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Midface / Cheek Implants (Conform Midfacial Implants by Implantech) Instead of a Facelift! Best Decision, Ever!

**THIS WILL BE AN ONGOING REVIEW** I'm 38 years old and very athletic. I'm only 5'3 and 112lbs too so I'm also very petite. I've been an avid weightlifter and figure competitor for the past 2 decades. All my physical activities have kept my body looking like I'm in my early twenties, but it has... READ MORE

Submalar Cheek Implants - 28 Year Old

I've longed for fuller, higher cheeks throughout my twenties and considered cheek implants the most cost effective option. I had great results with a fat transfer in my early twenties, but the full beautiful cheeks I achieved had dissipated within a year. Since I have a naturally high metabolism... READ MORE

26- Wanted to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

I have no idea what on earth happened to my face as I was getting a rhinoplasty done at the same time. It's looks like Ramsey Bolton decided to start flaying me alive, face first. And it hurts like crazy. If I had known how much it would hurt and look like afterwards I don't think I would have... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Procedure - Springdale, AR

I'm compelled to share this with those of you considering a cheek augmentation surgery to provide you with another case example to help make your decision. Today I sit on Day 15 post-surgery. The best way I can describe my situation at the moment is this-- it's like having a brand new car in the... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Medpor?

I have had cheek implant combined and orbital rim . 7 years have gone and the shape of my eyes still continues to change. The doctor has done a masacre , not a surgery , for which thing I should have sue him , but I didn`t . I am considering a revision , but a surgery not a masacre anymore .... READ MORE

Cheek Implants

I had temporary fillers a couple years ago and it looked great and so now I'm going to permanent route. My doctor is great and I love him so I have high expectations. I'm not really nervous because this is not the first procedure that I've had and all of them have went pretty well so looking... READ MORE

Sub Malar Cheek Implant 29yo

I had tired looking eyes as you can see in pic, in fact the pre op pic was one of my best angles pre op. I also had small bags some days. I noticed them about 2 years ago and have a frustrated me since. I thought I needed a lower trans bleph. Went to see mr Mellor at spire Portsmouth hospital... READ MORE

Cheek Implants With Dr. Slupchynskyj Round 2!

You know what they say, go big or go home! Please see my previous review for info on my first cheek implant procedure. After one full year, I had decided that my size XL implants weren't as big or as dramatic as I was hoping for, and so I decided to go back in, and this time, have custom sized... READ MORE

27 Y/o Finally Getting Cheeks and Filler in Recessed Chin with Dr. Niamtu in VA

I want to preface this review by saying I originally made a Pre-Op review in advance a few months ago when I scheduled the surgery. At that time I received so many negative and discouraging comments I asked the realself team to graciously rescind the post. If you're against plastic surgery or... READ MORE

Custom Facial Implants: Chin Jaw, Cheek, Rhinoplasty, Fat Removal - Boston, MA

The care and results I received were OUTSTANDING. I asked for a BIG change and that's what I got--only it still looks natural. It's only been a little over a month since the procedure but I already feel more confident. I can not recommend the doctor highly enough for anyone looking for a big... READ MORE

My cheek augmentation, eyelids correction and fat removal and lower cheeks liposuction at.

I am thinkin to get these operation because I am 36 years old and I can see My face is starting to sag and I look tired. I always heard that I look 25, and that makes me happy, because I look younger that my age, but I have never been satisfied with my fat cheeks, which now at 36 arent fat... READ MORE

Few Corrections

After a bad experience in the UK in my plastic surgery: nose ,neck and mini face lift I decided to change for USA doctor. I did a jawline , cheek implant,nose correction from the previous surgery in UK and lip uplift. Overall good but the nose still a little correction. I am 49 years old airline... READ MORE

Cheek Fillers

Hey I wanted to recommened having cheek fillers done I had my cheeks filled with 6mil off fillers so 3 injections per each side My cheek bones were flat and boring with no shape what so ever I also had acne scars on my cheeks too which you can barely see anymore thanks to the volume in my... READ MORE

28 year old in need of facial surgery

Well i've had my breasts and BBL done in Mexico. I love my body. But I'm back to not liking my face. After a bad experience with poor planing and travel with the body surgery I'm planning to have the face done in a year of so maybe, locally in Vancouver. Its a somewhat complicated case becase of... READ MORE

malar cheek implants. looked obvious, masculine. created "shelf" like transition from lower lid to cheek. sagging after removal.

I was so excited before the cheek implant surgery. I had seen other girls' reviews. They all looked better in their after photos. I thought I would too. I got medium terino malar shells under local with no sedation. At first, for about 1 month post op, I looked great. I was still swollen... READ MORE

Injectibles - West Orange, NJ

I just had cheek filler and undereye filler along with botox around eye area. Afterward i put on some makeup in one of his treatment rooms, and met my BF for lunch!. Talk about lunchtime lift! I look great! As always! Thx It is three days since my treatment and looking great! I have the... READ MORE

Thin Lady with Hollow Cheeks and Big Nose

I had hollow cheeks and a big nose. I also had prominent nasolabial folds After surgery I had cheek bandages was massively swollen like I'd had wisdom teeth out. The swelling makes you look very puffy and "plastic" for about a week. I also had lip fillers ( I would advise against having... READ MORE

My Surgery Experience with Dr. Harrison Lee. - Beverly Hills, CA

Originally I had messaged Dr. Alter to get a price quote for facial surgery, I had seen him on Dr. 90210 and was please with the before and afters. I was directed by Dr. Alter to Dr. Harrison Lee (his colleague, also appeared on Dr. 90210) Dr. Lee gave me a price quote and surgeries he thought I... READ MORE

Apple Cheeks! - Beverly Hills, CA

I want to maintain a full round cheek for a more youthful and pleasant appearance and Dr. Palmer is the best. He knows how to just apply a subtle amount of Perlane in the right places to round the cheeks without obscuring your natural bone structure and giving you a puffy look. It was... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation in Mexico!

I drove down to Tijuana Mexico to get my cheeks done. I was TERRIFIED. But the procedure costed a fraction of the price than doing it here in California. I ended up getting so lost and in come scary situations!! I arrived 2 hours late to my appointment. The doctor was nice, and the office... READ MORE

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