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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour.
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As most of you are, I am also addicted to realself! I have my consultation in two days and I'm so nervous! I just want to hear all the right things and be able to schedule a BBL so I can continue my fitness journey and when I get thin I'd like to have a mini tummy tuck to get rid of my extra... READ MORE

Hi RS ladies, I an currently wrking ft, school ft, degree in may 2016.. was planning on doing Bachelors in social services, but now I'm thinking of becoming a Rn. Oh well enough of me.., I am having a bbl done by Dr Del vecchio, on Jan 2016 , had my consult today (11.10.15) locked... READ MORE

So I've been wanting to get liposuction on my stomach as long as I can remember. But I had issues being that I had cardiac surgery in the past but now I'm all clear and ready to give this a shot. I've been to a few consultations so far and decided to go with Dr John Hamel in Nebo NC. I live on... READ MORE

I have been looking into a BBL for about 2 years now but never went to a consultation or requested information regarding the procedures. This year things have changed, I want to feel more confident about my body and wear clothes that I haven't been able to since having my son. So my journey... READ MORE

It always seems like somebody is on RS LOOKING,READING,WRITING,FANTASYING, IMAGINING, just plain going crazy!! Hi my name is Nikki and I'm a reaselfaolic shiiiit I've been stalking this site for yrs(lmao) Ladies most if our stories are the same we forgot about ourselves over the yrs raising... READ MORE

I finally made up my mind of having a BBL procedure. I've been researching a lot about this surgery and who's the best doctor in Miami area. I've read a good reviews with Dr Alvarez plus they have promotion going on till end of this month. I think 12 areas liposuction for Bbl is not bad at all.... READ MORE

So I've been following this page for a while now. Trying to decide on who I wanted as a Dr to do my surgery. I was looking at Dr Salzhauer but I had to cancel my appointment due to school and not being able to switch dates with another patient. Back on the search, I came across Dr Fisher but... READ MORE

I have been researching over a year now and I'm excited about having this procedure. My motivation is looking in the mirror and looking at my flat ass! I have (NOAZZATALL) syndrome but my friends say I got a tear drop...LOL! I'm from the country so growing up I was picked on for having no booty.... READ MORE

Sooooo Excited, just book surgery with Dr. Harold Villalobos in Cali Colombia! Got my plane tix and waiting for beautysleep recovery home to confirm with me! Wow less than a week till I leave. I am getting BBL with lipo to everywhere I have extra fat including arms, thighs, etc. Breast... READ MORE

I haven't decided between Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran, I emailed both of them yesterday and whatsapp'd Dr Yily. So far Dr Duran responded with an "automatic" email asking me to send naked pictures of my front back and side, which I sent. So now I'm playing the waiting game for both of them :( I am 26... READ MORE

Seems like he has more experience with girls of my size plus he has a opening next month fisher is booked until the end of the April. Anybody used doctor o recently? Any advice list of things to bring that vanity doesn't tell you etc? I was told I needed to lose ten lbs easy easy I can do that... READ MORE

I recently flew into FL to have my procedures done by Dr. Miami. I had my appt scheduled a year in advance. I used the recommended recovery home, Elite Nursing Concierge. Overall, my interactions with both the recovery home and the dr.s office were very good. His staff was very attentive.... READ MORE

I'm hoping for a rounder buttocks smaller waist and upper back. I def don't want to have leftover fat above my bra line, it's the worst! Especially, when I don't have much hips. I had liposuction about 3 years ago around my waist. I hope this time I can have my waist taken in a lil more and... READ MORE

Hey dolls! So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a young mother of 1. (One and done for me lol) I am still with my sons baby's father, so don't get it twisted XD Any who, I am having a breast lift w/ implants, TT & BBL with Dr Miami! After my pregnancy, my weight ballooned to... READ MORE

I am 27 years old and I don't have any kids... I really want to get a BBL done this year by dr schulman in NYC. I have a consultation with him on May 25 and I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I have been reading all reviews on dr schulman on RS and so far I'm loving it, I feel much... READ MORE

Ok, so I've finally decided on the procedure and Doctor that I want. My first post was for smartlipo but after my consultation I wasn't sure if i would give me the results I really wanted so I continued looking. I decided to get a BBL and lipo on my waist, back and abdomen. Some... READ MORE

Hello ladies!!! I'm 27 years young, the mother of one, and for many years have wanted butt enhancement. Now is my time, I was originally scheduled to have my BBl with Dr.Omulepu on 03-09-16 but their was a problem with his license. I found out a week before my surgery; I had received my... READ MORE

Hi Beauties! I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 173 pounds. I have been doing this research for about a good year now and have learned not to rely completely on the site because I'm not sure how many reviews are real and I also can't seem to find enough credited photos. So I just decided to go with my gut... READ MORE

I have been looking for a board certified surgeon for months, I had 3 consultations every one was between 9000 and 13000 I was starting to think I would never be able to afford it. I found a great surgeon who is board certified. I went for my consultation on 5/13 and it went great, he explained... READ MORE

I'm looking to get a bbl n breast lift I would like to know if anybody have gotten these procedures done at once n if so what should I expect? I have a consultation with Dr Alkon at the end of June 2016 n I'm excited. Would like some information on what should I expect if I go through with this... READ MORE

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How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

The typical cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift ranges from $4,200-$11,000 with an average cost of $6,550. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 12,800 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more