Lower Face Lift

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A lower facelift addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the bottom third of the face. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline. While the procedure won't deliver the effects of a full facelift, benefits include a shorter scar and a quicker recovery time. This procedure can also be called a mini facelift. 

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51 years old, hormonal changes gave me a turkey neck and jowls. Chose Dr Harley to turn the clock back.

Going through hormonal changes really messed up my face and neck. It was getting bad last year and contemplated using a local plastic surgeon. He told me it would be over 11,000, when I went to my Aesthetic nurse who does my Botox she brought up Dr Harley and told me to check out the reviews on... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift with Upper Bleph by Dr. David Harley

Like to start out thanking all the courageous ladies who blogged/reviewed their facelift experience with photos here. This was so helpful in helping me to decide to go through this scary surgery. As time went by looked more haggard, sad, sometimes grumpy when I was actually pretty happy. ... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift

I have been on RealSelf for a few months now researching the possibility of getting a lower face/neck lift. I have been told most of my life that I look young for my age but lately all I can see is my droopy neck and I think it is aging me. I am 53 yes old but I still feel 38 on the inside! I am... READ MORE

Lower Face Neck Lift, Turkey Neck Fixed and Lower Neck Lipo

When I looked in the mirror I saw someone I didn’t recognize. Never overweight, and exercise. For some reason my neck got very fat, saggy and old looking. Three months post op frustrated with time it’s taking to heal..took a side by side pic because I read somewhere, we only see what we remember. READ MORE

Lower Mini Lift - local anesthesia

I am super excited !!! I am now the proud recipient of a scheduled May 9th lower mini face /neck lift ! I have been contemplating this lift for a few years now as I have watched my jowls falling and platysma muscles protruding at a swift pace . I have chosen a doctor who I am absolutely crazy... READ MORE

Lower face and neck left

Feeling quite old with lose sagging skin on my face and neck so decided to look for a surgeon using real self. Found mr Goodwin from Manchester and booked my consultation Me Goodwin put me at ease and was so easy to talk to and was very informative so I booked my op 5th March 2018 was very... READ MORE

Dr. Harley Neck Lift and Lower Face Lift

I was turning 60 (Yay) this year and I researched and spoke with 3 plastic surgeons for a neck lift and lower face lift. All three said that I did not need a brow lift and neck lift and lower face lift would give me very good results. I chose Dr. Harley, who I found on RealSelf and followed... READ MORE

57 Year Old Upper Bleph and Lower Face Lift

Scheduled several months out and today is the day. Didn't receive my prescriptions so I'm going in early to get that taken care of before my procedure. My girlfriend and I have come to NC together and are both having surgery. Ashville is beautiful! Rented through Air BNB and love or little... READ MORE

Amazing Experience!

I had a lower face lift about 5 months ago. It was done at an outpatient surgery center, which was easy and convenient but I would probably not do again since it took me so long to emerge from anesthesia and I pretty much closed the place down. However, the procedure was smooth and my post-op... READ MORE

So so happy after Mr Pereira did my neck lift lower face lift!!

Just had a lower face lift neck lift with Mr John Pereira, I cannot rate Mr Periera highly enough , talks you through everything before the surgery , any concerns worries you can ask him. I’m thrilled with results on day four post op now.. see John again on Tuesday and his wife Bev. Bev is a... READ MORE

Dr. Harley - 54 Years old and Almost 5 Months Post

Dec 7 is my big day & I'm super nervous but excited as well. Hoping to improve, if not fix my jowls, upper neck area, nasolabial & marionette folds/lines & upper eyelids with a lower face & neck lift (Biltmore) & upper bleph under local anaesthetic. The last time I had any... READ MORE

46 Traditional Lower Facelift and a Week Later DOT Laser - Carmel, IN

I have had the curse of acne most of my life and the scars to prove it. I understand that once you lift the skin the scars look much better. To help my eyes and forehead we will round it off with DOT laser and to help smooth out scars. I am so lucky that I have watched someone get a facelift... READ MORE

Necklift and lower face lift. A very positive experience! Winter Park, FL

Updated on 4 Dec 2017: I had been contemplating having my neck tightened for some time now. My local plastic surgeon only did this procedure in hospital. I checked Realself and found excellent reviews for Dr. Rotatori who did it in office using local anesthesia. I went for a consult and felt... READ MORE

Soon to Be 50 with Loose Neck Skin and Start of Jowls

Just over the past year or so, I’ve noticed the aging of my lower face and neck - loose skin under my chin, platysma bands staying in place after I pinch them (I know, why would I do that?), and the beginning of slight jowls that make my face look more rectangular. I catch myself in the m... READ MORE

This Experience has been life-changing!

Dr. Sadati is the epitome of professionalism and expertise. From the first consultation he makes you feel welcome with care and concern. All through the process up to surgery and beyond, he is compassionate and understanding of every question or issue. His work is superb, and, I believe, the... READ MORE

Took the Plunge!

So happy with the results. I was searching (lurking?) on RealSelf for some months. I had a consult with a local PS and then found Dr Harley! I was very impressed with his natural-looking results, the lack of bruising and the comments about the relative ease of the process and procedure. My... READ MORE

55 Year Old; Neck Lift, Lower Face Lift, Lip Lift

I just finished writing a review in the "procedures" section which explains my experience. A quick recap is that Dr. Sanders is really amazing. I can say this and I've had many surgeries over the past 25 years. Why is Dr. Sanders amazing? He has his own philosophies on aftercare which made... READ MORE

My 61th Birthday Present to Myself - Lower Face Lift with Neck Tuck

How old do you I really look? I graduated from college in 1980 but obtained my masters degree in 1994 - bottom-line, when I apply for jobs the only date I put on my resume is the masters graduation which takes 10 plus years off my age. So when I was suddenly back in the job market at age 60 - no... READ MORE

Amazing plastic surgeon

Dr Sykes has been my doctor for all things face for over 15 years. He has done my lower face lift, fat transfers, chin lipo, and a few other major procedures. I actually was adamant about doing a rhinoplasty and Dr Sykes actually told me not to do it. Even though it wasn’t what I wanted to h... READ MORE

Young 64 Yr Old Needs Some Help

I have always had troubled skin. I have acne scarring lots of sun damage and now I had sagging jowls. The outside of me was not matching the inside of me, as I am a very active young-minded and busy grandmother of 3 at 64 years old. I did not start showing my age until about 5 years ago. I... READ MORE

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