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Heard of hypotrichosis? Those who suffer from this condition of abnormal hair patterns may use the FDA-approved Latisse to grow darker, fuller eyelashes. Keep an eye out for this side effect: the drug may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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I wanted to try Latisse because I am getting married in September. I wanted thick, long lashes for my wedding and honeymoon. I bought a one month supply that has actually lasted me almost two months. I haven't used it every day. I'd say I remember to put it on about 3X per week. Now that I... READ MORE

I have always wanted longer lashes and had been using castor oil for years before. A friend in America had been using Latisse back in 2010 and I decided to do my research but couldnt find it in the UK. Last year I went to America on holiday and picked up 2 bottles in New York. I managed to... READ MORE

After about 4 weeks I started seeing results. They look a little longer and darker. I have been using it now for 7 weeks and I am happy. I bought a smaller brush and use only one drop for both eyes every day to make product last longer. Im looking forward to seeing what they will look like in a... READ MORE

I've wanted latisse for over a year now. I have brown hazel eyes and I was scared about the Iris color changing. I decided to take a risk and try latisse because I'm sick of gluing on fake eyelashes. I just ordered a 5ml bottle (10 week supply) online (Anshul Gambit MD, for $125... READ MORE

I had decent lashes prior to using Latisse but now, I LOVE my new lashes! I was skeptical on whether the Latisse would work, especially because it was hard for me to be consistant and add an additional step in my daily regimen. I am so glad I did. My lashes are longer and thicker. It was... READ MORE

220 is for two treatment boxes. So far, I've used it once. I can't really review yet, but I want to post photos of the progress. I'm excited! Ok... posting pictures. (Because I know how. ;) ;) ;)) :)P 6.23.12 I haven't noticed much length as of yet. I have noticed some curve. My... READ MORE

I am the patient coordinator here at the office, and love that I get to try many of the products and services and give patients my honest opinion about everything. Latisse has worked for me! What more can I say. I love it. PROS: Long lashes that look amazing and that everyone compliments... READ MORE

Purchased online after noticing I'm getting bare spots, presumably from being premenopausal. Started using 6/27/12. Purchased my own brush for better application as suggested online. Goal is to fill in sparse areas and make my own thicker and longer and hold the overall end results afterward.... READ MORE

Worked like a charm, a bit over priced... But if you don't use their applicators, and find something that works better for you ( I have my own little mini-brush I bought from Target) then you can stretch a one month supply longer. The product brought my lashes from non-existent to ridiculously... READ MORE

Oh my gosh! Ok so I am NOT one of those paid people who writes reviews! I seriously have been using latisse for 4 days and my lashes are already just a little bit longer a little thicker (especially on the corners and the ends of my eyes) and a little darker already! I know, it seems impossible... READ MORE

I started using it last Monday. I got a 5 months supply. I think you are supposed to start seeing results in as little as 3 Weeks. It comes with a butt load of applicators. you just put one drop in the cap and use an applicator to brush the liquid across your lash line then add another drop and... READ MORE

I get lash extensions and latisse and they work well together and it's nice because I have instant gratification and perfectly tame lashes for big events and even look lashy surfing. I've used both for two years. Some ppl get discoloration from latisse and I tell them to get the... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for several years now. I have bought many products that claim "lash growth" and other benefits; however, none of them worked. Latisse is the only product where I have seen my lashes flourish and grow long and a bit thicker. The only side effect is the darkening of the... READ MORE

Hi, I'm Vinnie, short for Vanessa. I've been stalking this site for a while and finally decided to make a profile. I anticipate making several enhancements this year (inside and out) and my recovery from general illness is what inspires me. My girlfriend was very vocal in her curiosity this... READ MORE

Eyelashes grew longer and somewhat thicker. The length was very elegant, but the cost iss ridiculous. Latisse is just a repackaged version of a Glaucoma treatment which is several times as much product for about $30! Ripoff! Also, the brushes are worthless, and designed to make you waste... READ MORE

I am 53 and my lashes have been slowly falling out and not growing back in. I just started using Latissa about a week ago and I am already seeing tiny new lashes starting to grow in! I am thrilled just to see this as I have not seen any signs of lash growth in so long. I realize it is early to... READ MORE

I love Latisse. I've been using it for 4 months. I have super long lashes which I thought I'd never see this lifetime. I never used the Latisse applicators and used my own super thin flat brush. For everynight the first 3 months, I used only 1 drop and dabbed a little on the top lash... READ MORE

I always wanted long lashes, but hated the idea of gluing them to my skin! My latisse results have been awesome! My mom was skeptical bc she said that it turns your eye color. We have very light blue eyes, but I did research and it seems that if you don't follow the directions correctly that... READ MORE

I'm 46 yo and have always felt that I had to wear mascara to make my eyes stand out. I'm very active outdoors and I love the beach. My active lifestyle and make-up did not go together and as I matured, I realized the more make-up that I wore, the older that I looked. I decided to try... READ MORE

My lashes were already dark but I wanted more length. Latisse really works. I began to see growth in just a few weeks. I'm happy with the amount of growth and will continue using it. *regular price is 110.00 per bottle but it lasts 4-6 weeks! I bought 3 at once for a discounted price. READ MORE

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