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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE â€ş

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I went to Dr. Krau to get my mommy makeover with lipo of my entire back. His entire staff are nothing short of amazing! It's only day 5 so I'm still quite swollen but I am already in love with the results. I take Tylenol during the day and the prescription at night to sleep comfortably. Not... READ MORE

I'm nervous! I'm excited! After 5 kids ranging from ages 7-20. I have lots of stretch marks and loose skin, and am aware all my stretch marks will not be able to be removed, but am really looking forward to having all the loose skin taken off. I have 5 kids and gained up to 60 pounds with each... READ MORE

Looking forward to getting back to my pre baby body. Nervous about procedure and not looking forward to the downtime, however I am excited to move forward with my life. I workout and lift weights 6 days a week but I am still very unhappy with my appearance. I nursed two kids for a year each... READ MORE

I am beginning the journey to get a better body! I have been a member of this site for 6 months. I've been interested in a tummy tuck and breast augmentation for years. The time has come to put the plan into action. I've scheduled appoitnments to interview doctors. I have one in May and one in... READ MORE

Oh Boy! Here we go! I am 44 and have 3 great kids 7,13 and 15, and I am ready to look like the fit healthy person I am. I was reluctant to go in for my tummy tuck consultation, but as soon as I walked out of the door I was sure it is what I want to do. I have looked at so many pictures of... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I have booked my surgery with Dr. Klink at Solano Plastic surgery centre in Vacaville, California. I was unsure at first about getting a BA because Dr Klink suggested a lift along with the BA. After taking two weeks to think about it and do more research I realized this may be... READ MORE

Excited! I've made my research and I believe he's one of the best and professional Doctors in the D.R. My Surgery is Feb.15,2016 Getting to D.R. the day before But I'm Still undecided of what RH to stay at. If anyone is having surgery same day or week as me please let me know if you are looking... READ MORE

Well, I am 30 years old 4"10... 125 pound gain looks 5 pounds am just not happy with my mid-section and I want it gone...and figure since I am going under the knife why not go all out and get a MMO :P. After about 1.5 year of going back and forth on where to have my... READ MORE

I am 31, 5 foot 7, 157lbs. I knew I wanted to have this done even before my 1st child. I now have a almost 4yo and a 17 month. I have always had a doughnut for a tummy and my boobs have been huge since I can remember. I will be having a TT, BL, and small BA for upper pole fullness. I am a... READ MORE

Currently hgt. 5'9 wgt. 170 bra size 36B with a kangaroo pouch. My expectation would be to have fuller boobs without having to a wear push up bra, silicon 550cc implants under the muscle. Full tummy tuck to tighten the muscle and get rid of the excess skin around the abdomen. Lipo to back/flank... READ MORE

I am Currently 170lbs, I have a semiathletic build. 5'8". Bra size is a B36. Deflated and lifeless pancake titties. I have diastis recti. I am scheduled for surgery on Sept 16 at 9 am. Biggest issue right now.... is how big I should go? Hoping for 350 mod + cohesive gel. Thinking that may be... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve surgery 1/14, maintained an 85lb weight loss and decided to have the tummytuck and breast lift with implants (320 cc uhp) to restore what I had when I was younger. i chose dr John's based on a personal recommendation and reviews. Dr John's and his staff were both... READ MORE

I met with Dr. LaMonaco recently and he took a full hour to explain and discuss all of my available options on reducing fat pockets and tightenin skin and muscle tone from having children. He was extremely thorough and explained what kind of results to expect from each option. I felt very... READ MORE

•Breast lift with implants •Abdominoplasty •Lipo on legs waist back and •Under arms mini arm lift Although I had a new born the timing was better for me as he slept a lot meaning I needing to give him less attention allowing me more time to recover but also no strain on myself lifting... READ MORE

I'm a 25 year old, biracial mother of 2 beautiful children, ages 1 and 6 yrs old. I've gone back and forth with the idea of surgery for so long and finally decided to just go ahead and do it! I've decided on Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami and I'm extremely excited to set a date! I'm 5'7", currently... READ MORE

I chose Dra. Yily to preform my surgery. I have been researching for years in the United States. While I feel some doctors here do good work they make you look boxy. I like how they contour in the Dominican Republic so I will be traveling there in April for my procedure. I am super excited and... READ MORE

Leading up to my mommy makeover was quite stressful with all of the unknowns . I over prepared for sure . Day of : the surgery went very well , long but all was good . When I woke up I was feeling slightly sick to my stomach - the nurses took care of that fast & I felt great . Night 1 was ok I... READ MORE

I had a very good physique that I worked hard on for 25 years until 5 years ago when I quit working out. I gained about 20 lbs. After a very tragic loss 14 months ago, I gained another 15. Even if I worked out twice a day for a year I would still have a horrible stomach due to my age. My saline... READ MORE

Im 26 years old and a mom of 2. I want to have a tummy tuck,bbl, and breast implants done. I would not want then to have it done at the same time. So far I have contacted 3 Drs for a bbl and tummy tuck. I like Dr.Campos because I know some one that got a bbl by him and it looks really good. I... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am thrilled to share my experience with whom ever is interested. I hope my story will help motivate anyone who's scared/indecisive about a mommy make over. I'm 34 years old 5'7 and weigh 135. In my late teens to early 20's I was overweight and wore a size 16 in pants that... READ MORE

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