Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello everyone this is my first post but I have been stalking this site for months just got up the courage to post. I have put down most of the cost of the surgery I only owe 1,200 more my recovery house (Serinity Retreat) is paid in full all I need now is my medical clearance pray for me... READ MORE

Hello Out there, So after trying different things to increase projection and get rid of my love handles to no avail I decided to just do it. I started to look in April and had my consultation with Volpe in May. He was very pleasant and so was his staff. He was also very real. He didn't promise... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! After searching for about 5 years I have finally gotten the courage to schedule my surgery with Dr. fisher in Miami. My surgery is in January as of now, but the coordinator told me I could call every 2 weeks see if anything before that has become available. I'm really hoping that's... READ MORE

Okay... here goes nothing..... I started thinking about getting butt implants years ago. After having a history of being slightly obese as a child and young adult, my friends and I often joked about wishing we could transfer fat from other places in our bodies and put it in our asses, lol.... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I'm one of those stalkers that sits day and night and reads everyone's reviews, comments.... EVERYTHING loll. Anyway, I'm 5'7" 168 lbs. live in Dallas, Tx and I'm scheduled with Dr. Fisher in Miami on 6/21/2016. I originally had 6/14 scheduled but Vanity called and said Fisher... READ MORE

Hey ladies new to the community, open and welcoming to all advice, and opinions! I have a 34DDD bust, and my lower body is small in comparison. It's been eating at my self esteem for years. So here we are lol I'm considering Dr. Jose Zayas, or Dr.Cesar Viellas. Or Mcadoo. I've heard good things... READ MORE

Head out to DR to have a BBL, Lipo, and a breast lift done with Dr. Jairo Ulerio Vargas in the Dominican Republic December 20th. Super excited but not sure what items I need to get prior to surgery. I know I need the BBL pillow but is it worth getting the booty body recovery kit? Or should I... READ MORE

I really want this experience to be a 1 time thing.. I want to get enough cc's so that even with shrinkage I never have to do a revision !! I'm definitely not looking for a shelf with a big old ghetto booty but I'm also not looking to look natural/basic. I'm so excited that I'm finally going... READ MORE

I'm a 40 year old mother of 2 teens ready for a makeover over the years i've let myself go to waste lol. Now i'm coming up on a new birthday a major mark in my life and i'm ready to get some BOOTY!!!. So this lipo and bbl will start me in the right direction. i'm excited, ready, and nervous at... READ MORE

38 yr. old! Mother of 2 teenagers...Getting into real planning for a bbl.. my friend and i are going at the same time so we can have support! what supplies are recommended? Must haves? we are waiting to put down our deposit and solidify our date. hotel picked and selecting a caregiver now( nurse... READ MORE

I am currently 167lbs weighed today. Most of my weight is in my tummy and thighs. Im about 5'7 - 5'8 and ive always had a boxy shape. No booty at all. My surgery is scheduled for July 19 with Sergio Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami, FL. I am very anxious, not nervous at all after lots of research. I... READ MORE

OK for year I've had body issues mainly my tummy,,,, HATE it, not to mention my sides. Started researching And then found realself.... figure if I'm gonna remove my fat why not pot it where I'll really get to shine in a more pleasant way :) I dont want a crazy big butt but I definitely need that... READ MORE

So here goes nothing! After stalking this site for YEARS, i finally gotnthe courage to contact a surgeon. I'm at te point i can no longer stand to look at myself. I've yo-yoed for years with my weight, generally able to get back small. Whelp that all changed when i had my daughter and requires... READ MORE

I just want a successful surgery nice butt and maybe tummy tuck by the end of Oct.I'm hoping somebody can help me out and give the look I'm looking for.Can somebody give me some advice and what do think i should get or need as far as butt and tummy tuck.Its hard getting dressed looking good from... READ MORE

Hello dolls, I am so excited to be having this opportunity. I have juds and an amazing husband who is so supportive. I have been talking about this for years and finally it is becoming a reality . My husband and I decided on Manon. His work is consistent, and he responds quickly. I almost did... READ MORE

Hi everyone I'm excited to write my blog here where I found a lot of information and very helpful because I didn't know what Doctor was good for me! Luckily I found my doctor and I will be a hazani doll :) my bbl I will be having by March hopefully! My goal is just to have a nice booty lol and... READ MORE

I'm excited but a little nervous but I'm ready to see my new shape. I just want a little more shape, smaller waist and round tush, to what I already have. I have been working out and trying to eat healthier since I made this decision. I started at 182, I want to get to 170. I don't want to lose... READ MORE

Hello ladies!! I finally made my decision to embark on a path to a new body! I have been stalking the RealSelf page for a few years now and I am finally ready to do it!! I can't believe it. I have chosen Dr Perry because he and his office staff have been awesome with being informative. The... READ MORE

Nerves kicking in the day has finally come, I managed to get a surgery date at the end of August. I had preferred late October because i miss part of the beach season, but there was no avilability. My bum is not too bad but I and looking for more roundness and projection. This place was very... READ MORE

So… After months of stalking RealSelf for BBL procedures, I finally made up my mind to go with Dr. Tavallai in Tyson Corner, VA. I am from Northern Virginia and did not want to get my surgery done elsewhere, then have to stay there for post-op visits. I figured; there has to be someone in t... READ MORE

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