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Cheek augmentations aim to fill out sunken cheeks and change the contour of the face. Some add synthetic implants while others use injectable fillers or fat transfers for a more rounded appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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I had a cheek, Chin&core-jowl and permalip done today. I am swollen beyond belief but already see a nice shape! My chin is perfect ???? I will continue to update so in hopes I help others who want to see multi procedures (only one time healing!!) so glad I did this and look forward to... READ MORE

I had tired looking eyes as you can see in pic, in fact the pre op pic was one of my best angles pre op. I also had small bags some days. I noticed them about 2 years ago and have a frustrated me since. I thought I needed a lower trans bleph. Went to see mr Mellor at spire Portsmouth hospital... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I was born with a really flat face that had significant asymmetry and I've had some unsuccessful surgery with non-customized implants and fat injections. I had no idea that custom implants even existed up until a few years ago and then I'd already undergone surgery. Correcting a... READ MORE

I have done malaroplastic with medpor implants 2 months ago. I had some kind of upper malar hypoplasia connected to third class malocclusion. I was operated for third class upper ane lower jaw surgery 3 years ago; result was good but being in a public hospital (italian) they could solve only the... READ MORE

I'm compelled to share this with those of you considering a cheek augmentation surgery to provide you with another case example to help make your decision. Today I sit on Day 15 post-surgery. The best way I can describe my situation at the moment is this-- it's like having a brand new car in the... READ MORE

I want to preface this review by saying I originally made a Pre-Op review in advance a few months ago when I scheduled the surgery. At that time I received so many negative and discouraging comments I asked the realself team to graciously rescind the post. If you're against plastic surgery or... READ MORE

Originally I had messaged Dr. Alter to get a price quote for facial surgery, I had seen him on Dr. 90210 and was please with the before and afters. I was directed by Dr. Alter to Dr. Harrison Lee (his colleague, also appeared on Dr. 90210) Dr. Lee gave me a price quote and surgeries he thought I... READ MORE

I want to maintain a full round cheek for a more youthful and pleasant appearance and Dr. Palmer is the best. He knows how to just apply a subtle amount of Perlane in the right places to round the cheeks without obscuring your natural bone structure and giving you a puffy look. It was... READ MORE

I had temporary fillers a couple years ago and it looked great and so now I'm going to permanent route. My doctor is great and I love him so I have high expectations. I'm not really nervous because this is not the first procedure that I've had and all of them have went pretty well so looking... READ MORE

I drove down to Tijuana Mexico to get my cheeks done. I was TERRIFIED. But the procedure costed a fraction of the price than doing it here in California. I ended up getting so lost and in come scary situations!! I arrived 2 hours late to my appointment. The doctor was nice, and the office... READ MORE

Cheek implants 19 days ago, I'm beginning to notice new pain and symptoms I have not felt before now. Doctor placed small cheek implant on right cheek and medium on left he said due to the fact that I was asymmetrical. Is something wrong with my cheek implants? Could the left one have shifted... READ MORE

The care and results I received were OUTSTANDING. I asked for a BIG change and that's what I got--only it still looks natural. It's only been a little over a month since the procedure but I already feel more confident. I can not recommend the doctor highly enough for anyone looking for a big... READ MORE

I've always been fit and slim however my face has always looked the opposite due to weak facial bones. I had a few consultations with the amazing Dr. Bryan Mendelson, we decided to strengthen the brow, cheek bones and jaw line with a miracle substance called hydroxyapatite (coral) which is a... READ MORE

I had hollow cheeks and a big nose. I also had prominent nasolabial folds After surgery I had cheek bandages was massively swollen like I'd had wisdom teeth out. The swelling makes you look very puffy and "plastic" for about a week. I also had lip fillers ( I would advise against having... READ MORE

Hello RealSelf! I finally got around to writing a review. First off, HUGE shout out & thank you to Miss LinaLeigh! I hope I got your name right. Without her review and generous contribution of photos, I wouldn't have been blessed to have found such a great surgeon as Dr. Harrison Lee! I... READ MORE

I would really like to get my cheeks done so i can have more of the chiseled model look, not the pillow face! I'm really nervous from hearing all these botched treatments, im dead set to get it done today but now im thinking of tear trough fillers and maybe my chin? i was just wondering if... READ MORE

Dr. Francis Palmer is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, and the world. I looked at 8 plastic surgeons, and decided on Dr. Frances palmer. During the consultation he was so polite and understanding. He know what needed to be done to my face to give me a more chiseled look. He turn... READ MORE

I had both done at the same time. I'm 27 and wanted to improve my profile, used injections to plump my cheeks in the past but wanted permanent results. Took a long time to do my research and find the right doctor. As of now I'm over a month post op and I have only tiny bit of swelling in one... READ MORE

Since I was 22 yrs old I'd been getting Radiesse filler in my cheeks. I loved the look, but was ready for something permanent. After a few consultations with different doctors, I was SO happy to come to and read about Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj in NYC! After several favorable cheek... READ MORE

I have had this surgery 3 week ago. I am still swollen but i start to see results. I had bimaxillar surgery 4 years ago to solve my underbite (third class malocclusion). I was happy with result but my cheeks were still hollow as typical of many people with third class malocclusion and malar... READ MORE

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