Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›

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Stage II BC in both breasts-opted for Saline got encapsulated..removed..and then switched to Silicone. READ MORE

I had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. My first surgery went much better than I thought. I did however have to get a revision surgery for the implants, which I was told about upfront by my plastic surgeon. He told me to expect several. Next... READ MORE

When you feel your world is crumbling to pieces because you have been diagnosed with cancer you need a doctor, but more so you need someone who understands you and genuinely cares for you and makes you feel the most comfortable so that your surgery and recuperation run smoothly, and that is Dr.... READ MORE

Have wanted to have my boobs reduced for 40 years; cancer Dx of stage 1A was an opportunity to have a good thing come out of a scary diagnosis. Both surgeries done the same day. Healing was slow but steady. Office staff was great & Dr. D is beloved in the breast cancer community. Very happy... READ MORE

I had a double masectomy Jan 6.2016 with ecpanders...lm getting the flap procedure using my own tissues from my stomach for a more breastlike result....lm not knocking anyone else decision on the other implants l just think this is right for ME. Im a month in with my surgery l started my... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in early October. Having Dr. Tutela as my plastic surgeon during my lumpectomy surgery was the best decision I made. He worked along with my breast surgeon and was always available for any questions or concerns I had. He is highly trained and... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 41 and after discussion with my doctors, I opted for a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Dr. Kara Criswell came highly recommended by other medical professionals and current and former patients. The reconstructive process takes time and occurs... READ MORE

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28 was pretty devastating. Having to go through the cancer process and meeting multiple doctors was also tough. So when I met Dr. Lee she made me feel at ease. Her compassion, knowledge, and patience really affected my already broke down spirit. As the... READ MORE

I had to have a Mastectomy with diep Flap procedure for reconstruction due to cancer. Dr. Whitfield and his staff, especially Rebecca, his PA were exceptional. They took all the time I needed to reassure me of a successful outcome. The actual procedure was complicated and took many hours. I... READ MORE

I had breast cancer with a masectomy and elected for this procedure. Because of the extensive masectomy this was the only option available to me. After serious study and contemplation I decided to proceed. After the procedure, I was glad to have my feminity restored. The hospital had really... READ MORE

Dr. DiFrancesco is absolutely phenomenal. I always feel very comfortable and there is always an aura of professionalism from not only Dr. DIFrancesco but also her wonderful staff. She has alleviated my fears while keeping me aware of procedures. In February 2015 Dr. DiFrancesco began the breast... READ MORE

I have had 8 surgeries to correct other doctors surgeries. Dr. Killeen nailed it on her first! From the beginning of Katie taking the time to discuss everything on the phone with me,( 45 mins. and she never rushed me or made me feel that I was taking up her time), comforting me and making the... READ MORE

I'm 56 yrs. old when my doctor started my breast reconstruction, it takes a year to do the process, so now I'm 57 and the results is amazingly fabulous, excellent job compared at the beginning when I had no left breast. What an excellent job is Doctor Champaneria has done to myself. I feel great... READ MORE

As a second time breast cancer survivor patient, decision made for bilateral mastectomy and Dr. D was my second doctor who was interviewed and chose. The past year of surgery and reconstruction has been made very easy due to Dr. D's care and patience with her patients. Highly recommend to any... READ MORE

I was diagnosis with breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy with breast reconstruction. I had 4 surgeons operate on me in concert. They met as a team with me prior the 13 hour procedure to educate and validate the information after I read a manual on the procedure. They were excellent in... READ MORE

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, all I could think of was getting rid of the cancer. I didn't think I wanted reconstruction. But two years after my mastectomy, I decided having breast reconstruction (right side) would make me feel more like myself again. My surgeon explained my options.... READ MORE

Many of my friends have had breast cancer... and reconstruction. Their surgeons used spacers and they had to go in for several surgeries. I found Dr. Hunsicker and she told me the she can reconstruct at the time of the mastectomy and go directly to implants. Only one surgery, and done. None of... READ MORE

Dr. Keegan is a superstar when it comes to plastic surgeons. I am so glad I chose him for my reconstruction surgeon. He is thorough, meticulous, kind and delivers beautiful results. I can rave about him for hours. READ MORE

Dr. Khairalla did an amazing job with my surgery. I had talked to other physicians about the procedure needed to correct my deformity and both other options I was given would have involved bigger scars and more time. He offered me a solution that would only leave me with a small discrete scar... READ MORE

Dr. Sam Cabbabe is more than a skilled surgeon. He is a confidant and trusted advisor. He and his staff are the most generous and caring people you will ever encounter. This is not just another doctor’s office but rather an office of total healing. He is not only there physically through... READ MORE

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