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Heard of hypotrichosis? Those who suffer from this condition of abnormal hair patterns may use the FDA-approved Latisse to grow darker, fuller eyelashes. Keep an eye out for this side effect: the drug may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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My dermatologist's office had a special of buy two get one free, so I bought 3 boxes. It's about 4 weeks now, and I'm really happy with the lashes that are growing in. To save some money, they recommended that I squeeze one drop into the little bottle cap, then apply the liquid... READ MORE

I used Latisse for 15 months and like many others, I LOVED my results. However, in January, I woke up with a CLUMP missing from my right eye. After reading other's postings I am finding that this is not uncommon. I realize (for those disbelievers) that lash loss is not published in... READ MORE

This is my first night using Latisse. I used on applicator per eye and it just didnt feel as if though I put enough..It didnt even burn or sting at all.. Any tips or any other kind of brush i can use?.. Also has anyone used it on lower lashes as well?.. I have very sparse lashes there..... READ MORE

Well, the good news is that the Latisse is doing it's job. The bad news is that my rebate claim that I sent over 3 weeks ago still has not been processed. This was the main reason I was able to justify purchasing this product. Now I have to turn around and drop another hundred bucks. I'm... READ MORE

I got a free sample of Latisse from my dermatologist at my last appointment and I have to say I was super skeptical and would never have tried it if it wasn't free. I'm half Chinese so my eyelashes are very sparse, short and straight. I've tried 2 other lash lengtheners, enormous... READ MORE

Just going on week 5. Am starting to see a dramatic difference in darkness of lashes and length and fullness. I had very thin sparse eyelashes and am already getting compliments. The key with Latisse is to be doctor said textbook is about 8 weeks with full results in 16 wks.I... READ MORE

I have always had long lashes but noticed them thinning as I have gotten older. Lattisse is an amazing product that keeps them lush as well as long. A miracle product! READ MORE

Everything was fine the first week, then a rash like poison ivy broke out on my forehead and cheeks. The next morning like skin around my eyes had swelled almost closed. My skin is blood red around my eyes. I have drank most of a bottle of benadryl per Dr.s orders and after two days it... READ MORE

I am seeing a difference in my eyelashes already (after 5 weeks), but I'm disgusted with the company and their Buy One/ Get One free offer they have running. I hadn't received anything and called them after a month. They said there was a problem with my form which was rectified over the... READ MORE

I was introduced to Latisse by my plastic surgeon about a year ago. I started using it and I LOVE the results! I didn't start seeing anything until about 8 weeks. But at 16 weeks people were coming up to me and complimenting my lashes! I was paying $125 until I went online and I found a... READ MORE

For the first 7 month of use I was amazed! My lashes were so long, not too much fuller, but beautiful enough to get compliments all the times. My eye lid is a little darker, but I have medium skin tone and it doesn't look bad. About a month a got I started to notice white bumps on my... READ MORE

I used to get lots of compliments on how long and thick my eyelashes were...until my mid 40's. I didn't realize that lashes and eyebrows really thin out as you get older. I started using Latisse about 2 years ago(I'm now just 50) and OMG - it really works. I get so many compliments... READ MORE

Has anyone has any side effects? I have light blue eyes and after reading other sites am somwhat hesitant. Please let me know what you think!! READ MORE

I visited Dr. C in January to see if I was a candidate for Latisse. For years I pulled out my eyelashes and I was embarassed to see someone about it. Dr. C and his staff were wonderful. I did not feel judged over my condition. I felt comfortable and well informed about the course of treatment... READ MORE

I obtained an Rx for Latisse and eagerly began the treatment. Unfortunately I decided to discontinue use at 1.5 months as I developed dark pigmentation on upper lids and lower lids (to the point that family asked if I was sick or overtired). The pigmentation is resolving since discontinuation.... READ MORE

Was given Latisse to use after an eyelift. This product will not only darken iris of your eyes, but whites of your eyes also and it is permanent. The whites of my eyes used to be white and now have a brownish tint to them and at times bloodshot. Would never,... READ MORE

I started using Latisse, then switched to Lumigan to save money. Same company (Allergan) and effective! I love Lumigan (Latisse) and highly recommend it for lash growth. READ MORE

I was hesitant at first but after 8 weeks, I could see my eye lashes were growing. I'm at 12 weeks now and they are long and thicker. READ MORE

I have been using Latisse for months now and truly enjoy the effects it provides my lashes, much longer, only complaint is the occasional dryness my eyes feel, like sand in them, but other than that, it works great! READ MORE

My lashes are short and blonde, so I was hoping for longer, darker lashes. I asked my doctor about Latisse and he gave me the prescription, cautioning me that about 1% of users will be allergic to it. After about a week of use, I noticed that my eyes were noticeably reddened and irritated.... READ MORE

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