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Latisse is Dangerous

Legally blind because this was used in my eyelashes for 3 years. I have corneal dystrophy in both eyes and legally blind. Do not buy this product. Many doctors will not even sell it. This drug was first used treating glaucoma but druggists suddenly realized it made eyelashes longer. I am now a... READ MORE

Periorbital Fat Loss!!!! - Raleigh, NC

I used Latisse for 3 years and just quit two weeks ago. I loved the amazing lashes it gave me. They were like Bambi lashes (still are, but I'm fully expecting that to go away soon). However, I started noticing about a year ago that my eyes were looking different. They looked tired and older -... READ MORE

False Lashes Are Too Much Upkeep - Ontario, Canada

Looking forward to having long lush lashes with no mascara. I'm Only on day 4 but I'm excited. I haven't experienced any itchin or redness of my eyes so far. I purchased the 5ml kit with brushes. My doctor told me I will last me over 3 months. She also sai once my lashes have reached a length... READ MORE

Careprost - Side Effects - Results - Vancouver, BC

Hello Everyone :) I'm a 42 year old female who had very short, thin eyelashes and brows. My Doc, in her 60's talked to me about Latisse - she uses it herself. She has had no patients with serious side effects. I found the cost too much for extended use so decided to try Careprost - Pics... READ MORE

55 Yr Old Women - Layton, UT

My motive is to feel about a wreck I was in. Dr Thompson always make feel so much better with his words and his ideas.. If you are considering Dr Thompson as your Dr Do not Hesitate ???????????? All the girls in the office makes you very as important as the last... They consult with you before... READ MORE

1 Month Using Latisse

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I was told the best results are after 4 months but am seeing some fullness in a month. I only realized things had improved when I ran my hands over my eyes and felt the... READ MORE

Latisse - Lumigan 3% Generic for Latisse -Brisbane, AU

I got lumigan 3 percent (same as Latisse) to help my lashes recover from extensions. I used one tiny drop in the lid and used a fine eyeliner brush to apply it at the base of upper lashes only. I used it 3 times a week for 6 weeks. After 5 weeks, I noticed a red purplish tinge along the lash... READ MORE

Latisse 51 Yr Old Female. Grosse Pointe, MI

Wanted to try this as I had relatively short lashes, though relatively full. My lashes were blonde at tips, so mascara necessary to even see them. I started using Latisse June 5, 2015 and have been faithfully using just about every night since then, only missing about 5 nights. The results are... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Brown Eyes, Love Latisse - Beachwood, OH

While at my plastic surgeons, I saw the poster for Latisse. I was not blessed with long lashes and relied on falsies. My doctor said I would be a perfect candidate because I have brown eyes. I've been using Latisse almost every day for over two years. I receive tons of compliments on my... READ MORE

Flutter My Lashes - Germantown, TN

I am hoping to acheive eyelashes that have the "butterfly" look to them. I am tired of layering luxury mascaras to get the look I am going for. I have seen ladies eyelashes who have used Latisse and their lashes are perfect. Every lady wants to have flirty natural lashes. Let's see what magic we... READ MORE

EXCITED to Try Latisse. Scottsbluff, NE

I have had very little and fragile eyelashes for a long time, excited to try this out! They say it takes about 6-8 weeks to really notice a difference so I will update at that time . I have heard good things about latisse, so I hope its worth it for the money! I have posted 2 pictures before... READ MORE

Latisse is Amazing! - Houston, TX

It works! I've been using it for 6 weeks and I love it. I had some redness at first but now it's gone. The pictures speak for themselves. I have no makeup on in either pic. I use it everyday day. I will never stop. I don't even need makeup anymore. I can't to see what they look like at the end... READ MORE

Latiesse Worth It. Huntington Beach, CA

For 10 years I used lash extensions. The glue damaged my real lashes. Prior to lash extensions I had decent lashes but of course I wanted longer fuller lashes. I heard about latiesse a long time ago but I was hesitate to use it until I meet friends that used it and realized it really worked... READ MORE

35 and Sick of Makeup - North Tonawanda, NY

With mascara I love my lashes. I don't love the smeared makeup under my eyes. Decided to try Latisse. $167 for the 5ml (larger) supply. I found a review on YouTube that showed how to use one drop inside the cap and an eyeliner brush. I use one drop for both eyelid (not bottom) and eyebrows... READ MORE

Latisse is Amazing!

So save money out one drop in the lid and dip both clean brushes at one time. I have used it for 70 days and only used a half of the 5ml bottle which is 95 dollars for 5 months less than 20 bucks a month and way cheaper then paying for lash extensions and upkeep. I have noticed some... READ MORE

Latisse Well Worth It -- I Use Off-label Lumigan Because It's Cheaper - Denver, CO

Just a quick update. I have been using Lumigan (same thing as Latisse) for close to 7 weeks now. I still love it. My lashes are getting fuller and longer. I have to admit that my right eyelashes are doing better than the ones on the left, even though I apply it evenly every night. Kinda... READ MORE

careprost latisse generic - Dallas, TX

This stuff works. In three weeks I've had significant lash growth. This is generic for Latisse. Pictures are with mascara and I haven't been wearing fake eyelashes anymore. I had thinning due to age. All you do is apply it along the lash and lid line. I didn't experience any discomfort but you... READ MORE

Saw amazing results the first few weeks and now after a full 4 months, my lashes look INCREDIBLE!!

Started on Jan/1 and today is Jan 21st. I feel my lashes are a lot fuller and longer-- cannot wait to see how they'll look after the full 16 weeks! FYI, I'm not wearing mascara in either photos! After years of lash extensions, my lashes were brittle and sparse. I started Latisse a few weeks ago... READ MORE

Latisse So Worth It! San Diego, CA

I don't suffer from any hair loss in my eyelashes however I would love to stop wearing mascara and go for a natural look! I started using Latisse in Feb and I've notice such a difference in my lashes. I can go on makeup free everyday and only wear mascara on a night out! I truly recommend it to... READ MORE

Can't Wait for Long Lushes Lashes!!! - Michigan

So I have been doing a LOT of research for a non-invasive technique to remove belly fat and decided on Ultrashape which I will review separately. I struggled to find a location near me to offer this treatment ???? Then I watched a news report that a local spa was chosen to be the first in the... READ MORE

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