Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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23 Yrs Old, No Kids, 175 Lbs, I'm Getting Lipo Bbl Beast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

I have lost a lot of weight I went from 205 lbs to 140 lbs but I got too skinny and lost all of my curves :( I gained some weight after and currently weigh 170 lbs I want to flatten my stomach and add some curves is Dr. Molina the right man for the job I searched and so far he seems the best for... READ MORE

32 years old, 2 kids, and finally getting a BBL!

Hi Dolls, I'm 32 years old. I have two kids, and I have finally decided to do a BBL. I am 4'10 & as of today I weigh 136 lbs. I am looking forward to trade in my "love handles" & my stomach for an hourglass figure with a nice heart shape booty to match. I will be having my surgery... READ MORE

39, 5'9" 160, This year it's about me

So I decided to start my story here and make it official! Still seems so surreal that this is actually happening. Decided on doctor Fisher at Eres. Went to see him last week and he's super nice and down to earth friendly. Love the results he gives and hoping he can do something with this tired... READ MORE

Can April Come Any Faster?! - Miami, FL

I'm really excited I got my bbl booked for April 7th. But I'm a little concerned about how Eres will change or cancel surgery dates. I hope and pray this doesn't happen to me. I'm using my vacation days and flying from Dallas. I'm still searching for a recovery home ???? so if you know of any... READ MORE

27 Years Old and Awaiting a New Makeover - Miami, FL

I am 5' 3" and 160 pounds. I have been unhappy about my body since before i had children but my insecurities about my stomach became worse after i had my son 4 years ago. I have always wanted more projection in my booty. My mother and sister think i look fine but of course its not about what... READ MORE

45 yr old Mother of 4, in Need of a Makeover

I'm in need of a serious makeover. Ive recently graduated from nursing school and I swear the stress of that program caused me to gain like 35lbs. Thank God its behind me now and I can begin to correct all that went wrong. I have high hopes that Dr. Fisher will deliver to my expectation. His... READ MORE

Thinking About Dr Yily of Dominican Republic for my BBL!!

Hello I've been secretly apart if this site for about 2 years now(just joined go me) lol. Anyway I am finally ready mentally and financially to get it done!! Anyway so the only two drs that have caught my attention are dr jimerson and dr yily both results are superb in my opinion. That's all for... READ MORE

27 Yrs- BBL with Dr. Llorente

Hello!!! This is my very 1st post here. I'm very excited about my sx with Llorente on 12/7/16 so i am only 2 if not really 1 day away. I can't wait. I am 5'3 and my current weight is 166 a lil more than what i should be but i want it to have the fat for the booty LOL! All suggestions or... READ MORE

Ready for bbl March 30 with Dr. Calva miami

The office looked really nice and everyone was very professional. the staff was full of beautiful women and I didn't feel like I was just one of many customers. I'm driving myself crazy thinkin about this surgery! I need to gain weight. besides drinking 4 ensure plus a day, does... READ MORE

Dr Rami Ghurani - Miami, FL

I'm a soon to be GhuraniDoll and I can't wait, if anyone has had this doctor please comment your experience, things needed, hotels near Spectrum and the ocean! At least I can look out the window while I'm Miami recovering. What was your down time pain level do the meds work for pain! Also what... READ MORE

Yily Doll 2017 - Dominican Republic

Hey ladies schedule on getting surgery on March 14th anyone in the New York New Jersey or Pennsylvania area getting surgery around that time.. I'm super nervous and would like a surgery buddy was thinking about taking my 19 year old daughter with me for support but if I get a surgery buddy... READ MORE

38 years old 5 kids

I choose Dr. Francis looking at his reviews and he was number one in times magazine and glamour he does realistic work. I am always told I have a huge butt I don't see it. I see my butt drags and I want it lifted I want my tummy flatter I have rolls on my back and love handles.. I just want to... READ MORE


Hi guys, I'm 35 years old and I wanted a mommy makeover after 2 kids. I've been researching and stalking this site for about 3 years now (checking credentials, experience and real reviews). I was very picky as to what doctor I wanted to do my procedure as everyone should be because its... READ MORE

30 Years Old 4 Kids and Ready for a New Year and New Me. I'm from Huntsville Al but traveling to Miami FL for surgery

I'm very excited about getting this procedure. My doctor of choice Johnathan Fisher. I'm choose him because he has done work on a very close friend of mine and she looks fantastic!! She started over with a new healthy looking bodacious body. I can't wait to have my procedure expecting and... READ MORE

Booked for January 4 2017 for my bbl by dr Emmanuel Mallol still want a surg buddy

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian butt lift for sometime now. I've decided that this is something that I want to do and is going to make me happy I'm already comfortable with my body but I just would like to enhance you only have one life to live so why not be happy while doing... READ MORE

29, 5 Kids and I Need a Makeover Bad - Cali, CO

I am a mommy to 5 little ones. I have a very odd shape body thanks to 5 kids back to back. I really want a BBL. I just don't think I will ever really have the money for it. I don't work because I take care of my kids and daycare is way too expensive. I've dedicated my life to raising kids and... READ MORE

Going to get Hasanified

Well i have a consultation with doctor Perez here in Tampa on Friday and Im excited. My husband is just as excited as me. Lol but im also want to see what dr Fischer in Miami can do also. Both specializes in skinny bbls and since im 125lb i think they both can do a good job. A little back ground... READ MORE

29 Y/o, 3 Kids, 5'5, 175lbs - Miami, FL

Hi everyone! I have decided on seeing Dr. Blinski for my procedure. He seems like such an honest and genuine person. Pretty much everyone has commented on how caring he is here on realself, I love that about him. I emailed the office about 2 weeks ago with pictures and Jackie their... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Ready to Put the Fat Where It's Posed to Be

I've always been tall and thin. I'm 5'11 and have always been a string bean ????. That was until I had my son in 08 and I went from 120 to a whopping 165... I was so happy, after all the years of trying to gain weight it finally happen, but there was one ????? big problem... it was going to my... READ MORE

New Year, New Me! *Soon to be Duran Doll*

So, I am having a hard time trying to find the right Surgeon for my procedure! I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpture. I've gotten quotes from several Surgeons and I've decided that the states are either too expensive or their work doesn't match what I want done. I want my waist... READ MORE

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