Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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39 Yr Old Bride to Be Mother of 4 BBL Stover Doll

So I'm finally doing it after 15 years or thought and hoping and dreaming and 4 kids , I'm getting my waist snatched and my booty plumped and I CANT WAIT!! I'm getting married in Sept to the love of my life and turning 40 in December and so as a present to my future husband and to myself I'm... READ MORE

Youthful 49 yr old Nana, Needs the body to match!

I been researching for a couple of years. I decided on Dr. Alvarez after reading his reviews and seeing his work on RS & Instagram. It's been a tedious process with researching but I'm confident in my choice. 53 Days Pre-Op!! Airfare is booked, AirBNB paid, and a deposit for my nurse... READ MORE

Dr. Alvarez Doll 2017 - Miami, FL

After a bit of research I finally decided to do my BBL in MIA specifically with Dr. Alvarez. I did my first virtual consult with him thru Imagenes Plastic Surgery. I was quoted $4500 for 12 Lipo areas. I then realized that dr. Alvarez has his own website so I was curious to see what the... READ MORE

23 Years Old and Much Needed a BBL - Hialeah, FL

I'm 23 years old I've been here at RealSelf for 4 years I finally have the chance to have a BBL done on May 1st with the best Dr. Which is Dr Daniel Calva. I start taking my vitamins and iron. So next month I'll order the equipment. I'm living in miami Florida so I'm not planning for a RH. I'll... READ MORE

Gwtting Snatched & BBL with Dr Ilker Manavbasi - Comfort Zone - Turkey, TR

Looking into both comfort and elitebeen quoted 3k with comfort zone nd they have been so quick with awnsers in litreally minutes of sending queation on wats app! Amazing. I am looking to have lipo on my stomach and flanks and chin area with bbl. Has anyone used comfort zone, if so what was your... READ MORE

21 year old 1 kid soon to be Calva Doll

I am 21 5'2 and weigh 160 I Paid in full for BBL surgery and chin lipo with Dr.Calva at eres Miami plastic surgery! Traveling alone and my surgery date is April 20th Anyone no of any good recovery houses in Miami that are somewhat reasonable with there price? Yay it feels so close yet so far... READ MORE

I'm 34 Years Old , W/ No Children. Looking to Get Lipo Sculpture with Bbl - Dominican Republic

So far my experience with Dra. Tania Medina has been great. She's extremely responsive and communicative. She answers all of my questions very quickly. I choose her because I like how her work is very natural and most of the reviews I've read on her have been great. I like how in her reviews... READ MORE

Video Blogger - BBL with Dr. Fisher

ME: I am 25 with a history of breast aug, implant removal and fat transfer to breast. I'm 5'3 & 140lbs. My breast are perfect, now I want my waist and hips to match. I decided on Dr. Fisher due to his results and credentials. I've added a few wish pics but I will add some of myself tomorrow... READ MORE

28 Years Old No Kids Very Scared - Miami, FL

Hi am Zianna but everyone calls me Zi for short. I'm 28 years old 5'1 and I weight 146.5. I'm not happy with the way I look. I'm big breasted G38 and I have nothing below. I did my research and found a doctor to do my procedure out Miami Fl. I want some hips and apple bottom. My only concern... READ MORE

Almost Married Future Alvarez Doll - Miami, FL

After checking out many reviews and you ladies feedback, before and after pics, I decided to go with the great Dr. Mel Ortega. He is booked for March so I cant go til April, uughh! Getting a breast reduction soon after my BBL. I checked into to Hasan who requires you to be under 165lbs and they... READ MORE

30 Y/o, 2 Kids, Bbl, Lipo Sculpture

I am looking in Dr Almonte. I was researching Dr Yilly and Dr Duran but read and saw some bad pics/reviews. I was also interested in Dr Miami but his prices inflated significantly. Here are pics of me and then beneath them I have wish pics. I'd like a smaller more shapely tummy and back and... READ MORE

I'm a Dass Doll. Finally Getting my New Booty!!! - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello beauty people. I just booked my surgery for April 13th, 2017 with Dr. Dass. Yayyy!!! I am open to all inquiries and suggestions to prepare for the surgery and recovery process. I have been without a booty my entire life. I have big boobs and no butt. I am well overdue of a beautiful... READ MORE

Brazilian Buttlift

I had my procedure done by Dr. Luis Suarez, same PS who did my BA and I loved him. I am 3 days post op from my bbl and not very happy with my results :( first of all this "returning patient price" was bs they charged me only 2,400 for back lipo only. I wish I had known that and I would have paid... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, Been Wanting This for a While!

Hi everyone, I am traveling from Texas to get a BBL. I am soooo excited & nervous at the same time. My procedure is with Dr. Calva on Feb.23rd. I am staying in a hotel & traveling alone so I'm a bit nervous. I'm looking to have a small waist & big butt as my outcome. If I'm... READ MORE

Designer Body

Everything is set but I'm getting cold feet. I'm a single mom with two kids. I have the money. Ive been saving up for about 6 months now. Im nervous because we are planning to move in a few months and I'm between jobs. I want to be sure I'm not making a selfish investment. I still want sx more... READ MORE

29 Yrs-old 5'4-3 Divas,16yrs,11, and 8-taking the Summer off for This-BMI 36.6-214lbs PreOp-14lbs to Shed!!!

I was considering Dr Yily just up until paying my deposit last week when i seen RECENT reviews the work was AWESOME but the experince and stories i just cant deal with i would rather pay extra and stay in the States vs being mistreated and pay less. Plus she quoted me to do both my BBL and... READ MORE


I just paid my deposit for my BBL and I am beyond excited! I went from wanting to go to DR to Miami to staying here in Houston to have the procedure done. I have to lose 25lbs and I am determined now that I have paid my deposit! I have two months and two weeks and need to get it together! I am a... READ MORE

29 Yr Old Mother of a 16month Old 5'9 209lbs

I have been looking into getting this procedure done for almost a year now. Just like anyone else I do have the surgery fears just because I have never had any medical concerns other than delivering my daughter. I think my boyfriend and I have decided to get a consult with Dr.Cortez we both were... READ MORE

40 yr. Old Mom Ready For This Journey

So, I am an active 40 year old active professional. over the years, my butt has dropped. I haven't worked out in over a year, so my body is not like it use to be. I'm 5'8 and normally 144lbs. I've been gaining weight to get a bbl and I hate it. I'm going with Dr. Okoro, because I don't want... READ MORE

31 Yo/5'3, 140lbs, Seeking a TT but Scheduled a BBL Instead

Initially I wanted a TT and had over 7 different consultations in Beverly Hills to find a doctor. I'm a surgical tech myself and have been assisting in surgery for 8 years, so making my decision is really hard because I've worked with a few doctors I'm listing. I've decided to get a bbl instead... READ MORE

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