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Heard of hypotrichosis? Those who suffer from this condition of abnormal hair patterns may use the FDA-approved Latisse to grow darker, fuller eyelashes. Keep an eye out for this side effect: the drug may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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I just started using Latisse yesterday and for my schedule, I need to use it in the morning, before I apply make-up. Has anyone else done this? I'm still hoping to get the great results everyone else seems to get. Thanks! It's been almost a year now and I love love love Latisse.... READ MORE

Love it. i used Latisse first and after about 2.5 months could tell a difference in lash length and thickness. i use it on my brows too (off label) and they have filled out as well. have also used generic without any issues. latisse costs 90+, generic much less thru india pharmacy. READ MORE

I have been using latisse for a month and a half. I like having longer eyelashes but didn't really notice a huge difference. My eyes are bloodshot every day and it looks unhealthy! I just read that latisse can cause a permanent darkening of your eye color if your eyes are a light color and I... READ MORE

I went into Victoria Park, in Westmount (Montreal), and the offered me a really interesting promotion. I was able to have eyelash extensions put on after my Latisse consult (for the touchup price saving about $200) so I am going to my holiday xmas party with the results TODAY! When my lashes... READ MORE

I love it! I used it everyday for 4 weeks..I didnt really notice anything then after 4 weeks, I couldn't believe my lashes...they were fuller and seemed that they really started to grow after that! I then started using the product about everyother day, my lashes are still fantastic!! READ MORE

I read about latisse on realself and got a script at a cosmetic surgery consult. I have been using it for a few months and I LOVE IT! I have blonde thin lashes and after using Latisse they are now long, thick and dark. Before I began using this product my lashes were invisible without mascara.... READ MORE

I have been using the generic version of Latisse since April 2010. At first, it caused my eyelids to itch. I have green/brown eyes and there has been no change in eye color. I bought very small eyeliner brushes to use with the product. I put one drop in the cap of the bottle and apply across my... READ MORE

I love this stuff !! Only a small amount is neede to see results. I bought a very thin eyeliner brush and apply ONE drop in cap of the bottle. Apply it only to the base of the upper lash line. One drop is enough for both eyelashes. I have been using latisse now for 9 weeks and have seen... READ MORE

I've applied Latisse to my upper lash line for the past 4 weeks. It appears that my lashes have already lengthened, but at a cost to my overall beauty. In addition to slightly bloodshot eyes, I have dark circles around my eyes. I appear sick and tired. From the first application, my eyes... READ MORE

I was skeptical at first-expensive to have to wait a couple of months for results-but boy! am I pleased that I did! It took about 6 weeks to start seeing results-but now-about 4 months later-I have long-thick-dark-luxurious lashes-before breakfast! That's right-my lashes look great right... READ MORE

I have use Latisse for over three months now, the only side effect has been the UBNBELIEVEABLE length of my lashes! They are thick, long and dark. I also use it on my eyebrows, they have also become thicker and darker, I used it on my 71 year old mother for three weeks in Texas last month, she... READ MORE

I used to have great lashes when I was younger and they thinned out a lot as I got older. They weren't as long and thick. I tried Latisse and I am 7 weeks in and am quite amazed at the results. They are a lot longer than I have ever had and more thick. I am a skeptic but would spend the... READ MORE

I used Latisse for 4 months. I knew that the length would go away gradually, however, I had no idea my lashes would fall out. What a farce.....they get you hooked and when you stop the lashes fall out. Then the you buy more Latisse or hope to God the lashes grow back. Amazing the... READ MORE

INCREDIBLE! I am half Japanese and had short/straight lashes. I used Latisse and at month 3, my lashes were so long and thick, they would touch my eyelids when my eyes were open. My mother saw my lashes and immediately got herself Latisse. It truly works! READ MORE

I've been using Latisse for almost 8 weeks now & I've already started noticing the difference. They are longer & darker. I use less massacra now & the only thing I hope is that they get a little fuller. I will continue using Latisse as long as possible. I started applying it... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for 3 months and my lashes look amazing. I use a small eyeliner brush and the product lasts longer. I highly recommend! READ MORE

I had really thin, short almost non-existent lashes. In about 3 months (although I definitely noticed a difference much sooner), my lashes are much longer and thicker. There is a very noticeable difference and I am thrilled with it! I hear they are coming out with a version for eyebrows and... READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for 11 months. I have had no problems. Only recently have I had any redness. Maybe a little itching. Makeup covers any redness. Love it!!! Will use it as long as I can afford it. I have never had such long lashes. READ MORE

Hi it was simple to use, the product was in a small box and you use one drop but many drops came out making you buy more boxes of the Latisse. I bought over 7 boxes and was up to my 11th week and showing no results whatsoever. I contacted Latiesse once again and the response once again was it... READ MORE

I am an African American 63 year old female using latisse now for 12 weeks. I realized growth of my lashes after two weeks of use and they are continuing to grow. A friend of mine commented that I look more youthful. READ MORE

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