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Breast reconstruction is most commonly performed following a mastectomy. Women who want to restore the volume and shape of their breasts may choose to get breast implants, tissue (commonly called "flap") reconstruction, or a combination. Doctors tend to recommend tissue reconstruction for patients who have undergone radiation therapy, due to their increased risks for capsular contracture (a problematic scar tissue response to implants). Nipple reconstruction is also frequently part of the process. LEARN MORE ›

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52 Breast Cancer- Mastecotmy, Reconstruction W/ Natrelle 410 MX445 Exchanged to MX550 (Gummy Bear) SO HAPPY! Vancouver, WA

My journey started just after my 51st birthday. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma- stage 2. Within 3 weeks I was having a double mastectomy. I wasn't too scared as my friend had the same surgeons and loved them. Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Storm-Dickerson. I felt very comfortable with them... READ MORE

37 Years Old 3 Kids and Breast Cancer Survivor - El Paso, TX

I had a double mastectomy with temp expanders for 6 months followed by breast reconstruction and a tummy tuck. I had been wanting to do a tummy tuck for the last 10 years. I love the results of both procedures breast reconstruction and tummy tuck:) Dr.Agullo is one of the few Doctor's in El... READ MORE

On Top of the World. Melbourne AU

With a long history of breast cancer in my family, and a lumpectomy discovering a DCIS in my breast. I had no doubt that they had to go!! i had had lost of fun with them but time was up for these ticking time bombs... within 18 months of my DCIS discovery, i underwent surgery to have a double... READ MORE

Reconstruction After DCIS. Arlington, VA

After a shocking news of DCIS diagnosis, I was referred to consult with Dr. Bedri who works together with my breast surgeon Dr. Molly Sebastian, both nominated as best doctor of the year on Washingtonian Magazine. Both doctors are extremely professional, which made a stressful health issue so... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomies. Atlanta, GA

I never thought I would have a long term relationship with a plastic surgeon,but five years ago I started a journey to try to improve my appearance due to the loss of a breast due to cancer. I chose Dr. Mark Deutch of Perimeter Plastic to preform a single reconstruction that turned into a double... READ MORE

Breast Cancer Survivor, 49 Years Old, Had Unilateral Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction - Ypsilanti, MI

Dr. Daniel Sherick is a wonderful surgeon He is without a doubt a very talented surgeon. But beyond that, Dr. Sherick and his staff go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I had breast reconstruction after mastectomy due to cancer. Dr. Sherick has been kind and comforting. He helped me... READ MORE

47 Year Old. New York, NY

Highly recommend for breast reconstruction. Dr. Keegan and his staff excel at making the patient comfortable. Thorough in every way! Excellent experience during a difficult time. Bilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction Surgery, Implant Surgery. Whenever I had a worry or concern during chemo I... READ MORE

51 Reconstruction. Worcester, MA

My expectations was to come out of the surgery looking normal, whole and feeling healthier. Dr. Castle's work far exceeded my expectations. He is a sweetheart. The procedure, explanation, and went extremely smooth. The results ended up being flawless, and I was kept comfortable from... READ MORE

32 Year Old Facing Breast Cancer - Boulder, CO

At 32 years old let alone ever in my life would I have imagined I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. After diagnosis you are faced with many big decision and it's a mad rush to find the doctors that feel right for you. After calling around and discovering that most plastic surgeons do... READ MORE

Breast Cancer Survivor. Toronto, ON

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer for which the protocol consisted of lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I had preferred to avoid radiation and asked my surgical oncologist if I could, instead, undergo a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. He... READ MORE

Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction - Arlington, VA

In September 2011, I was diagnosed with Ductile Carcinoma in Situ of my right breast. Naturally, being diagnosed with any type of breast cancer is very scary, to say the least. I met Dr. Bedri before the mastectomy, as he would perform the reconstruction. It was such a relief, during this... READ MORE

Diep Flap Surgery, Boston, Massachusetts - Boston, MA

The Diep Flap surgery with Dr. Sam Lin at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Unfortunately, initially, after the mastectomy on my left breast, I chose to have an implant put in. I did not get the Diep Flap surgery because I was scared to death... READ MORE

25 Year Old Who Had a Preventive Bilateral Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction - Vancouver, WA

I'm 25 and made the huge but right decision in going forth with having a mastectomy and reconstruction. My mom had Breast Cancer twice and later found out she was BRCA1+. Then I later got tested at the age of 22 and was also BRCA1+. Though I'm young and was a hard decision, I would do it all... READ MORE

Do Your Boobs Hang Low ??? NO - North Sydney, AU

I could go on for the next hour about dr Alex , but I'll spare you all and make it short and sweet. He catered to my every need and more , he was patient , understanding, humble , he honestly wouldn't let me leave until I am happy and the girls , the girls have looks and personality on him ,... READ MORE

BRCA Preventative Mastectomy

Do not go to Dr Criswell. Horrible results, scaring, and several complications. When I was having lots of problems she would not call me or get me In to see her for over a week. I've had 2nd and 3rd opinions from other plastic surgeons that were shocked at her results. Having to have her work fixed. READ MORE

Lemonade Outta Lemonz, Baby! - Leawood, KS

Cancer sucks, but I'm very lucky and had a great team help me KILL it! I had a double mastectomy 11/19/14 & was off work 6 weeks. I remember it like it was a vacation (hubs waited on me, peeps visited and brought food, I slept TONS, wasn't allowed to clean, etc.) I don't even remember pain,... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Breast Cancer - Nashville, TN

I am now 6 years out from my breast cancer with reconstruction. I elected to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I have never regret having this done and have always been very happy with my results. Dr. Tierney was and still a wonderful doctor and very good at what he does. I would... READ MORE

37 Year Old, 1 Child. Atlanta, GA

I've lurked on the site but this is my first time posting about myself. Here goes....I guess my journey began back in 2002 when I was originally diagnosed with BC. I went through a radical lumpectomy, 4 rounds of AC (Adriamycin Cytosin) and 6 weeks of radiation. I was diagnosed as an early... READ MORE

The Best Decision I Have Ever Made. - Miami, FL

On July 8th of this year I had a breast reconstruction with THE best doctor ever. I had a difference in size on my breasts one was a size D and the other was a DD, I spent my whole teen years struggling finding the right bathing suits and the right clothing that didn't show the difference.... READ MORE

* Healing Chair, Good Books & Wind Chimes=Lazy Summer* -

Breast Reconstruction My second stage II breast reconstruction for dcis grade 3 b/c, is good to go with talented, (board certification+experience) soft spoken, ( concerned +focused )micro-surgeon Dr Gupta. He will complete a reduction and lift on both breast. Finding that trust we placed... READ MORE

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