Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Plazas Barbie

I originally wanted to go for laser Lipo only. I reached out to Plazas for a quote which included optional BBL. After discussing it with my friend who has had the surgery I decided not to "waste my fat". So now I am down for the lipo and Bbl. I am also considering a breast lift and buccal fat... READ MORE

British Doll..BBL & TT Dr Baez Yes Please - Dominican Republic

Well I am starting from beginning, so need to do everything, just payed deposit which the lady's at the bank took all year.... lol but dun. Email my copy of receipt.. Hoping for the 19th of October need to find a RH now... any help with anything from you dolls is a MASSIVE HELP.???? Before I... READ MORE

Im 40 Yeras Old 2 Kids 5.4 170 Pounds - Miami, FL

Im happy because my dream is in october 27 with the best dr jonathan fisher in miami florida...i pay ..8,000$ because they do lipo in the normal 12 areas for bbl ..and lipo in arms and full dream is like kim karda...i hope the dr he can do nice job for mi..i have like one year waiting... READ MORE

19 on the Flat Side Going on 20 on the FAT Side :) Evolution MD, Velilla Doll

Hello all ! I am 19 and I have been doing research on this procedure for the past TWO years. I'm not gonna lie.. I do care or wait no I did care about what everyone is going to have to say about me and now I really just DONT give a f*ck. Flat out (no pun intended) lol if I did I wouldn't be me..... READ MORE

Ready for a Booty Squats Aren't Giving Me. Dominican Republic, DO

Hi, everyone I've been researching surgeons for the past few years to decide on who to go with for a BBL. I have had breast augmentation and liposuction done with Dr. Handel in Sherman Oaks, Ca. After reading all the reviews and speaking to a patient I decided to go with Dra. Fatima Almonte for... READ MORE

No More Long Ass Days!

Hello ladies. I’m pleased to announce I will be Ghuranified on 11/29/16! After so much research I decided that I wanted to do my bbl in Miami. I narrowed it down to McAdoo, Alvarez and Ghurani. Even though Alvarez had the best price out of all 3, I decided to go with Ghurani cus all he had was p... READ MORE

BBL - Dr Fisher 9/30/2016 - Miami, FL

Tomorrow is the big day for me ladies I've been told to arrive at Vanity at 12pm. I'll put up a full post and honest review of the entire procedure once I'm on the other side. This is my 3rd cosmetic procedure (I've done breast augmentation with lift May 2011 and Tummy tuck March 2015) so I'm... READ MORE

30 Years Old 3 Kids ...looking to Become a Mcadoo Doll - Miami, FL

Hello pretty ladies. I have been watching this app for about 5 days non stop. So much info and helpful info on here. I am looking to have lipo and BBL done this November with Dr Mcadoo. I am scheduled to pay my deposit this Friday 9/30/16 and get the ball rolling! I am 5'4 154 lbs . Hopefully I... READ MORE

23 Years Old and in Need of a Nice Booty - California

Hey everyone, I've been a part of realself for over a year but have been looking into getting a BBL for years now. I am 140 lbs (currently gaining more to achieve my optimum goal) and am about 5'5' white caucasian female living out of the States. I've read so many reviews on how happy the ladies... READ MORE

This Will Be a Birthday Present to Myself. Soon to Be McAdoll

So this year instead of having a party or a big birthday dinner I decided to get surgery and change my body to something I will be happy with. I'm 30 with no kids 5'5 148lbs I love to travel but I'm never happy in a bathing suite so I decided why not get a Brazilian butt lift and lipo. I've done... READ MORE

5'5" Between 175-180lbs with 5 Kids...

After researching for over 2 years I have finally found a doctor that can give me the results that I want. I have 4 kids natural and have always been able to bounce back to a nice weight but without any butt. Luckily I have some and hips so that it gives me some shape, but after my last child (a... READ MORE

23 Yr Old Soon to Be a Doll! - Dominican Republic

Hey all, I'm 23 yr old from Toronto looking to finally get the body I want. Still have to do a bit more research and I'm hoping to follow and learn from many of you. I know I want to go to the Dominican Republic to get my work done so if any of you gone recently from Toronto or are planning... READ MORE

brazilian butt lift beginner. New York, NY

Hey real self gals!!!!! I'm 19 from the NY area. I'm 5'1 171lbs. No babies and cosmetology graduate. I would like a Brazilian butt lift. I've been looking as different doctors work but none have caught my eye. I would prefer to stay in the states. I'm willing to go as far as Florida. Getting... READ MORE

BBL Dream Body - Miami, FL

Ive been doing so much research the last couple months !! I finally decided to go with Dr.Fisher i appreciate his work, and his prices are very reasonable...i must admit im really nervous im scheduled to have my BBL on April 12th, so if any of you dolls have any tips, pointers or have went Dr... READ MORE

26 with 3 Kids and a Much Need A$$ - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello let me introduce my self my name is Anali am 26 years old and a mother of 3 beautiful kids ages 8,6 and 2 and after having my kids my body is ruin I mean I never had an ass lol but now I have no ass and a belly am looking forward to get my bbl October 14 with Doctor hazani deposit is done... READ MORE

Turned my winter gut into a summer butt-bbl journey

I guess it is time to pay it forward and start documenting my bbl journey. This web site has been essential to all my decisions and led me to Dr. Hassan at Vanity. From what I have read Dr. Hassan is amazing but the facility needs to tighten up. So far I have not had any communication problems... READ MORE

26yr Woman W/1 Child. Wanting Breast Lift and Bbl - Houston, TX

Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty, buccal fat pad removal, and fat transfer to breast and lips(mouth). I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10,... READ MORE

24 Y/o, 1 Kid, Dr.Llorento

After researching for years, I'm finally getting the BBL procedure. I was torn between 2 surgeons Hassan & Llorento. Both of their work is amazing but I chose Llorento because of the more positive reviews I've seen. My coordinator is Liset and she's nice & responds back to me asap. I... READ MORE

Dr. Salama BBL 1/19/17 - Aventura, FL

For my 21st bday i want to do something for myself 2012 i want to be my year. i want to go to Dr. Salama but the only open dates is in late May and ill be graduating then soo, idk im considering not going to my graduation and just going to get the bbl done. so i just hope tht someone doesnt want... READ MORE

BBL W/ Dr. Moises Salama - October 25, 2016 - Aventura, FL

Tomorrow is the day !!!!!!!!!!! Made it to Miami. Headed to the office to sign paperwork and get some lab work done. So far my experience with the staff via phone has been great. Cant wait to meet them in person especially Dr. Salama. I will follow back up with my dolls after I visit the office.... READ MORE

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