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Generic Latisse by Sandoz (Purchased from Groupon 3ml $70.00)

After hearing so much about about Bimatoprost eyelash treatment, I decided to go for it. I saw a great deal on Groupon so I took the opportunity. I started using it late July. I used every day nightly for about the first month, then I started getting lazy & did it every other day. I did not... READ MORE

Buyer Beware, Generic (Careprost) Counterfeit

I've been using latisse for several years and LOVE it but hate the price, so I decided to try generic. I googled it and found warnings about using credit cards on foreign web pages because there had been some security issues. Since eBay uses PayPal, I decided to order it that way. I ordered 2... READ MORE

Generic Latisse- This Stuff Works! - Tampa, FL

I want to start using less makeup and I felt if my eyelashes were more pronounced then I wouldn't need mascara or eyeliner... I bought generic latisse (bimatoprost/Careprost) from All Day Chemist online for about $12/bottle. So far I've been using it 8 weeks and I can totally see the... READ MORE

Latisse. Please Be Aware of This Side Effect

I started using Latisse and I loved how my eyelashes grew dramatically, but after 8 months I started noticing that I looked weird. After reading about it, I noticed how my eyes looked sunken something that changed my look expression completely. I will never use this product again. Not worth for... READ MORE

Careprost for Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth - Canada, CA

Bought online 6 months worth (3 bottles) It comes in an eye drop bottle for $80 and $20 shipping. Came with 3 applicators. I put one drop on the top of the lid and dip my applicator in it and there is more then enough to apply to both lashes and eyebrows. It's only been one week so I decided... READ MORE

59 Years Old. I've Noticed Eyelash Loss Since Menopause

I originally tried using genetic lattise from mail in pharmacies that do not require a.prescription, it seemed to work okay, but didn't change my eyelash color or make them stronger. I finally broke down and bought the real thing thing, Latisse from a plastic surgeon. They had a special, 5ml for... READ MORE

latisse - Los Angeles, CA

I always got lash extensions but I'm sick of paying for them. LATISSE will be cheaper in the long run and look more natural. I started the treatment on the 26th so it's only been a week. The first couple of days it made my eyelids a little red but that seems to have subsided. I also put the... READ MORE

Longer Lashes Using Generic Latisse (Careprost) - Indianapolis, IN

I purchased my first bottle of generic Latisse (Careprost) in June of 2016 from canadian careprost online. I was using it daily for the first 5 or so months but now I use it twice a week to maintain growth. Progress is SLOW, so don't complain when you don't see results in a few weeks -- it took... READ MORE


After using CAREPROST for 13 weeks I was asked if I had lash extensions. I love this product and will buy for the rest of my life. I did have some side effects ( dryness, itchiness and loss of fat above my eyelids) but I'm not complaining, because I was planning to surgically remove it anyway. I... READ MORE

Trying Generic Latisse for Short Lashes

Going to try generic Latisse for my short lashes. I have read all of the side effects and reviews and will keep them in mind going forward. I'm 51, and as you can see by the photos, I may consider an upper blepharoplasty in the near future due to droopy eyelids. But having longer lashes would... READ MORE

CAREPROST Huge Lash Growth!!!

-Eyes burned, itched, puffed up for weeks - sometimes I had bald patches but that wasn't due to careprost. - the active ingredient in Latisse is the SAME as careprost. - I got it cheap online in bulk - was 100% worth it! - you will grow hair whereever you consistency put it. I have fuzzy... READ MORE

Careprost in Canada (Generic Latisse)

I had been using eyelash extensions for 5 months and after finally removing them (permanently), I realized that I had almost no eyelashes of my own to speak of! I was so upset as the reason for eyelash extensions in the first place was my inability to grow decent lashes. As a side effect of... READ MORE

careprost experience updatesss

I just bought careprost and I am going to be posting my results here if anyone is interested! I know I wanted to see everyone's story when I was deciding if I should buy. I was specifically afraid of the side effects but supposedly thy are reversible. I don't have super short lashes or anything... READ MORE

Trying Latisse!!!

I am on day 3 of Latisse so of course nothing yet, but should see some kind of results starting in 2 weeks or so and full results in 16 weeks. I purchased the kit from my PS office at my last FU appt. It was $120 for the 60 day supply but was told a way to extend it to 90 days... Put the... READ MORE

Careprost... Is It Working? - Sacramento, CA

My lashes used to be long and pretty but after wearing falsies a few times I lost my lashes to the adhesive that was used. So for the longest I've been wanting to try Latisse after coming across it on a youtube video from me googling around. Finally last month I decided to go for it but didn't... READ MORE

Tried Bimatoprost from REPUTABLE Pharmacy in Mexico... Had Horrible Reaction

So, we actually own a home in Mexico and have many reliable pharmacies there to choose from. We made a trip down there recently and stopped at the pharmacy. We retrieved other medications but I thought i'd try the Bimatoprost which is the ingredient in Latisse. I was shocked to see a clear... READ MORE

Careprost (Generic Latisse) for Longer Eyelashes - Perrysburg, OH

I don't really have an insecurity with my lashes to begin with, but I definitely wouldn't mind having longer lashes, why not? Long lashes are beautiful! After doing some research, I decided to purchase a bottle of Careprost, which cost me $30 total (including shipping) instead of $160 which is... READ MORE

After 4 Years of Use...

I had great results with latisse, and was using it for almost 4 years. I started to notice my eyes were consistently getting darker and more sunken about 6 months ago. I'm not sure why I didn't have these side effects from the beginning. Unfortunately, I had to stop using it. It's been about a... READ MORE

Latisse is Giving Me Gorgeous Lashes and Filling in Brows! - Ohio, OH

I ordered name brand Latisse at the beginning of June in 2016, so I have been using it for about 9 weeks. It says on most reviews that it takes around 12-16 weeks for results to show but I saw significant results in only 7 weeks, which was really exciting. My lashes continue to grow! I... READ MORE

Have Orbital Fat Loss After 6 Mo of off and on Use- Horrified!!

After six months of often on you so I have the orbital fat loss – so upset! It happen so gradually I really didn't understand what was going on until I read about other people's experiences on this blog and look at their pictures. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping so much that the fat will r... READ MORE

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