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Chin surgery (genioplasty) can change the shape, height, or size of the chin. Chin implants are the most common type of chin surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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Chin Reduction

My entire life i was so insecure about my prominent chin, especially when i smiled . I always hated my profile. Ive always desired a more feminine chin . After months of research and consultations finally today is the day i will make the change I've always wanted. Im nervous but excited to see... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty, Submental Liposuction, Buccal Fat Pad Removal- Improve Profile & Jawline/double Chin

I naturally have chubby cheeks, a receded chin, and very weak jawline. At 23 years old, this not only makes me look younger, but it also gives me a double chin majority of the time, regardless of being in shape (5'6, small frame, 125-130lbs). Every photo taken of me (unless it was a selfie taken... READ MORE

Finally Doing Something About my Weak Chin - Netherlands

I am a 36 yr old mixed race woman living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I wanted jaw surgery 10 yrs ago but my insurance company didn't want to cover the costs because they said that my overbite wasn't bad enough. I have tried to accept how I look but I feel like I would feel much more confident... READ MORE

27 Years Mother of Three - South Korea, KR

I did jaw contouring at BK hospital and was very happy how doctors did amazing job they make me look like doll heir we are I came again to do chin reduction and revision rhinoplasty and love the result tnx BK for making me even prettier .I will post pics day by day,so happy I choose BK clinic... READ MORE

So Happy with Results - Chevy Chase, MD

I had my some of the muscle under my chin removed and liposuction in the chin and neck area. I stayed awoke for this procedure I didn't opt to go under anesthesia. I had it done 3 days ago, and I'm very happy with my results thus far. It gives me a much younger look. I did it as preventative... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty - Dallas, TX

I'm a bit nervous but very excited for surgery next week. Recessed Chins is hereditary in my family, as well as the big nose. I actually feel good about my looks, but just want refinement, especially in the chin area. I'm thin and fit, but I still have a double chin when i smile or look down. I... READ MORE

1 Month Post Op Chin Reduction, Concerned About Swelling and Look, Need Advice

Basically i had work done to my face about 4 weeks ago, i had a lip lift, a chin reduction and some lipofilling to my upper lip and nasolabial folds. Of course i understand that i should still be swollen but i feel like it is just getting worse. Its not so much the chin itself that is swollen,... READ MORE

Long Desired Chin Reduction and Lipo

I've always had a long oval face which I wasn't a huge fan of, but 5yrs ago I was bumped from behind while on ice and my feet slipped out from under me and my chin broke my fall on an extremely hard floor. I was thankful I still had teeth! Over the years lumpy scar tissue formed making my chin... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Surgery -- Review

My chin has always been slightly long; not crazy or distractingly so, but enough to annoy me. After several years I finally decided to jump in and have surgery, and found a maxillofacial surgeon who does many chin reduction surgeries. Although I never thought about my profile, during my... READ MORE

genioplasty, cheek implant and buccal fat removal

I have always wanted a slimmer face that was more defined but was scared because I have read so many negative reviews from so many different people. Of course I read positive ones but people tend to remember more of the bad then the good. Anyways, I talked to probably 4 facial surgeons and am so... READ MORE

Jawbone Surgery 3 Areas Lipo Cheek Implants Buccal Fat Removal Upper Nas Filled to Get Rid of Duck "Swing" Lip - Vancouver, BC

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Wittenberg in Vancouver Canada. We may for 4 hours the day before going over things and his plans for my face. He knew I wanted prominent cheek bones (without making my face look chubby), a squared chin, with a strong jaw going back to my ear. I did want to... READ MORE

South Korea Plastic Surgery - V Line Surgery - chin revision, zygoma, jaw reduction

I am a mixed (black & white) 38 year old female that's starting to show signs of aging. I have had a few of surgeries with the "best plastic surgeons in Atlanta" . The best plastic surgeons in Atlanta gave me a crooked chin implant (really due to my underlying anatomy but Hell if ur "the... READ MORE

Chin Implant Removal! Beverly Hills, CA

I've always had a weak chin. Several docs had mentioned I was a good candidate for a chin implant and I've had people state that I have a weak chin or "no chin". So I decided I would bite the bullet and get the chin implant, I remember stating that I didn't want the implant lengthening my chin... READ MORE

Custom Wrap Around Jaw Implant, Buccal Lipectomy with Lipo, and Submentoplasty - Indianapolis, IN

Hello, it's been almost a year since I had multiple procedures performed on my lower face and jaw. I am not one for social media however I felt I would post my surgery experience as a form of payback since other reviews on real self assisted me so much in making my own choice to proceed. ... READ MORE

Very Happy That I Choose Genioplasty. Belgium, BE

I never liked my profile! Since forever! A friend of mine has a friend who is a doctor and did her internship with Dr Nasser Nadjimi! He is the best!!! I didn't want something strange in my face like a chin implant! Now It is my own face, my own bone! I am very happy with the result! No pain... READ MORE

Double chin /neck lift

I am 3 weeks post op. I am feeling worse that I was post op. Still swollen, bruised and numb. Hard to tell if it looks amazing. Get my stitches out tomorrow. Most are behind my ears and into my scalp. I have always had a large double chin no matter my weight. I have taken pictures with good... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty by Dr. Jamali - New York, NY

I've always been self conscious with my weak jawline and recessed chin. I went to many Doctors seeking a change. Most recommend jaw surgery, but it was too much for me. I was not unhappy with the way I looked, I just wanted a chin like everyone else. So I did some research on sliding genioplasty... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Mandible Contour Facial Feminization - Jupiter, FL

It's been 5 months since doc and his team worked on my chin to make it beautiful and lovely and it is totally beautiful and lovely. and just as importantly, all interactions leading up to Operation Day were understanding, patient, appropriately empathetic without cooing me or not being real... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Male W Weak Chin - Atlanta, GA

I love it! Very happy with the results. I have a bad underbite and a weak chin. I would say if you want the quick fix, then go with chin implant. Mine is the sliding genioplasty, moved 7 mm. Doesn't correct the bad bite obviously, but aesthetically it looks almost perfect. (perfection being a... READ MORE

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