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Latisse is an FDA-approved topical treatment used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Latisse is typically applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once per day. Most users begin to see results within four to eight weeks, with the most dramatic results appearing between weeks 12 and 16. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original state. In some cases, Latisse may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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I first started to use the generic form of Latisse (for roughly 8 weeks total) back in September 2008. I was very unhappy with my sparse lashes which had developed over time thanks to my false eyelash obsession. I never removed the falsies correctly and it led to very, very scrawny lashes after... READ MORE

I didn't want to pay the price of Latisse, or for a doctor visit, so I bought the generic (bimatoprost). It's the same stuff and my lashes are AMAZING. Everyone has noticed and they all are using it now. It took a good 2 1/2 months to see some results, but it's worth it. After 4... READ MORE

I started using Latisse in June after I received a promotional flyer from a local doctor in my area! I was very skeptic because I do have very small lashes (teeny) and thought it was very expensive but what the heck, I've been waiting for this since I first heard about it. I am enclosing... READ MORE

I have had no irritation (as I did with Jan Marini- original formula) and amazing results. I use an eyeliner brush and do both lids top and bottom by putting one drop in a contact lens case, and wiping the brush off and the case out with alcohol on cotton pad each night. My first bottle... READ MORE

First off, the price of $100.00 that this site forced me to put down is wrong. I only paid $91.50 at Costco Pharmacy. It was not discounted but this site won't let me list anything less than $100.00. How odd. Anyway, I love this product! I have been using Latisse for 33 days and already... READ MORE

After 17 weeks of using latisse, not a day goes by that a complete stranger does not comment on my lashes.  several people have asked me if they are real (makes you want to ask what is not real on them!). have been using latisse for 4.5 weeks. noticeable difference in lash thickness.... READ MORE

I had been using eyelash extensions for 5 months and after finally removing them (permanently), I realized that I had almost no eyelashes of my own to speak of! I was so upset as the reason for eyelash extensions in the first place was my inability to grow decent lashes. As a side effect of... READ MORE

I used to use "RapidLash" to thicken/lengthen my lashes, which worked well for me for about a year. Then it ceased to be effective for me, for some reason. I wanted to try Latisse, but it is too expensive and requires a doctor's order. I found generic Latisse on eBay, in the form of... READ MORE

I get complements on my lashes already. There's already pretty long and curly but I want more of a boost so I can look better without makeup. My Plan is: I will not be putting it on my lower lash line or my eyebrows. I will not be risking that, wasting product and I will be following the rules.... READ MORE

While on latisse, my lashes did growth longer, but were thin. I had no major issues. I did notice under eye darkness but also, they tell you not to apply to your lower lashes, and I did. I have stopped using it for abut a year now. My lashes are back to normal length, and under eye color issues... READ MORE

I had blephectomy on upper and lower lids at age 60. I asked my doctor about Latisse, since they advertised it in the office. I noticed results at 5 at month 5 now, use it every three days. My lashes are ridiculous, they touch my brows. My brows are thicker as well. I love Latisse! I... READ MORE

A friend recommended Latisse to help eyelash growth. Although it was expensive, she said it was worth the money. She has brown eyes therefore the warning on the box was of no concern to her. I have green eyes. I used one trial of Latisse without noticing the warning on the label saying that the... READ MORE

I have always had short, sparse eyelashes. Latisse has dramatically changed the length and thickness of my lashes! The only requirement is that you must apply everyday to maintain lash length once it has been established. Thank you Southeast Sculpting & Rejuvenation and Jan Sizemore! I... READ MORE

My whole life, I wanted dark, beautiful eyelashes. I spent years buying mascara, lash curlers, dyes, anything I could think of. I was reluctant to start Latisse, not because I was afraid it wouldn't work, but because I was afraid it would, and then I would be hooked and be locked into spending... READ MORE

Hi everyone!! I've been using Lumigan (which is the same as latisse) for almost 2 weeks now. I apply it every night on the upper lash line with a thin eyeliner brush which I try to maintain very clean to prevent any infections in my eyes. I haven't experienced any side effects except... READ MORE

The girl in my dermatologist 's office has the most incredible eye lashes I've ever seen. Not silly stupid.. But really really really amazing!! She uses this, so I bought it from their office. She was a walking, talking advertisement!! My lashes are amazing now... I was blessed with "big blue... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for skimpy eyelashes for several years. The product does produce longer thicker lashes. When I first used Latisse, the prescription was around $100.00 with a refund available for $25.00. This price ( not insurance covered) although high was affordable a couple times... READ MORE

I do not use this every night. I just use it when I remember and at those times when my lashes seem to be shedding and they are shorter. I see immediate results. They just seem thicker and fuller. The story behind this is they used drops on elderly people and noticed they all had amazing lashes.... READ MORE

My lashes are thin and I want longer, thicker lashes. I decided to try out Latisse and within only two days have red lines where it was applied on my eyelids. The veins on my eyelids are pronounced and appear swollen...probably just wasted my money on something that is not good for me. Anyone... READ MORE

I used Revitalash for about a year then switched to Latisse for about 3 years in my late twenties. Revitalash gave me great results then Latissse was even better. It gave me incredibly long lashes. Initially, I was more focused on my eyelashes rather than the skin around them but I eventually... READ MORE

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