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Heard of hypotrichosis? Those who suffer from this condition of abnormal hair patterns may use the FDA-approved Latisse to grow darker, fuller eyelashes. Keep an eye out for this side effect: the drug may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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I started using Latisse, then switched to Lumigan to save money. Same company (Allergan) and effective! I love Lumigan (Latisse) and highly recommend it for lash growth. READ MORE

I was hesitant at first but after 8 weeks, I could see my eye lashes were growing. I'm at 12 weeks now and they are long and thicker. READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for months now and truly enjoy the effects it provides my lashes, much longer, only complaint is the occasional dryness my eyes feel, like sand in them, but other than that, it works great! READ MORE

My lashes are short and blonde, so I was hoping for longer, darker lashes. I asked my doctor about Latisse and he gave me the prescription, cautioning me that about 1% of users will be allergic to it. After about a week of use, I noticed that my eyes were noticeably reddened and irritated.... READ MORE

I love, love. love it. I have been using it for a year and my lashes touch my eyebrows. I buy the generic version, it is far cheaper but just as good. READ MORE

Cost is $8.20 with insurance or $36.30 per vial without insurance Excellent! for 8 bucks you can pick up six 2.5 ml vials at a time. Found at Vanterpools drug store in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. READ MORE

My eye lashes were really thick and dark to begin with, they were not super short, but they weren't as long as I would like them to be. I looked into getting eyelash extensions but those can be quite pricey. So I decided to try Latisse before I got extensions. I used Latisse every night... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for about 3 months. I LOVE it! I have dark brown eyes so iris discoloration is not an issue (otherwise, I would definitely not use it). I had to back off and only use it about 3 times a week because my lashes were getting crazy long! I didn't notice as much... READ MORE

Amazing results, have been using it since it came to Canada in November and there is a huge difference. I am Asian and have naturally short lashes... so I love this! READ MORE

I've been using latisse for over a year now. At the beginning I grow a few long lashes, but they all fell off. I keep on using the product but no difference on my lashes what so ever. I was worried if I stop using the product, my lashes start falling, cuz my eyes got used to the product. I... READ MORE

I used a product called Careprost. Its got the same active ingredient as Latisse, which is bimatoprost. I used it for about 3 weeks or so. I didnt notice too much redness on the skin around my eyes, I had some itchyness which I can tolerate..but a few days ago I did notice a teeny brown little... READ MORE

I just had one day of using Latisse, I followed the instructions from the box. I felt my eyes a little itchy since I also wear contact lenses. I am very excited to see results. I wear fake eyelashes every so often but my eyelashes are not long and they seem to get damaged from the glue I use. I... READ MORE

I've been using Latisse for almost a month now. There is a slight difference. I look forward to seeing what the next couple months will bring. My eyelids are just a little red. Eyes do get little bloodshot sometimes but I use eye drops to help with the red. I seemed to notice that more in... READ MORE

It worked for length for me, not fullness? However I only used it for approx 4 months. I had to stop due to hardships. Now.. My lashes are so thin and VERY short and NO.., it is not that i got used to the product. I know what I had before. Is this typical? Sorry, I will NEVER use the... READ MORE

Using Latisse for 2 weeks but don't see any results. How long does it usually take? I have practically no lashes and only sparse light colored eyebrows, so does anyone else have this bad a lack of lashes? Did Latisse eventually work for you? yes it does work. But I found that if I... READ MORE

Thanks to all the MDs who answered my questions and concerns about Latisse, but especially thanx to Janet M. Neigel, MD. The question about Latisse and the estrogen blocker was my main concern. All of your answers were most helpful. The left lid now, has more eyelash hairs, than the right, but... READ MORE

I used LATISSE for a month.I had a iche eyes but I could see the result. After like three month I start to losing all the long lashes.Now my lashes is shorter than before. I called the LATTISSE customer service to report it. They told me it is normal to losing your lashes after you stop using... READ MORE

I just started using Latisse yesterday and for my schedule, I need to use it in the morning, before I apply make-up. Has anyone else done this? I'm still hoping to get the great results everyone else seems to get. Thanks! It's been almost a year now and I love love love Latisse.... READ MORE

Love it. i used Latisse first and after about 2.5 months could tell a difference in lash length and thickness. i use it on my brows too (off label) and they have filled out as well. have also used generic without any issues. latisse costs 90+, generic much less thru india pharmacy. READ MORE

I have been using latisse for a month and a half. I like having longer eyelashes but didn't really notice a huge difference. My eyes are bloodshot every day and it looks unhealthy! I just read that latisse can cause a permanent darkening of your eye color if your eyes are a light color and I... READ MORE

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