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Best Chemical Peel - Apeele Peel (Watch What Happens in 7 Days) - Hermosa Beach, CA

I opted for Apeele peel instead of Fraxel Laser due to the pain factor. Day 1 of the Apeele Peel- Only stung a little on the second pass as she was applying it to my skin. It had a more stinging effect and was easily controlled by fanning myself. The pictures don't sure the actual color- I am... READ MORE

Prestige Peel - Punta Gorda, FL

I am day 4 post having a prestige peel. I was skeptical at first that this peel would be more than the flaking that I have had from glygolic peels, but, this is designed to be a medium peel, and so far, I would say they are not kidding. I had the peel Monday afternoon. I didn't find it that... READ MORE

37 YO Needing a New Surface - Houston, TX

I decided to do a little spring cleaning ... on my face! So, i went in for my first chemical peel. I can tell you that I was so nervous I could have thrown up. :) Yes, i have had 2 procedures from TPS, but that was on my body.. you can hide your body, not your face. So, yes, I was extremely... READ MORE

53 Year Old Female, One Child - Encinitas, CA

I asked my doctor (dermo) what to do about the freckling which was sun damage on my face. I also had a decent amount of fine lines. I am very healthy, exercise heavily, keep my self in shape, etc. She did a deep peel with a combination of Jessners/TCA which is usually only mild to medium but she... READ MORE

Amazing Peel Removes Years of Sun Damage - Buffalo, NY

After 46 years of sun damage my skin was full and spotted. I had awful wrinkles that were becoming deep. I was eXTREMELY SWOLLEN for approx a week and had some blister from picking (my bad- Do NOT touch your face) but they healed well despite my worries. it was worth every moment. post treatment... READ MORE

The Perfect Derma Peel - Gulf Breeze, FL

I had the peel done yesterday... There was no discomfort ... Product has to be on for 6 hrs .. Your given instructions and given a take home after care kit .. I was given a little thing gentle cleanser to was w too... I washed my face late at night.. Gently pay my face dry than applied the first... READ MORE

42 Yo African American with Very Dark Skin. Savannah, GA

I've taken birth control for >20 yrs and suffer from melasma, uneven skin tone, sallow looking skin and even acne at my age. Was interested in cosmelan pel. However, the closest spa that offered it was atleast 3-3 1/2 hrs from my home. Trying to schedule an appointment on the days I was off and... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel Worked Much Better for Me Than the Stronger VI Peel, Perrysburg, OH

I had a VI peel earlier this year and wrote a negative review of that because it did not make my skin peel or produce results in making my skin any better. It was like my skin was immune to any effects of it. However, as fall approached and my skin suddenly turned terrible with adult acne, I... READ MORE

Day and a Half Until Full Face Chemical Peel!! Leawood, KS

Having my face "done" on Monday. I am very excited to be finally having this procedure. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I developed very bad, persistent acne in high school, and grew up at a time when there were really no serious treatment options. The scar redness had faded a... READ MORE

Temple/Malar Tightening with Lower Lid Chemical Peel - New Albany, IN

I really like this procedure.I work in the entertainment industry so I am hypercritical about my face. I had this procedure several years ago.I like the mix of tightening and peeling as it staves off a full face lift for a few years. I have had numerous procedures on my face over the years, so I... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Aging Skin, Hyper Pigmentation, New York City, NY

I had a series of 6 mild chemical peels along with microdermabrasion (1x a month over 6 months) to fade dark scars from acne. Prior to my peels I didn't take care of my skin at all and experienced hormonal breakouts every month. I am really happy with my results. I can now leave the house... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel by Skinmedica

I tried the Vitalize Peel for the first time today. I've had photo facials in the past to reverse sun damage, but wanted to see how a chemical peel would do. It's just the start of Fall and I was not diligent with my sunscreen over the summer, so I have developed some new damage. It's day one,... READ MORE

23 Year Old with Post-Accutane Sun Damage. Highland, CA

I took Accutane for a little over 5 years total and didn't protect my skin well from the sun (you're skin is VERY sensitive while on the medication) and as a result I have a lot of "freckles" from various sun exposures. I finally got a chemical peel on 09/11/15 in hopes that it wold fade the... READ MORE

26 with Acne - Durham, NC

Ever since the age of 13 I've suffered from bipolar acne. (Some months it's good, some it's great, and then horrible) this led to having a clear face and then dark marks. I've tried it all even Kojic acid soap which did lighten my face but after you stop its back to same old same old. I started... READ MORE

The Perfect Peel is Amazing! - Peachtree City, GA

I've struggled with acne scars, as well as hyperpigmentation for about 5 years now. I have had multiple procedures done. Procedures include Fraxel Laser, Sublative Laser, Microdermabrasions as well as Dermal Fillers. I got my first chemical peel ( The Perfect Peel) on Monday & my skin has... READ MORE

2ND Chance - St. Petersburg, FL

Hello all! I wanted to make sure Dr. Kass of St. Petersburg got the review he deserves. WOW! He has changed my life and given me a second chance. I was very self conscience of my fine "smokers lines" above my upper lip. Yes, due to sun tanning in the 90"s and drinking and smoking in my younger... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Two Kids, Outdoors a Lot - Westfield, NJ

I have had blotchy skin that has changed as my hormones have changed since my 20s. Only worsened w pregnancies and age. Heard good things about the results so I have decided to try it out..... Have been on products for a few weeks and have only had one peel so far. The peel did not cause any... READ MORE

Beta Peel for Melasma/sun Damage. Edmonton, AB

I am starting a series of beta peel treatments to try and get rid of dark spots on my face. I'm also using a tretinoid(sp?) cream and hydroquonine cream with Kojic mixed in. I originally tried ipl at a spa. Bad idea as it made it worse. Then I went to dermatoligist. Absolutely no improvement... READ MORE

Almost 2 Years of Rash/bumps - San Diego, CA

Hi. I've been to two dermatologists and neither medicines prescribed worked. I'm now contemplating a chemical peel but I'm skeptical on whether or not it'll work to remove what is going on underneath my eyebrow. It's been nearly two years and nothing has yet worked for me Can you help? I'm... READ MORE

51 Years Old - Westfield, NJ

I had My first SkinMedica chemical peel in Feb at the practice of Dr.Burnett after having other procedures done at his office. Hoping to target my brown spots, enlarged pores n wrinkles it has exceeded my expectations. I have people telling me I look younger n that my complexion is flawless.... READ MORE

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