Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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So Im Deciding to Go for It

Well i have a consultation with doctor Perez here in Tampa on Friday and Im excited. My husband is just as excited as me. Lol but im also want to see what dr Fischer in Miami can do also. Both specializes in skinny bbls and since im 125lb i think they both can do a good job. A little back ground... READ MORE

20 Year Old, Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Perez Gurri and his staff are amazing. They will make you feel extremely comfortable and at home! I went in to my surgery confident that I would have good results, but the outcome was better than I ever expected. I have the body of my dreams now, and I look natural! My healing process was... READ MORE

Medina Doll, 26yrs Old, 130lbs, No Kids, BBL

I am super excited, I have just settled on a doctor and paid my deposit. Drumroll please.... DRA. MEDINA from the Dominican Republic was my choice! I will be doing my procedure/s on January 17th 2017. Anyone else going to the DR then? I sent inquiries to 4 different doctors and Dra. Medina was... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of 4 - Aventura, FL

Hello Beautiful ladies!! I am four weeks away from my BBL with Dr. Salama. I am 5"1 and 155lb. My BMI is 28. Iv wanted a booty my entire adult life. I've always been blessed with beautiful breast and a beautiful face but have always felt like my lower body just does not match that. I love my... READ MORE

31 Y/o No Kids Excited for BBL - Linden, NJ

I have been thinking about this for about 4-5 years now and i finally have the cash to get it done so i'm super excited and ready. I chose Dr. Alkon in NJ because I felt very comfortable with him during the consultation and my boyfriend talked me out of going out of town for surgery. I was... READ MORE

I'm 22 Yrs Old Mom of 1 - Toronto, KS

Hey Dolls ! In exactly 7 days I will undergo a bbl procedure. I will post all my updates and all my journey. I am a smoker decided to stop maybe 3 days ago. Hope it won't affect the results . I am 5,6 . 180pounds . I am really looking for that hourglass figure. How much CC will I need? Omgg... READ MORE

No More Long Ass Days!

Hello ladies. I’m pleased to announce I will be Ghuranified on 11/29/16! After so much research I decided that I wanted to do my bbl in Miami. I narrowed it down to McAdoo, Alvarez and Ghurani. Even though Alvarez had the best price out of all 3, I decided to go with Ghurani cus all he had was p... READ MORE

28 year old first BBL with DR Levine Toronto

Its funny how when you want to gain weight you lose it and wheb you want to lose weight you struggle like crazy...... lol Having dr. Levine in toronto do my procedure. Anyone wanna share their recovery process stories? When did you actually sit on the big bum after the procedure?? Im not... READ MORE

Dr. Cabral July 2016!!!! Dominican Republic, DO

Hey ladies, I'm a 30 yr old mother of 3 from Toronto, Canada. Like most on the site I've been just looking and reading. Now that I have made up my mind and have been in contact with my Dr I'm ready to start this journey. I have been so indecisive about which doctor to choose and I even put... READ MORE

Decided to at LEAST share my RH and doctor experience...

I've been stalking this site since 2014, reading reviews and seeing before and after pics trying to decide on the right procedures, the right doctor to give me my desired outcome, in search of the best of the best without too far of a travel. My initial plan was to see Dr. Yily, Duran, or Baez... READ MORE

33, 2 Kids Wanting BBL and Possibly TT - Round Rock, TX

Tomorrow I have scheduled a consultation to meet Dr. Kerr! I'm so excited to meet him and hear his professional opinion. I have seen him on the TV show Skin Tight and I'm impressed. I have been wanting a BBL for quite some time and now after completing my family, I am ready to take the plunge! I... READ MORE

31 Yr Old Getting a BL and BBL with Dr. Mallol

I am super excited, finally booked surgery. i have been considering this surgery for 8 years now and i finally found the courage to just go for it. Been stalking Dr Molinas for a few years and i love his work (i want a nice conservative butt) but i finally decided to go with Mallol. Anyway i... READ MORE

Hi Beautiful Dolls✋

I have always been a thin person until I was diagnosed with (Sarcoidosis). It's the illness Bernie Mac and Michael Clark Dunkin, Football star Reggie White died of. Anywho I was always thin until they started me on the devils tic-tacs (prednisone).. I'm am waiting on word from care credit to get... READ MORE

Bbl in Instanbul

I live in london and going for my bbl procedure in Istanbul. I will be going to the clinic centre my surgeon is Dr. Gokhan HAYTOGLU. I was told my doctor will be inserting 600cc for each buttock, however more can be inserted depending on the amount of fat available to play with. I feel really... READ MORE

My BBL with Fat Transfer Journey (Dr. Dass) - Beverly Hills, CA

I have wanted the bbl with fat transfer procedure for about 2 years now. I finally got my credit right ?? and was approved by 2 lenders. I go in for my pre-op this Friday and I will keep you all posted. My entire journey will be documented in here to help anyone considering the procedure...... READ MORE

Fisher Doll Ready. New Body Needed. 36 and Ready for a New Me :-) - Miami, FL

I am getting a bbl with inner thigh Lipo. My surgery date is April 21,2015 with dr. Fisher, coordinator is Shirley. . I am getting a new booty with Lipo, also paying extra for inner thigh Lipo. Ready for a new me! I am 175lbs at 5'2 and the coordinator told me I need to be 163lbs. For all... READ MORE

27, Married, with 6 Beautiful Children

Hello everyone! I've been on here since 2014 and I recently wanted to move forward. I would like to eventually get a bbl, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck. For my own reasons I'd like to get them done one at a time. I'll be going to Dr. fisher sometime between April- June. He quoted me 5000... READ MORE

23 YO Old Mom of Two, Ready to Love my Body Again - Tijuana, Mexico

So I've been a member on this site for quite some time now. I looked around, read some reviews etc... Let me just say this office is EXCEPTIONAL when it comes to customer service and that's what really made me want to get my work done with DR.P. I have a friend who got a BBL done with Campos and... READ MORE

19 Days.... Countdown Begins....BBL and Liposuction - Jacksonville, FL

So, I waited a whole year before the deciding to go for a consultation (just to make sure it was not a phase). I found Dr Hardy on Google and did some research, liked his pictures, and decided to see him. He was very nice during the consultation. I was very uncomfortable being half undressed,... READ MORE

TT, BBL, LipoSculpture with Baez

Dra. Baez was an amazing doctor to have. She was very thorough in explaining the entire process, instructions, and answering questions. She's so kind and enduring her bedside manner put me at ease during the entire process. Also, her assistant was very helpful by providing you with both verbal... READ MORE

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