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Cheek augmentations aim to fill out sunken cheeks and change the contour of the face. Some add synthetic implants while others use injectable fillers or fat transfers for a more rounded appearance. LEARN MORE â€º

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Ok, its raining outside, nothing to thats why im writing this review. Im taking a break from Youtube....ok, so....I had these done last year, new years eve. Im somewhat satisfied with results but...I feel as if they are too small and he even agreed when I went back to discuss it with him... READ MORE

I was so excited before the cheek implant surgery. I had seen other girls' reviews. They all looked better in their after photos. I thought I would too. I got medium terino malar shells under local with no sedation. At first, for about 1 month post op, I looked great. I was still swollen... READ MORE

I'm updating my profile. I had cheek implant surgery with Dr. Yaremchuk in 2011 and got MUCH more than I bargained for. I got implants around my eyes, in my temples, under my eyes, malars, para nasals and sub malars. I had two revision surgeries with Dr. Yaremchuk after his initial surgery and I... READ MORE

Hi I'm a 25 year old girl who had a asymmetric face due to (a broken condyle when I was seven month old) And after consulting a maxilofacial surgeon I decided to have the multiple surgeries he said he can do to make my face what I wanted Being a medical intern and not using my knowledge and... READ MORE

Ok, so obviously I had cheeks prior to this procedure, but they were quite flat and shapeless, especially on the right side. I had either Juvederme or Perlane injected into both cheeks in December 2013 (0.8ml in the left and 1.2ml in the right) but once the swelling went down in a week or so, I... READ MORE

I'm nowhere near able to give specifics on this procedure yet I just want to start by saying the recovery is way longer then anyone told me or I read. I made the decision to have implants as I was told that or facelift would help with the volume loss and sagging of my cheeks. I figured a... READ MORE

I have had filler for my cheeks and liked the results. The problem was that the filler did not last very long. I looked into cheek implants. I had done a lot of research on cheek augmentation with mixed reviews. It appears that there is a significant skill impact. Finally, I found a... READ MORE

Years of wasting had sunken in my face in. I wanted to bring fullness back with cheek augmentation. Also I had some permanent filler (Bio-Alcamid) injected into my cheeks about 6 years ago by a doctor in Canada and that had pooled and sagged in the last few years. I wanted to have some filler... READ MORE

I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants 5 months ago. After cheek implants I have following problems: • I can’t smile and laugh normally; when I smile I look like a chipmunk • The corners of my mouth drooped (upper lip changes smaller) • Implants are imbalance, right side is higher ... READ MORE

For years I've been dissatisfied with my lack of cheekbone structure, one that both my mom and sister were blessed with. I also have an abnormal amount of fat around my cheeks and chin, so no matter how lean I get, my face persists with a baby-like" feature. I sought my doctor to visit options... READ MORE

Ok ladies, when I tell you I'm the pickiest, most meticulous person on the planet when it comes to my skin and face, it's not an understatement! With extensive research and consults I decided to go with Dr. Kolstad for my facial fat transfer procedure. I informed him that I struggle with melasma... READ MORE

I just had cheek filler and undereye filler along with botox around eye area. Afterward i put on some makeup in one of his treatment rooms, and met my BF for lunch!. Talk about lunchtime lift! I look great! As always! Thx It is three days since my treatment and looking great! I have the... READ MORE

Stay Away - Thoughtless and dangerous surgeon Dr. Thomas Evens (AKA Dr. T. William Evans) left me permanently disfigured and damaged after a botched chin and check implant that had to be removed. I am now unable to fully close my mouth as he failed to reattach the mentalis muscle and am unable... READ MORE

I have been researching cosmetic plastic surgery since I was in my teens. I had a very undeveloped chin the recession was 8mm's this interfered with my bite. Often when I bit down to chew my food I would bite painfully hard into my cheeks and also I might have grinded my back teeth a bit in my... READ MORE

My problem is droopy jowls by my cheeks and jawline, one side is more flaccid than the other, and I fine lines on my face around the side of my nose and around my mouth. I went to see Dr. Papantoniou, and she explained everything in detail and with such affinity and sweetness, and... READ MORE

Hello everyone!! I have stalked this site looking for answers to all surgeries questions. Now I have had my own experience to share. My procedures were on 10-6 and I had a septorhinoplasty along with cheek implants. I've wanted a rhinoplasty since about 6th grade when I started getting teased.... READ MORE

I haven't always had good experiences with practitioners who use facial fillers and was naturally nervous when it came to finding someone I could trust. I had read good reviews about Dr Papageorgiou and decided to make an enquiry. It wasn't the only enquiry I made but someone got back to me... READ MORE

Hello real self users ! I was scheduled on the 10th of Feb for cheeks augmentation with Dr. George Bitar ! Where do I start ! Dr. Bitar is a true artist with gifted hands and magical techniques ! From the moment he walks in the office to the beginning of the procedure I was resting in comfort... READ MORE

M history with Dr. Shah goes back to 2004 when he did a complete face lift. He made me look like a better version of myself. The following 3 years found me in Denver twice for liposuction on my flanks and replacement of my breast implants. In all cases I found Dr. Shah to be a thorough and... READ MORE

After I had my second daughter in June I felt like I looked so drained all the time. I had a few consultations with doctors and they all said the same thing "You need fat injections in your cheeks and while we do that we could put some in your lips" At first it sounded like the only way to go... READ MORE

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How much does Cheek Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for Cheek Augmentation ranges from $240-$9,750 with an average cost of $3,750. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 111 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more