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To get rid of swelling and puffiness around the eyes, treatments range from sliced cucumbers to surgery. Don’t worry, though. As bad as they may look, under eye bags rarely mean something more serious is wrong. LEARN MORE › Choosing a doctor? Ask 20 essential questions

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The past year, I've aged a lot. Mostly under my eyes. After a bad breakup & turning 30, I just looked tired and sad all the time. I've been nervous to get injectables under my eyes, but after extensive research I decided to go back to Dr. John Connors office to have the procedure done.... READ MORE

So for the past 4 years I have been struggling with lower eye bags. In this social media day in age photos are a daily part of our life, but not mine. I hate photos merely for the fact that they remind me of how bad my eye bags have become. I dread hearing that comment " you look so tired". I... READ MORE

I should probably wait until AFTER my surgery to start this review, but I can't imagine choosing a better doctor. It's our faces - right? We must be careful! We want to look like ourselves, but the best version possible. I went to see three doctors - including an ocular facial plastic surgeon.... READ MORE

How blessed am I to be writing a review on the success of my surgery! Doctor Bobby Korn is a gift from God! I found him with intense research and am a complete success story! I was in a very dark place in my life when my thyroid was wreaking havoc with my eyes! I have Thyroid eye disease and was... READ MORE

I am a 52 year old female, I tried all types of creams and serums to help me with the puffiness in my eyes, but nothing helped. It didn't matter how many hours I slept I always looked tired. I decided to do something about it, I read many reviews on this site, I spoke to people who had this... READ MORE

I have low self esteem and have struggled with my appearance/aging for several years now as I feel I look so much older than my age. I've always focused on my emerging wrinkles, uneven tone etc, but over the Christmas holidays I noticed how baggy my eyes were and now i can't seem to look in the... READ MORE

My whole family on my mothers side has extremely bad puffy, loose skin, dark circles. My younger sister started developing them in her early twenties, while mine started at 30. These last 9 years they have gotten progressively worse. I look pretty young for my age other than this "extra baggage"... READ MORE

I had a lower bleph done on Friday and so I will continue to post pics and updates as It has only been a few days. I have always had extreme bags under my eyes from the time I was a child. At 16 my mother took me to a dermatologist who told me no creams would help, I'd need surgery. Well that... READ MORE

As you can see in the pics, DR. Eviatar destroyed my face. it is now 2 weeks after i last saw him and i still cant completely open my right eye. i also cant fully open my mouth. i am in a lot of pain all day long. i am currently seeing 2 different specialists to correct what he did to me. it... READ MORE

I'm going in this Friday for a lower eye lift. The fat bags have doubled in the last 6 months. I was hoping for a full lower and upper but the Dr. Advised against it for now. I'll post a before and sometime next week an after :) I was pleasantly shocked at the price. After 6 consultations... READ MORE

Hey everyone, this site is so great and after reading all the positive results, it helped me with my procedures so I wanted to give my opinion to help others thinking about doing something. I am 41 years old and have fat bags since about 27-28 years old. So nearly 15 years of you "look tired" to... READ MORE

I started to notice the bags under my eyes in my early 40's (I'm 47 now)- and I became self-conscious of it when I would see myself in pictures. I drink a lot of green juice and water, and I use great skincare, but the bags, specifically the bag under my left eye was pretty bad. I had a neck... READ MORE

I had very bad bags under my eyes and had given a lot of thought to this operation. I had no self confidence with the way I looked. I am so happy with the out come of the surgery. The surgeon explained how he would make a cut just under the eye lashes and that there maybe some bruising and... READ MORE

Hello I had blepharoplasty on my lower lid I'm 30 years old 5. 6 In height I am 173 pounds I am now 24 hours post op. And have provided before and after pictures of surgery I don't know what the outcome is yet its still swollen but I feel no pain. I will keep y'all posted on more pictures as a... READ MORE

I usually don't write reviews but I felt the need to share for those who may be on the fence with obtaining under eye bag removal surgery. I've went back and forth for years on whether or not to go through it and I finally obtained the courage to do so a few month ago. After meeting Dr.... READ MORE

Given my background, we were pretty much taught against cosmetic changes and to be satisfied with the image you were born with. That is all good and well, however; my face always looked older because I had dark circles and bags even as a child. I called them my raccoon eyes and hated to look... READ MORE

I've always struggled with eye bags since my early 20's. The older I got, the more difficult it was to hide them. I was also tired of people asking me if I was sick or, commenting on how I looked like I needed sleep when I felt my best. How I wish I would have found Dr. Nayak earlier in life!... READ MORE

34 years old Had this surgery done with another surgery it was painless. Easy bruising lasted a week not a big deal has healed up great and taken 5-7 years off me. I always struggled with extra skin on my lids and bad bags. So thankful for this surgery. After care is key with all surgeries so... READ MORE

I had lower eye surgery back on October 2013 since the fat around my eyes was visibly showing. After the surgery, I seemed to like it for about 2 months but then I noticed that too much fat had been removed from one eye. So last February 24, 2015, I had Esthelis injected to my tear through. It... READ MORE

Dr. Lee is an immaculate professional and I'm extremely happy with the results! From start to finish, Dr. Lee's professionalism, kindness, attention to detail, and availability helped me feel at ease and confident the procedure would meet my expectations. From the office staff to the billing... READ MORE

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