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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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BBL W/Calva 6/22/2017

I've done my research for years, constantly going back and forth about going forward with the procedure... i've finally said yes! I booked my appt by paying in full. $4000.00 which included my garment. i'm nervous, excited and anxious! I'm only a few hours away from the clinic so i will be... READ MORE

5'3" 138lb BBL After TT

Had a TT > 5 years ago. Was a bit thin for good BBl results. Weight then 124lb, weight now 138lb. Having a BBL now that I have more fat to spare/ share with my booty. I'm going to post pictures of how I look and what I want. My goal is to get a small waist, more booty is a bonus. My biggest... READ MORE

Dr. Ortega I Need a Butt - Miami, FL

So far I've just been doing a lot of research on bbl but now I'm ready to make an actual appointment. I've wanted to get this done for like ever. But I didn't know what people would think about me if I got it done since I live in such a small town and everyone has an opinion on everything I do.... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old/BBL with Dr.Sato/

I really love Dr.Satos before and after photos! Have not met her yet but she has very prompt in emailing me back, even on the weekends. I ended up booking with her without meeting her yet but I just know she will give me the results I want! Scheduled for June 27! Morgan was also great at... READ MORE

Step by Step Review *DBL+LIPOSCULPTURE in the D.R. with Dr. Mallol*

I hate that i do this, get serious about doing this procedure than drop it... but im a mom so any little thing that arises, i put myself on the back burner and care to everyone first. I said 2015 would be my year (i feel like i say that every jan 1st) but i had 2 options a butt or a house, i... READ MORE

Going with Dr. Valls at ERES/ Bad Reviews? - Miami, FL

So I am reading bad reviews about dr Valls and now I am getting nervous. More people are saying bass things then good... do y'all think I should change my doctor? Hell I am so mad.... I know what I want to look like verses what he may do. Also I need help with hiring a nurse when I am in Miami.... READ MORE

24 Yr Old with 2 Children Going to Dr. Arnaldo Valls

At this time if I had to rate the service on a scale of 1-5 I would give Jolie Plastic Surgery a three star rating. The reason for this is because I had to travel to different locations in order to pay, do my blood work, and to meet my doctor. It wasn't bad I would have preferred to have known,... READ MORE

Hip dips/violen hips. Want BBL/lipo

I have been researching doctors and reading reviews of others who had a BBL for 2 years now. It seemed as if I would think I found a doctor then I would find a really bad review that scared me away. I have what they call hip dips. They have always bothered me because I can't wear certain things... READ MORE

Excited About my Bbl - Miami, FL

I'm not sure if I want to stick with Dr Valls I'm hearing a lot of good n bad reviews. I still have time to switch if I want to. I had a horrible tummy tuck with a doctor in el Cerrito in California and now I just want to be happy with the new doc I pic for my bbl. this is such a hard decision..... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Bride to Be Mother of 4 BBL Stover Doll

So I'm finally doing it after 15 years or thought and hoping and dreaming and 4 kids , I'm getting my waist snatched and my booty plumped and I CANT WAIT!! I'm getting married in Sept to the love of my life and turning 40 in December and so as a present to my future husband and to myself I'm... READ MORE

Hazani BBL

I have been doing research and consults with several drs in the LA area and Miami. When I found Dr. Hazani I was very impressed with his results! I have a window in June to get this done so I am booking it asap! I would love to connect with any girls on here as I'm keeping it all very hush hush... READ MORE

Future Mallol Doll Liposuction+ BBL - Dominican Republic

Hi girls, I have been reading reviews about different doctors and I finally chose Dr. Mallol in Dominican Republic. Initially i wanted to do it with Dr. Duran but after 2 months getting always late answers I decided I don't want to do it with her anymore. I think she should choose better her... READ MORE

24 Yr Old Looking to Get TT+Lipo+Bbl

Well to start off I have a 6 year old daughter, and since my pregnancy I have not been able to get back in shape, I am looking to have surgery overall just to bring my self confidence back to life & feel comfortable in my own skin. I am going back and forth between Dr. Cabral & Dr. Duran... READ MORE

22, No Kids, BBL in Miami with Llorente! Pics added!

I just started my journey towards my BBl! I've been on RealSelf researching doctors for years now and I've finally convinced myself to do it! I'm super excited. I've decided to go with Dr. Llorente at NewLife in Miami. Elena is absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful as well as friendly and... READ MORE

Starting to Plan my BBL with Dr. Hsu

Starting this post way early but I officially decided to book my BBL with Dr. Hsu. Never met the guy but based off all you guys before/afters & his reviews my heart is set on him as a surgeon. My consult is booked for Oct. & my surgery date is in November. It probably sounds crazy but... READ MORE

33 No Kids future Ortega doll

I am really excited about my bbl surgery. I must admit I'm a little nervous. But I'm going to pray everything works out. I'm currently unsatisfied with my stomach and back fat. I can't wait to have my new body. Looking to hear from others about their experience. Hope it's not to painful and is... READ MORE

31 Yo/5'3, 140lbs, Seeking a TT but Scheduled a BBL Instead

Initially I wanted a TT and had over 7 different consultations in Beverly Hills to find a doctor. I'm a surgical tech myself and have been assisting in surgery for 8 years, so making my decision is really hard because I've worked with a few doctors I'm listing. I've decided to get a bbl instead... READ MORE

18 Years Old Going Through Gastric Bypass then Bbl

Hey, new to this just starting to build my profile and get some help on choosing the perfect doctor. I have a few butt goal pics I'm really excited i want DR.BBL or DR. Ghurani but i was denied by both because of how high my bmi was/is (43.6) so i decided to go through gastric bypass because its... READ MORE

Finally got my booty and hips Ive dreamed of! Thank you Dr. Patel!

This community has really helped me prepare and know what to expect for my bbl. Ive been wanting this brazilian butt lift for yeaaaaaars! And now that Im grown, independent, stable and have a good job I can now afford it. My surgery is in March. RS is really helping me prepare and know what to... READ MORE

BBL, Lipo, and Breast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

Head out to DR to have a BBL, Lipo, and a breast lift done with Dr. Jairo Ulerio Vargas in the Dominican Republic December 20th. Super excited but not sure what items I need to get prior to surgery. I know I need the BBL pillow but is it worth getting the booty body recovery kit? Or should I... READ MORE

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