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Treament for undereye bags may range from cold compresses to invasive surgery. Those who don't want to undergo a lower eyelid surgery may opt for fat transfer or injectable fillers, which can restore a youthful appearance by blending the eye bag with the upper cheek. LEARN MORE ›

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Given my background, we were pretty much taught against cosmetic changes and to be satisfied with the image you were born with. That is all good and well, however; my face always looked older because I had dark circles and bags even as a child. I called them my raccoon eyes and hated to look... READ MORE

I've always struggled with eye bags since my early 20's. The older I got, the more difficult it was to hide them. I was also tired of people asking me if I was sick or, commenting on how I looked like I needed sleep when I felt my best. How I wish I would have found Dr. Nayak earlier in life!... READ MORE

34 years old Had this surgery done with another surgery it was painless. Easy bruising lasted a week not a big deal has healed up great and taken 5-7 years off me. I always struggled with extra skin on my lids and bad bags. So thankful for this surgery. After care is key with all surgeries so... READ MORE

I had lower eye surgery back on October 2013 since the fat around my eyes was visibly showing. After the surgery, I seemed to like it for about 2 months but then I noticed that too much fat had been removed from one eye. So last February 24, 2015, I had Esthelis injected to my tear through. It... READ MORE

Dr. Lee is an immaculate professional and I'm extremely happy with the results! From start to finish, Dr. Lee's professionalism, kindness, attention to detail, and availability helped me feel at ease and confident the procedure would meet my expectations. From the office staff to the billing... READ MORE

I've been tired of seeing people's surprise faces when they hear how old I am. It was pretty embarrassing and discouraging when people think I am joking on my age. People think I am well over 40 even in my early 30's. I did not get a chance or not even realize what the problem is on my face. ... READ MORE

I volunteered in my granddaughter's class on the 100th day of kindergarten. After the 100 pennies in a dollar discussion, the teacher showed photos of people who were 100 and asked how people changed with age. A little boy turned to me and asked, "How do you get all those wrinkles?" I knew it... READ MORE

I cannot express how happy I am with this procedure. I am 30 female Caucasian with Lebanese heritage. I suffered since birth from deep hollow under eye bags. The year troughs were just getting deeper as I aged and I needed to so something about it. I got 2 vials of restylane injections in my... READ MORE

My surgery included fat grafting ,su ciliary lower Blenheim, skin muscle flap, fat pod reduction in cheek by ne area, lower lid shortening,canthopexy,orabicolavis suspension and fat aspiration. Before deciding on the surgeon for my surgery I visited another plastic surgeon.Although the price... READ MORE

I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time on RealSelf. When you’re considering a physician to alter one or more of the most prominent parts of your body in someway, you have to do serious research. In researching someone who specializes in the treatment of under eye bags, I came a... READ MORE

I'm a happy, healthy and active 50, but these eye bags say I'm tired and sad. At least once a day someone will ask me if I'm tired and after laughing to the point of tears ... my eyes look like unopened walnuts. I love that I look so much like my family and that to remain. I want to look like... READ MORE

Dr Jeffrey Nerad did surgery on my daughter in law when she suffered from Grave's disease. How lucky was I to find him. I needed a double eye lift surgery, but after much discussion Ialso opted for an endoscopic brow lift and CO2 resurfacing laser for wrinkles and age spots. My recovery was easy... READ MORE

About me: I am in my late 30s and had a bag under one eye. I spent endless hours researching how to get rid of the bag permanently and was lucky enough to ultimately find myself in Dr. Korn’s office. If you’ve found my review and you are serious about a permanent procedure to remove eye bag... READ MORE

-This post is just a huge amount of background and feelings, I haven't booked anything yet and so there's a possibility it may not happen but here's my journey.- I'm 19, Plastic surgery, surgery virgin Looking into getting a tranjunctival lower eyelid surgery. I don't have extra skin under my... READ MORE

I have been obsessing over my lower lid eye bags for several years. My mom told me how my dad had them but traditional lower blepharoplasty made him look worst when he did it. My aunt also had her lower lids done and regretfully looks worst after surgery as well. In the day of fillers and... READ MORE

I look 28 except for around my eyes. Thanks to Dr. Dean Kane I now look 28 instead of my age, which is 48. I love taking selfies and posting pictures on Facebook and now, since I'm very much more comfortable with my eyes I don't have to hold my head in certain positions to hide the bags I can... READ MORE

The bags made me look older than i felt. Looking in the mirror each day made me so depressed. I tried every eye cream/concealer and nothing helped until I contacted Complete laser clinic and met with Dr.Hamel who is the best. He made me feel comfortable. I was wide awake the entire time and felt... READ MORE

After years of being asked "are you tired?" I finally decided to be proactive in treating my under eye circles. I scheduled a consult with DR. Turner for lower Blepharoplasty and possibly fillers. Upon arrival we met discussed my cosmetic issues and he gave his advice but was not pushy and left... READ MORE

After becoming increasingly conscious of the hollows/shadows around the tear trough area, I Decided to go ahead with treatment (with fillers) I decided to start with 1.0ml Perlayne as I was briefed about swelling and had work the next day, therefore I decided to play it safe. The treatment was... READ MORE

I can not say enough how happy I am that I decided to go to Dr. Scheiner to have my eye bags and dark circles removed. The outcome is even better than I ever expected. Dr Scheiner described to me in detail would the procedure would involve and the expected amount of time needed for healing. If... READ MORE

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