Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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1000cc Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery- London

I was quite nervous about having this procedure carried out as a lot of surgeons will not transfer much more than 500cc of fat and I wanted a slightly more dramatic look. I'm so glad I chose Mr Marsh he has done exactly what I requested I'm over the moon with the results already! The first two... READ MORE

NewMe 2017 Blinski - Miami, FL

Hello ladies, I have been on real self doing research for months now. I was so happy to see that on real self women were truly being supportive of each other and that is amazing. I have made the decision to have the BBL. I booked with Dr. Blinski back in July or August. My surgery is scheduled... READ MORE

So Excited - Cali, CO

I been talking to Dr. Lapaix on what's app since Jan 2016 & he's so responsive and so caring a kind I'm finally booked to get my surgery done with him April 17 I'll be staying there for 5 days I'm getting BBL & Lipo! I'm 26 years old with a 6 year daughter & im just trying to be a sexy mom again... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Doc. I'm Starting to Get Nervous

I am a 29 year old with 3 kids with my youngest being almost 2. I plan to get lipo, tummy tuck & bbl in the next few months. Im getting nervous & having second thoughts. Ive only had one consulation with dr curves in ATL. I would like to do a few more before i decide but idk who else i... READ MORE

29, 3 Girls and I'm Ready for my New Bootaay!! Future Mcadoll - Aventura, FL

I've been wanting and waiting on this for years!!!! Now the time is here! I get my sx the morning of my bday dolls!!! I'm so ready but I'm not mentally!! I can't wait to fill the pain afterwards because beauty is pain ladies and I can't wait to see my new big ol booty. March 7th can't come fast... READ MORE

Now Switching to Hassan - Miami, FL

Was going with Dr Ortega but now switch to Dr Hassan at vanity only bc i don't see to much of Ortegas work and it looks like dr Hassan is more aggressive I am 5"4 183 lbs I have love handles for days and a my stomach is a little pouch I can't take it anymore I have hips and I'm thick already... READ MORE

Nervous and Excited - Miami, FL

Hello ladies :) It's my first time going under the knife and I'm super excited and nervous :) I just booked my appointment with Dr. Sergio alvarez !!!!! 05/23/17 I need help, I have so many questions The do's and don't's I have not yet book my recovery home, I don't know if I should just... READ MORE

BBL W. Dr Carmen Dimario Philly - Philadelphia, PA

Sooooo after extensive research and lots of consultations I finally made my decision. I decided to go with Dr. Dimario. I had my consultation today and met with Janet .During my consultation she showed me before and after photos. She showed me multiple celebrities that had BBLs done there and... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old 5'4 155lbs Going to Dr Alverez @ Mia Aesthetics 2017!!!! - Miami, FL

I'm going, going, back, back, to Miami, Miami. *In my best Biggie voice. So I originally started a review on a local California doctor however, I don't seem to get that wow factor from his results! My husband is not willing to go out of country so I chose Miami! I had my boobs done Feb 2016 in... READ MORE

Soon to Be a HAZANI DOLL# Hourglassshape#sexymom!!! Beverly Hills, CA

I've been following a few dolls on their journey for a while and I can definitely say I'm ready to bring my sexy back!!! I was originally amazed by Dr Fisher but after all the bad reviews of after care from him and the clinics several deaths I refuse to put my life in there hands. I have 2 kids... READ MORE

25 UK Plazas Doll - Cali, CO

Do I have decided to go with dr Luis plazas in Colombia. I have 3 quotes, one for lipo and bbl, TT, lipo and bbl and breast lift. I've only had a online quote through pictures so once I have my consultation he can advise on what he thinks is best for me. I started taking iron, folic acid and... READ MORE

37, Mother of Two, Body Under Construction - Miami, FL

Initially intended to have my BBL done in the D.R. with DR. Duran/Medina. They both seem to have very high ratings and great pictures with amazing results not to mention the prices for two procedures was about the cost of one procedure in the US. But ultimately I had to consider the... READ MORE


Well I've had sx in the Dominican republic with a well known doctor... this is round 2 and I feel more comfortable with doctor almonte my date is July 5 if any1 else shares my date and wanna be as buddy hit me up ... I'll b posting my whole journey ... my recovery house should b my home as I've... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 1 Child, 160 Lbs, 5'0 Tall

Hello everyone! I have been on here reading a bunch of stuff and decided that I may as well start writing about what I am planning on doing. I will be getting a BBL in March and will be going to Dr.Thao here in Minnesota. Any type of advice as to how to prep is greatly appreciated! Anyone who... READ MORE

BBL With Dr Fisher

I'm Brazilian, so I'm obsessed with my body and after 3 pregnancies and only thanks to good gene I was able to get back in shape every time, but with the lack of exercise what was up, come down, so yes I need a BBL, breast aug, vaginal correction of the muscle ( blather is low) , yes I have a... READ MORE

28 Years Old- Lipo360 & BBL with Dr. BBL - Minneapolis, MN

Hi All! I've never gotten any cosmetic procedures done before, so I'm nervous but excited. I've chosen to go with Dr. Balgobin (Dr. BBL) for my lipo/bbl in December. His before and afters are impressive so hopefully my results will be awesome. I have been losing weight in order to get best... READ MORE

Soon to Be Yily Doll March 2017 - Dominican Republic

Hey guys, I'm 22 no kids, college student. I will be going to get my surgery with yily on march 14th 2017. I've been researching this surgery for about 2 years. Im about 180lbs, 5'5. I've literally been stalking yily on every social media site and I'm in love with her work. So far the... READ MORE

22 5'2 160lbs No Kids Dr Yily Dominican Republic, DO

So I've been back and fourth with this procedure. I'm from Boston so I went to a doctor that my friend referred me to out here. He quoted me 9,600$ ????. So I started looking in other places. Dr Baez hasn't replied and Dr cabral got back to me rather quick and 4200 is affordable. I'm leaning... READ MORE

Booked for April 5th with Dr. Aslani.

Hello Ladies! Now its finally my turn to write a review. :) Ive been stalking you "dolls" in here for a year or so. I have been wanting to go through with this procedure, since i saw some documentary in telly with my mom at age 15 about Brazilian Buttlift. My mom was laughing hard, asking me... READ MORE

BBL with Dr.Fisher 2017

Ok so I have a review on my breast reduction and lift that i just had done on September 2 of this month and i decided to just write a new review for just my bbl i was trying to combine the reviews but then i just decided to do bbl review by its self. Ok so ive wanted to do this for a while so in... READ MORE

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