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Heard of hypotrichosis? Those who suffer from this condition of abnormal hair patterns may use the FDA-approved Latisse to grow darker, fuller eyelashes. Keep an eye out for this side effect: the drug may cause permanent changes to eye color. LEARN MORE ›

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I have fairly long lashes but I wish they were darker. Mascara is the only makeup I really wear and I think it makes a huge difference in my appearance. I'm a really active person so I have a hard time wearing mascara every day because I end up sweating and it gets all over the place,... READ MORE

My natural eyelashes are kinda short. I have been getting extentions but I find the glue irritates my eyes. I thought I would give latisse a try to see how it compares. I picked some up a few days ago. I saw the directions for application and watched a few YouTube videos. After following the... READ MORE

Im 37 yrs old going on 38. I went in for a dermapen session (4th session for day 1 pic. You can still see the line). Day 10 - jan 2. Still there but less obvious. I also started latisse on the 24th and you can see a little fullness on day 10. I have acne scars / indents on my cheeks. My skin... READ MORE

I'm 34 years old and started using Latisse about a year ago to have thicker lashes and brows. The results were great for lashes and brows after a few weeks only. I noticed a few weeks into it that my brow bone became more prominent and I felt it more. I didn't really see that as an issue though... READ MORE

After six months of often on you so I have the orbital fat loss – so upset! It happen so gradually I really didn't understand what was going on until I read about other people's experiences on this blog and look at their pictures. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping so much that the fat will... READ MORE

I remember reading up on countless reviews when I was first looking into this product, to see if it actually worked. I ended up buying it and it was well worth the money! I found it took about 2 months to really notice results. They become longer AND thicker. I now only have to apply 2-3 times... READ MORE

I decided I am finally done with bold spaces on my eyebrows and short eyelashes. Wearing false eyelashes and dealing with removing glue - its a huge pain. After I took off my eyelash extensions, there were only stabs left. I honestly was crying when I saw my eyelashes without extensions.... READ MORE

Latisse did everything that it promised! I was a participant in a medical study for a new line of contacts, and before the study finished, I was alerted to stop using the product and that the FDA wasn't going to approve the product. As a result I suffered severe scratching on my cornea and lost... READ MORE

At 55 years old, my eyelashes were becoming very thin. I started Latisse a few years ago and it works very well. I discovered I could make the bottle last longer after the initial 6 months, by using it every other day. After a time, I stretched it to 3 days a week and still have nice eyelash... READ MORE

Hi all , a year ago i noticed my eyelashes were thin and short , in the past i had much longer and thicker lashes , i searched online and watched videos on youtube and i found many talking about Latisse, well i could not find it where i live , but i found the same thing and much cheaper called... READ MORE

Legally blind because this was used in my eyelashes for 3 years. I have corneal dystrophy in both eyes and legally blind. Do not buy this product. Many doctors will not even sell it. This drug was first used treating glaucoma but druggists suddenly realized it made eyelashes longer. I am now a... READ MORE

I used Latisse for 3 years and just quit two weeks ago. I loved the amazing lashes it gave me. They were like Bambi lashes (still are, but I'm fully expecting that to go away soon). However, I started noticing about a year ago that my eyes were looking different. They looked tired and older -... READ MORE

Looking forward to having long lush lashes with no mascara. I'm Only on day 4 but I'm excited. I haven't experienced any itchin or redness of my eyes so far. I purchased the 5ml kit with brushes. My doctor told me I will last me over 3 months. She also sai once my lashes have reached a length... READ MORE

Hello Everyone :) I'm a 42 year old female who had very short, thin eyelashes and brows. My Doc, in her 60's talked to me about Latisse - she uses it herself. She has had no patients with serious side effects. I found the cost too much for extended use so decided to try Careprost - Pics... READ MORE

I've just started using Revitalash and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts to share with me... I can't wait to see the results. I have very small eyelashes and a friend has recommended Revitalash for me. I've been using for a week now and didn't get any burning sensation so I assume it's... READ MORE

My motive is to feel about a wreck I was in. Dr Thompson always make feel so much better with his words and his ideas.. If you are considering Dr Thompson as your Dr Do not Hesitate ???????????? All the girls in the office makes you very as important as the last... They consult with you before... READ MORE

I have used latesse over the last year and a half. I noticed my eyes looking very hollow and couldn't figure out why. I thought I was rapidly aging in one year until I stumbled on articles about Latesse causing this to happen. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, did you ever go back to... READ MORE

I was told the best results are after 4 months but am seeing some fullness in a month. I only realized things had improved when I ran my hands over my eyes and felt the difference in the lashes Love the results from this product .  READ MORE

I got lumigan 3 percent (same as Latisse) to help my lashes recover from extensions. I used one tiny drop in the lid and used a fine eyeliner brush to apply it at the base of upper lashes only. I used it 3 times a week for 6 weeks. After 5 weeks, I noticed a red purplish tinge along the lash... READ MORE

Wanted to try this as I had relatively short lashes, though relatively full. My lashes were blonde at tips, so mascara necessary to even see them. I started using Latisse June 5, 2015 and have been faithfully using just about every night since then, only missing about 5 nights. The results are... READ MORE

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