Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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My New Smoke-Free Body

I am counting the days until my BBL Procedure with Dr. Valls. I have less than 10 LBS to lose and I am very confidant that by my date I will be down to the 33 BMI required by him. I quit smoking almost 10 months ago and since then I have gained over 30 lbs. I have finally leveled out and I have... READ MORE

30 2 Kids and Hate my Flabby Stomach and Flat Booty

I am 17 days away from surgery trying to get my lab work done today. I am getting pretty scared the closer I get I really want a flat tummy for once in my life and a booty, scheduled with dr valls. Most of the pics I've seen with great results are smaller women and I'm wondering if I'm going to... READ MORE

29 mother of 1 Valls Doll Coming Soon!!

I'm so excited. I finally have my date for surgery and everything is getting VERY real! Any advice for me is MUCH APPRECIATED! ???????? any must pack items? Any do not dos? I'm all ears! I'm looking forward to getting this lipo and new booty, well mainly some ops because I have a big booty but... READ MORE

20 years old one baby boy, looking to get a BBL & 360 Liposculpture

My name is Belinda and I'm 20 I have a son and I'm married. I've bin researching every where and I've bin in contact with a lot of assistants and finding out quotes and all that stuff. I've bin contemplating on whether I want to go to Miami or DR ( Dominican Republic ) The main thing for me is... READ MORE

37 Year Old, 4 Kids and Needed a Boost to Complete my Transformation

Hello! After my 4th pregnancy, I decided to start re-building my body and work on my condition. I started exercising and keeping a good diet. I lost 11kgs and as much as I was delighted with the new energy level and generally feeling good, I noticed that I was going to need surgery to finish my... READ MORE

fantastic results bbl - Houston, TX

BBL Story: First off, and this is super important to understand, I am 5'4" and 118 pounds before and after my procedure..I did NOT come to Dr. Cortes for weight loss. I always hated the shape of my body, and people always told me I was too small and crazy to think that a bbl would work for me..... READ MORE

26 Year Old 2 Kids Need a New Booty - Miami, FL

I am booking on Friday for a BBL with Dr. FISHER in June of 2017. Super excited!! I will post some wish pics soon. Is there anyone else who has seen dr. Fisher? Would love to hear your opinion and see your results. I have been thinking about this procedure for a few years now. Glad to finally... READ MORE

57 Yr Old Getting Lipo with Fat Transfer Bbl. Previous Tummy Tuck 4 Months Ago (Not Happy with Results of Tt)

My surgery for lipo with fat transfer for bbl is in 5 days. The anxiety is high. Dr Bonergan in Wilmington, Delaware is doing my procedure. I also had a tummy tuck almost 4 months ago by Dr Perrotta in Salisbury, Maryland. Revision needs to be done after I heal from my bbl. I'm posting a picture... READ MORE

Soon to Be 20, No Kids, Trying to Get my Ideal Body! - Miami, FL

Hi Dolls! I've read multiple reviews; each and every one of them were so inspiring and helpful! I don't think I would of even began to think of going through this procedure if it wasn't for you guys. There's been so many tips and information that I would not of know if it wasn't for this site... READ MORE

21 Years Old 2 Kids

I'm so nervous to get this procedure done but it's something i've wanted ALL my life. ove always had a lump of fat behind my back and i always felt insecure about it and im finally ready to do something about it please everyone tell me your expriences im nervous that im spending all this... READ MORE

my journey with dr.Fisher

So after a long long time of researching I have finally choose my Doctor, Dr.Fisher. and i couldn't be happier and more excited. I'm currently 5'2 and I weigh 181 I'm pretty much shaped like spongebob lol So I have to loose a total of 12 pounds before my surgery . My surgery date is... READ MORE

34 Yr Old ..bbl & Lipp...220lbs....

Got a tummy tuck more than 5 years ago and I hate my shape. I decided to get a bob and decided to go with Dr. Sergio Alvarez in Miami. I am looking to loose 15-20lbs before surgery and I can not wait! I have done so much research, I have driven myself and my other half crazy. Any advice? Also I... READ MORE

19 and Ready to Be Confident

I am finally starting my journey after months of research that has grown into a major obsession. I was kind of scared to do a review but then I was like fuck it. I am 19, a business student, and I am ready to do this. Since the beginning of my journey I have changed my doctor several times which... READ MORE

3 Weeks Away from Becoming a Fisher Doll!!!

Hello ladies, I am a mom on 2 (9yr boy, 3yr girl). 33 Yrs young. I'm 20 days away from getting this procedure done. Yisel is my pre-admission coordinator, and i've emailed her twice now, still no response. Once asking for the fax number to have my lab tests sent over (which i just did... READ MORE

I Chose Dr. Hanabergh! - Miami, FL

I have met many of you through my journey of going to Spectrum but I am no longer going there. I will not be seeing Dr.Hanabergh and I'm truly excited about it. Our phone consultation was nothing short of amazing. I know for sure I made the right decision. I understand that there are any risks... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old with One Child Who is Already 3 - Mexico, MX

I will be traveling from Milwaukee WI to Zapopan Jalisco on June 27th. June 28th i will be getting blood work done along with cardiology testing and then on the 29th of June i will have my surgery at 1:30 pm if all goes well with testing!! I am excited but very nervous!!! The hospital is called... READ MORE

Fisher BBL Transformation 8/17/17

Hi Dolls, I'm new to RS and love how everyone on here is concerned about other who are having cosmetic. You doll's have inspired me to take you along with me on my BBL journey. My procedure is scheduled for July 6, 2017 with Dr. Fisher. My coordinator is Anna and so far she has been wonderful.... READ MORE

Step by Step Review *DBL+LIPOSCULPTURE in the D.R. with Dr. Mallol*

I hate that i do this, get serious about doing this procedure than drop it... but im a mom so any little thing that arises, i put myself on the back burner and care to everyone first. I said 2015 would be my year (i feel like i say that every jan 1st) but i had 2 options a butt or a house, i... READ MORE

5'2" 110 lbs. No kids, For Brazilian Butt Lift

So.. finally I decided I want to rid my stomach of my fatty kangaroo pouch and put it where I want it: my butt. Genetically my fat gravitational toward my face and stomach when i gain weight. When I lose weight, the breasts and butt go first butime the stomach remains and the chubby face :( In... READ MORE


Today is 3/17/18 ANDS FINALLY I GOT TO SPEAK WITH ANA FROM SPECTRUM AESTHETICS. TOOK LONG ENOUGH !!!!!! HA BUT, I AM READY TO START MY BBL JOURNEY FOR 2018. Due to Dr. Mel Ortega being booked for all of 2017 Ana has told me that Dr. Arístides Martínez and Dr. Rami Ghurani are open for bookings. ... READ MORE

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