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The mommy makeover (also known as a mummy makeover in the UK) is a combination of procedures designed to restore various parts of the body, particularly after pregnancy. It commonly includes a tummy tuck (to remove loose skin in the abdomen) and breast augmentation or a breast lift (to address breasts that have deflated or sagged). Liposuction may also be performed to help with body contouring.

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52 Year Old Getting Tummy Tuck and Brest Lift with Implants

I am getting so excited I have my surgery Jan 10. I have been looking forward to this for years! I have been looking in the mirror trying to imagine my fat roll gone can't really imagine it but will soon be a reality!! I'm thankful for this site to help me prepare for this surgery and hope... READ MORE

24 years old, mom of 1, not able to conceive anymore children, so I'm ready to finally get the body I've always wanted!

I'm the mother of a beautiful 2 year old boy. Because of complications, I'm no longer able to conceive. After just 1 pregnancy my body suffered sagging skin and diastasis recti. I'm on a journey to lose 58lbs and finally get my pre-baby body back and BETTER. READ MORE

30 years old Mom of two

After having two kids I knew I needed a Tummy Tuck to get rid of the extra skin and my very large breast. I had my Mommy Makeover in October and it has been the best decision I've ever made for myself. My results are just phenomenal. My pain was also very minimal. I seriously can't believe how... READ MORE

30 Year Old with 4 Children - Fresno, CA

I am 5'1" and weigh 116 pounds. My bra size is AA and I am considering 325 silicone implants I would like to be a full C cup. I can not wait to finally get my flat tummy back! My friend had silicone breast implants done with Dr. Knoetgen. She is in love with her breast and adores Dr. Knoetgen.... READ MORE

I Want to Feel Comfortable with my Body - Cali, CO

Hello first time posting on RS, like many I have been reading up and looking at pictures for over a year. Finally decided to stop looking and reading and actually go and get my body back. So I'm a mom of 5 about to be 39 years young. Booked my surgery for November in Cali, Colombia. Plane tix... READ MORE

41 Yo Mom of 3, 5'6" 105lbs Want Small Implants and TT. Westlake Village, CA

I have always been petite with large breasts 34-D to DD. Yet after my third c section I lose weight in my breasts and I am barely a C. I like how small I am they are just deflated. I'm hoping for small C lift and implants with a mini tummy tuck. I have scheduled my appointment for surgery and... READ MORE

Finally Did It. Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, and a Lil Lipo

It went well. Didn't know if I wanted to do a review, but when I was looking, I didn't see too many stories like mine. Big boobs, kangaroo pouch (from the kiddos) lol back fat and over weight but still very active. I did it. I'm recovering. It sucks. But it's not the end of the world. I was 289... READ MORE

51, 100# Weight Loss, Reward Time for Me! - Dallas, TX

Lost 100# The work is done, now to reward myself 135#, 5,6" 36B Skin removal, muscle work if needed, implants and lipo of hips and outer thighs . No lift implants will lift because of good skin elasticity, measurements didn't indicate droop, just volume loss.... Too bad would liked to have... READ MORE

39 Married with 3 Children - Miami, FL

I am officially booked to have my surgery done in Miami with Dr. Ary Krau. I choose him because after a lot of research and a gut feeling I feel safe with my choice. It kind of doesn't feel real yet. I will spend the next 4 weeks losing some weight and getting ready for the big day. I'm not... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck & Breast Revision

Surgeon recommended the T tummy tuck b/c I don't have a lot of loose skin above the navel. My muscles are separated over an inch so full is needed. I've spend too much time googling this & am terrified ???? Replacing 9 yr old 390/420 saline unders with 650 silicone with pocket revision on... READ MORE

40 Years Old and Ready to Complete my Dream Body - Miami, FL

My expectations are real and reasonable. I want to get rid of as much stretch marks I can. I had a bbl last year may to use the fat I had at that time to get me a bigger but before I did this mommy makeover to complete my look. I have a nice shape after my bbl but the stretch marks take away... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Lipo, Breast Lift No Implants; 32 Year Old, 2 Toddlers, 40 Lb Weight Loss

After having two kids and losing forty pounds through hard work and diet, I had plenty of lose skin that was still bothering me. I felt self conscience in any bathing suits and even in my everyday clothes. I was tired of feeling held back by my own insecurities. I scheduled a tummy tuck with... READ MORE

25year old after labband got tummy tuck and reduce from 42f to a d

So far recovering is going well. I had one incident this morning where I went down in the bathroom from blacking out (don't forget to eat!) glad dinner finally figured out how go upload journey 2 here! Today is my first day trying to be out and about. Headed to Walmart Oh joy lol As far... READ MORE

550cc 33 5'6" 133 Pounds Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Implants - Pasadena, CA

Hey everyone I decided to post my journey like many of you experienced everyone's profile helped me through my decisions. Maybe my journey can help someone. Going to try to keep it simple... Stats: 5 feet 6 inches, 133, 34A I posted a screenshot of my current stats. Coconuts means bootay.... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Diastasis Recti, 4 Children, 5'7", 182 Lbs, BMI 28. Indiana, IN

I mainly want to correct my 4 finger width diastasis recti and remove excess bulk from my abdomen. I am also considering liposuction of my upper thighs, and breast augmentation. My children are all under age 7. Cesarean x 4. Abdomen measures 39-40" widest part, whereas below breasts I measure... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom of 4 Getting Breast Aug and Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Hernia Fixed. Redding, CA

Well it's so surreal but in just a few days I will be getting my mommy make over.... I'm a 34AA that nursed or was pregnant a totally of ten years. My cheast got up too a 36 D at the biggest while nursing... So to say they are sad empty breast would be a under statement lol. I am very active and... READ MORE

Cabral Barbie not Yily. Dominican Republic, DO

I am very nervous, so I'm starting a blog to relieve some stress while I go on this journey. I will be having SX with Dr. Yily on July 7. My deposit has been paid and she responded pretty fast. I will be staying at The Doll House RH, I've heard good things about them & they I feel comfortable... READ MORE

23yo No Kids Considering Dr.Diaz for a BBL TT LIPO & BL - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been unhappy With my body for a while now, I think the only time I ever had a nice shape was when I was sick... Litterly. Which isn't a good luck. So living in Toronto surrounded by beautiful women with amazing curves, I had to ask; WHO's YOUR DOCTOR! Had a few girls tell me about... READ MORE

Future Disla Doll!!! - Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies! I'm back after year long hiatus. I have another review but so much has changed I decided to start fresh. I've decided to have my MMO with Dra Disla in the Dominican Republic. I was going back and forth with a few Dr.s but once I decided to have my breast reduced/lifted it was a no... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover-Tummy Tuck, Lipo to Flanks, Brest Lift, and Implant Exchange - Phoenix, AZ

Just a few more days until my surgery! I'm a mix of emotions right now. Super excited and super scared! It's hard to comprehend that next week my body will look totally different. I had a breast augmentation done about 12 years ago. It was a spur of the moment decision, didn't think about it... READ MORE

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