, i am extremely worried because i do not like the results. I have a bruise on my nose, the doctor told me a little vein broke while injecting. I am putting arnica on it. And on the space between my eyebrows i have a bit of a lump. I would like to... READ MORE

To Soon to Tell .... - Dallas, TX

I just got my non surgical nose job yesterday still a little pain and soreness so it's too soon to tell...i actually went to the gym right after my procedure I'm gonna wait a week for it to go down, then go back for another visit... so far my nose does look different, and my profile is much... READ MORE

Finally Got a Nose Job at the Age of 72!!! - Toronto, ON

After a great deal of research on this site and in Youtube, I made an appointment to see Dr. Oakley Smith here in Toronto, and saw him yesterday afternoon. I came very well versed on fillers, non-surgical vs. surgical, possible range of expenses, my having to use a CPAP machine at night (nostril... READ MORE

Non-Existent Bridge/Tip to Perfected Nose With Restylyne - Beverly Hills, CA

I've always had the flattest nose and a none existent bridge. I use makeup to fake a taller nose with the use of contouring every day. After getting my nose area numbed, Dr. Yoo perfected my nose using Restylyne within minutes without any pain or discomfort. So happy with the results and... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Disliked Side Profile Because of Slight Hump - New York

I never liked my nose in side profile pictures. It bothered me but not enough to shell out 12,000 and go under the knife. I was ecstatic when I discovered liquid rhinoplasty. After playing with a few pictures pressing the skin up where I wanted to change my nose, I was sold and ready to find the... READ MORE

24 Year Old with an Uneven Nose - London, GB

I had a non surgical nose job 4 days ago and I am really happy with the results so far. I went to Dr Joney DeSouza in London. The clinic was lovely and so was Dr DeSouza! I was so scared as I am really scared of needles! The whole process was fine, first of all my nose was numbed by cream and... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Restylane) London, GB

When I was 12 years old, I broke my nose and was left with a deviated septum and visibly crooked nose. After 7 years of constant sinusitis and hearing problems I had an NHS septoplasty. This procedure was only to correct the deviation in my septum and therefore improve my breathing however... READ MORE

Bioplasty Nose Filler - Dubai, AE

So I've always hated my nose and my mom didn't let me to get it done I suddenly found a Dr page in Instagram and she posted pictures of clients noses that she done I was so excited because it was a big inscure for me. I went and I took what I saved for 3 months since I'm student and I don't have... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job!! - San Diego, CA

Making the bridge of my nose a lil higher.. I am doing this the day before my breast lift with implants and round 2 BBL in September / October .. My bf is tired of hearing about all this so I am here researching away! This is so addicting lol the only thing left I will want to do is stretch mark... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Non Surgical Rhynoplasty. Middlesbrough, GB

I had never ever been happy with my nose. I would try and hide my face or cover my nose with my hands when I was around other people because I was ashamed of the hump of my nose from the side profile. I had never had an injury to cause the hump, it was simply just genetic. I knew for as long as... READ MORE

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