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Breast reconstruction is most commonly performed following a mastectomy. Women who want to restore the volume and shape of their breasts may choose to get breast implants, tissue (commonly called "flap") reconstruction, or a combination. Doctors tend to recommend tissue reconstruction for patients who have undergone radiation therapy, due to their increased risks for capsular contracture (a problematic scar tissue response to implants). Nipple reconstruction is also frequently part of the process. LEARN MORE ›

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38 Year Old, Mom of 3, Much Needed Reconstruction, Reduction and Lift

Dr. Rumallu is truly a blessing. Several years of excessive monitoring due to density, paired with an early cancer diagnosis and three children, my breasts are now perfect! Working along side my Oncologist, Dr. Rumallu and his staff have continued to exceed expectations. His surgical center was... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy Reconstruction

While there were two surgeons involved (General and Plastic), this review is for the plastics work. The general work was done very cleanly and correctly. I decided, at 36, to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy as there is a strong history of breast cancer in my family. When speaking to... READ MORE

Double Mastecmony with Reconstruction Tissue Expanders - Palo Alto, CA

I was told he was the best. He was three hours from my home. Never got answers or advise. He never really heard to me. I felt rushed and unimportant. He team is not on the same page. My reconstruction failed ended with an infection leaving with one breast. Last visit he was rude uncaring and... READ MORE

The Miracle Maker - New Hyde Park, NY

I needed to have breast reconstruction after a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. After my reconstructive surgery, I was able to say out of every bad comes some good. My breast look amazing! My breast has not looked like this in years. I am in my 50's and I now have nice perky firm breast!... READ MORE

DIEP Breast Reconstruction,Breast Lift 2014, Brava, Liposuction Fat Grafting 2015 - Redlands, CA

Dr.Miles was recommended to me from the past chief surgeon of LLUMC because he was an excellent micro vascular surgeon to perform my DIEP breast reconstruct. He is a true artist and his caring nature to the patient and family is outstanding. I have held hands and prayed with him before ... READ MORE

Diep Reconstruction at Age 64

Single side Mastectomy leaves you dependent on a prothesis to not look very odd. I wanted the DIEP construction as it would be using my own natural tissue and I understood it would adjust in line with my RHS breast if I lost or gained weight . In anticipation of the reconstruction I had a... READ MORE

Dbl Masectomy - Saint Clair Shores, MI

The outcome of fat graphting first, then implants (after radiation) was perfect!! It was several procedures of over 8-10 months, but the results were fabulous and there was never a delay, as soon as I healed, Dr. Kayser was ready to move forward in reconstruction. He did an exceptional job and... READ MORE

Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders and Alloderm

In October 2015, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using tissue expanders. I chose implant based reconstruction because I didn't have enough abdominal fat for DEIP and didn't want to sacrifice my lat muscles for a flap. I talked to several plastic surgeons until I... READ MORE

47 Years Old -BRCA2 +Double Mastectomy- Mentor High Profile 800 Cc

I am currently recovering from my breast reconstruction surgery. I had a double mastectomy 5 years ago.I had a very suspicious area on both breasts w MRI was ruled precancerous. I am BRCA2+ and elected for a prophylactic double mastectomy w expanders placed. 2 sets of expanders later I had my... READ MORE

Doctor Neil TANNA Best Plastic Surgeon EVER! - New York, NY

I would like to write a review on doctor Tanna becauses he gave me back my femininity that I lost after the double mastectomy due to a breast cancer. This plastic surgeon is amazing he eased my mind before surgery and gave me his cell phone to answer any of my questions and take away my worries.... READ MORE

Tissue Expanders/Silicone Implants following Bilateral mastecomy

After cancer robs you of many things including your breast, reconstruction is a way of feeling whole again. I had two-stage reconstruction. At the time of my mastectomy I had tissue expanders inserted. After weekly "fills" of saline water I am now at my chosen size and I am awaiting implants in... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Mother of 2 - Providence, RI

Hoping I will be able to get my breasts reconstructed. I had my surgery this past May 2016 , after wanting to get them forever. I'm not sure how long you need to wait before discussing what type of revision options there are . I was very hopeful that they would settle nicely like I see on most... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Following Bilateral Mastectomy Using Silicone Implants - Tampa, FL

I had a bilateral mastectomy without radiation or chemo following a diagnosis or early stage breast cancer. Dr. Soler was present when the mastectomy was performed and inserted the tissue expanders at that time. The following 6 months I was followed by Dr. Soler for weekly expansion and then for... READ MORE

40years Old, Breast Surgery at Korean Plastic Surgery Review - Incheon, KR

Breast implant surgery immediately after complete removal of breast cancer tissue. Pros of a Korean clinic: speed, efficiency, good pharmaceuticals that are branded (no generics at university clinic settings) Cons: not enough explanation and plastic surgeon prof questioning as to why I was... READ MORE

3D Nipple Tattoos

6 months following my second DIEP flap procedure, I had my nipples tattooed on. This was the final phase of my reconstruction and I was soooooo excited! Reneé immediately made me feel at ease. She is professional, calming and a true angel. She first drew on aeroela and nipple circles and ... READ MORE

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction - Post Double Mastectomy. New Orleans, LA

At the age of 46, I was diagnosed with stage 3A invasive duct all carcinoma in my right breast. I had several months of chemotherapy, followed by a double mastectomy, and then 38 radiation treatments. My skin and underlying tissue were fairly damaged from the extensive radiation and my... READ MORE

Reconstruction After BMX

Dr. Bucky and his team in Philadelphia are exceptional. I was fortunate as a breast cancer patient of Dr. Dahlia Sataloff (the premier surgeon in Philly) to be "assigned" to Dr. Bucky for my recon. This is the equivalent of winning the lottery. His work is phenomenal and in addition he his an... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders and Radiation to Follow - Toronto, ON

Hello ladies, I just had bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks ago and had 2 fills on expanders. 1 during surgery and 1 at follow up appt. My question is I want to hear some success stories with expanders and radiation!!!! I have a wonderful team of doctors from Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto who... READ MORE

Ongoing Nipple Sparing Reconstruction, DIEP Flap, Fat Transfer, and Possibly Implants - Mount Pleasant, SC

What a year 2015 has been. This is a very shortened version of what I wanted to write. I left out the doubts, fears, and quite a bit of the healing process. I can add that later. January 6, 2015, I have a biopsy of my right breast. That Friday, January 9th, I learn I have Lobular Carcinoma in... READ MORE

Finally Help After A Drastic Weight Loss & Previous Breast Reduction - Mississauga, ON

At a young age due to back issues, I had 7 pounds of breast removed during a breast reduction. Over the next couple years I had lost an vast amount of weight. The end result of the two was an upper body with an excessive amount of left over and hanging skin around my back, sides under my arm (of... READ MORE

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