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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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After Much Searching I Have Made a Decision! - Beverly Hills, CA

After much stalking for hours on end on real self I decided to write my first post! Still not sure about posting pictures maybe I will get the nerves up to do it lol Well to give whoever is reading this a little background information on me: I am 31 years young! I don't have any kids at the... READ MORE

Trust the BBL Journey (Alvarez Girl2017) - Doral, FL

Well ladies here goes so far i have been on consultations here in GA. About 4 of them and I have decided to have my BBL done in Florida with Dr. Sergio Alvarez at Mia Aesthetics Brand new clinic scheduled to open February 2017 and Dr. Sergio is the medical director there. So I'm excited about... READ MORE

Never Had an Hourglass Figure or Butt No Matter What I've Tried...besides This? - Los Angeles, CA

I feel like I might be finally ready to take the plunge this year for a Brazilian Butt Lift...I just made my consultation with Dr. Dass for later this upcoming month with hopes for surgery in Dec as an early Xmas and BDay gift to myself. I've read dozens and dozens of reviews on this website... READ MORE

100 Pounds 5 Feet Fisher - Miami, FL

Wrote a bunch of stuff earlier and tried to press continue which didn't work so clicked done and done it was... everything disappeared. How disappointing. About me: I'm short, not enough fat for bbl, my mind still wants it after much debate and thought. My skin is mushy and grabable easily... READ MORE


I've been on this website researching different doctors i feel like i found the right one with ghurani. I just scheduled my date today and put down a deposit to lock in my date for march 20, it feels so weird I've always wanted to have like larger hips and rounder butt and now that its gonna... READ MORE

Marbella Spain 19th May

This review I'm gunna tell you my real experience . I had my bbl on Tuesday just gone by Dr aslani in Marbella . I really onley started looking serious into bbl this year and kinda booked my apointment through jenny at cirumed .. I came to marbelka in Saturday 3 days prior to my operation so... READ MORE

39 Yrs Old with 1 Child and 2 Grandchildren, Looking to Have a BBL and Breast Augmentation

Hi ladies, I've been watching and reading everyone's pages for a while now not sure if I really wanted to have this done but just recently I told myself it's time now to do it while I'm still young and healthy. Plus just recently split with my exboyfriend of 11 yrs so it's time for a new me.... READ MORE

27 Year Old Male, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

So today is my pre-op consultation with my surgeon, Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics's. I flew in from Chicago on Wednesday the 4th and will be having my procedure this Saturday. I'm extremely excited to see my results and will keep you all posted with my results. As of now my experience... READ MORE

27 Years Old with 3 Kids and in Need of an BBL I Have Always Wanted One I Have NAAO! - Miami, FL

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my bbl am having trouble finding the perfect doctor for me if anyone has any suggestions please comment. Also I have looked in to Dr. Orlando Llorente but haven't seen new work also I was quoted to different prices including a 7 day stay at there... READ MORE

Early 30s 2 Kids (C Sections) 5ft 195lbs - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm looking to take a trip to DR in October for Lipo/BBL. Initially I wanted to be a Duran Doll but two things happened 1) it's been over 3 weeks and I've called and emailed several times no response and 2) I came across Dra Robles page and she seems to do more work on "thicker girls" with... READ MORE

26 looking for a small waist, big hips, and a natural curve

I am recovering very well and on track to go back to work this coming Wednesday. As of today I am 9 days post op and feeling great. I'm no longer sore and up moving more. I still walk with my butt poked out but I'm sure my walk will get normal once my butt drops and softens. I am loving my... READ MORE

Mother of 4 Wanting to See, the Inner Goddess of Me on the Outside! - Dominican Republic

I contacted Dra Medina via email. I heard back from her within a couple days (the same week). I filled out the questionnaire and attached my photos. I received my quote a few days latter. In the quote it stated that I will have three months to secure my date, with the quoted price by providing... READ MORE

32 Yo Tt Bbl Lipo Back Arms and Tights Maybe a Future Yily Doll?

Hi all, I will go alone on 4th December 2016 I will have the surgery on the 5th December.. I'm so afraid, I hope everything will go very well.. someone of you are going there for this period? I come from Italy.. I hope I can share this experience with someone I don't know if I'm enough strong to... READ MORE

Llorente Doll to Be - Miami, FL

It's 12-6-16 Having surgery tomorrow morning I'm nervous & excited. Staying here at Anitas recovery house. Will update more later. I just ate. Anita cooked now I'm just relaxing watching tv. So far this experience has been interesting. Not what I expected at all. Not bad. Just not what I... READ MORE

In my 34yrs of Life I'm Finally Loving Me. Miami, FL

Hello I'm new here and I'm nervous as all get out I'm starting this journey doing a bbl and I'm excited to do it because I'm doing it for me . I'm a mom of 2 boys 1 I just had last year and my self esteem was at an all time low loving someone n then having a baby just to be dumped n made feel... READ MORE

BBL and fat transfer with Sergio Alvarez - switched drs!!

Finally decided to follow through with getting a brazilian butt lift after spending literally 2 years reading and stalking everyone else's reviews. I work out everyday. I don't want to be skinny or slim, honestly I just want to look nice in a pair of jeans and wear a thong bikini on the beach.... READ MORE

Round 2 with Dr alder henao Need travel buddy

So hey ladies I been on here for sometime and all these wonderful doctors and hard decisions come with so much thinking anxious and undecided but most of all happy because its really going to happen. most off all I would like to say that im 22 yrs old and have always been a lolly pop if u know... READ MORE

Lipo/BBL 41, Scottsdale, AZ

After maintaining nearly 50 pound weight loss for over 5 years I recently put on about 20 pounds. I've really been struggling for awile, to get this weight off, even going the through a bad depression. As I thought about refocusing and getting back to my weight and fitness goals, I remember even... READ MORE

Stuck in a 12 Year Old Body. I Desire an Hour Glass Figure and a Heart Shaped Bubble Butt - Beverly Hills, CA

I live in Canada and am researching a great place to go for the BBL procedure. They don't offer it where i live so I need to travel. Any suggestions? The places I've researched are extremely expensive and really over my budget. Where are all the Canadian galz going for their BBL... READ MORE

Decision Made!! Dr Alvarez It Is

Hello all, I have been on this site a little over a year. I have finally decided to move forward with this journey. I am 35 years young. I have a 17 year old daughter (c section birth). Since relocating from Los Angeles to Texas 8 years ago. I kinda lost myself (weight wise). I am really missing... READ MORE

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