Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Soon To Be Ghurani Hottie !!!

After 2 long years of research and switching from Dr. to Dr., I FINALLY decided to have my BBL procedure with Dr. Rhami Ghurani. He quoted me at 5,500 for the special that they are currently running. I spoke with the coordinator Lizbeth. She called me the next day to get all of my information... READ MORE

24 years old with 51' inch butt and 32' inch waist all natural but wants a bubble butt with Manon and a flut tummy

Hi Ladies, so I started reading this page around January and I think I'm satisfied with the doctor I chose, which is Dr. Israel Manon. He works well with bigger women and I have seen his work on Instagram, which I'm very impressed. So I talked to his assistant Rosa and she quoted me your quote... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Ready to Put the Fat Where It's Posed to Be

I've always been tall and thin. I'm 5'11 and have always been a string bean ????. That was until I had my son in 08 and I went from 120 to a whopping 165... I was so happy, after all the years of trying to gain weight it finally happen, but there was one ????? big problem... it was going to my... READ MORE

32 with 2 Kids! Need a Hips and Booty - Tijuana, MX

I put my deposit of 500 down and scheduled my surgery date for July 11 with Dr P. The coordinated Nadia is On top Of of her game. She's responsive to every email I've sent and very informative. Great customer service so far. Anyone else booked for July 11???? Looking for support buddy or even... READ MORE

25 Years Old , 2 Kids and Much Needed Revenge Body - Dominican Republic

Hey dolls I'm deciding to write a review for perspective dolls who are unaware. I'm 5'9 about 191 and my bmi is 28, I'm scheduled to have surgery with dra yily in a few weeks . I smoked weed really heavy so it's been crazy having to quit cold turkey but my health comes first !! I've been... READ MORE

32 Year Old Single Mom W/3 Kids Getting Bbl W/Dr. Dass - Beverly Hills, CA

A couple weeks ago I booked my surgery with Dr. Dass and am feeling excited and nervous as the time approaches. I feel that it helps me to read positive reviews on Dr. Dass so I'm taking the time to post a review of my own experience. I have chosen to get my bbl with this doctor because of his... READ MORE

Future yily doll 2017 December

Hello all is welcome to comment I have decided to go with Dr. Yily has anyone went to her and how can I calculate a decent bmi. Can any one please share their experience with her. I am planning on getting this done. READ MORE

Cutie in Need of a Booty ;) - DR

Hi I've been stalking this site for 4 years now im 34 with two daughters 14 and 8. I've been working on losing weight for a few months now my started weight was 183 im 5"4 1/2. Im now down to 161.5 im thinking about losing 10 more pounds before i get the procedure or should I just stay were im... READ MORE

I'm 29, No Kids, BOOTYDOO BE GONE!!

I'm ready to get myself right and plus I turn 30 next year and it's a great birthday present to myself! I'm just ready for a better me! I'm 5'5 195 pounds and I will lose 30 pounds before the procedure, You definitely want to be close to your goal weight as much as possible Bootydoo be... READ MORE

Doing Me.. Mommy of Two - Miami, FL

Hi dolls... I first want to say I'm so excited to get the nerves to do this... I've been stalking this site for a few years and I'm next up. I have chosen Dr. Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics to work his magic on me... I'm extremely nervous but I'm stepping out on faith.. I'm scheduled for... READ MORE

Bad Genetics

So I'm really wanting aBBL and lipo, along with a tummy tuck. I'm very self conscious about my body and it's time I do for me instead of every one else. I'm a mother of one kid. Trying to figure out a date for my BBL. in between doctors right now. I have bad love handles, and fat that will not... READ MORE

BBL, TT, After Major Weight Loss 42 Mother of 2 - Mexico

Research... I have been doing my homework and thought I had narrowed my search down to Dr. Campos but the more I read his reviews I am not so sure. I am a huge on customer service and his prices keep jumping up and down for several client that received the exact procedure within weeks of each... READ MORE

Finally grew some balls!

Finally!!!! Soooooo ladies, I have officially decided on Dra. Tania Medina in the Dominican Republic. She has been extremely helpful throughout my whole process, and takes the time to answer all my questions. I was definitely hesitant to go outside the country for my procedure- but after doing... READ MORE

Bbl dr pantojas

Hi everyone my name . Is nancy im 23 im 5"3 weigh about 165 and I really want to go to get this done but im having a hard time finding before and after pictures from doctors in Tijuana. I would really appreciate if someone could share with be there before and after pictures the experience and... READ MORE

30 Years Old in Desperate Need of BBL

Hello All! Well I'm 30 years old, no kids. I have always been overweight, but my weight increased dramatically during a stressful period in my life, and I was up to 280 lbs at one point. I am currently down to 225 lbs (still want to lose about 15-20 lbs before surgery). I'm 5'6. Even at my... READ MORE

26yrs old BBL N Chin Lipo w/ Dr. PANTOJA May2017**

I finally booked my surgery day May 30th 2017!! Really excited and nervous. I have all my things ready I do need a few stuff to buy and book such as my drainage massage. Anybody advise for me before the surgery? I know it's a long way but time flys by. Info about me I'm 26yrs old, 170lbs 5'4... READ MORE

Need help picking doctor Asap

Im so confused in picking a doctor. Im ready to book now so I can have my surgery in April or May. Im stuck between Dr Mcadoo, Dr Calvas, Dr Robles or Almonte. I help????. I have gotten quotes from all of them except Mcadoo. They are slow responding Well Dr Almonte wont have any openings... READ MORE

UK Mallol Doll

Hey dolls, I'm a student in the UK looking to have fat transfer, bbl with dr Mallol during the first week of April.I haven't made any deposits as I don't want to do so without making sure I have enough money for pre and after care (a month or two of lymphatic massages). I have all the money I... READ MORE

SKINNY girl review! 5'5 113lb. Bbl with Dr.fisher

I have BBL surgery date with dr. Jonathan fisher, because I have a minor infection in my body right now I won't be able to clear for surgery this soon, if you would like tohave your bbl done sooner, and have a surgery date in March/April 2017P, please let me know! I'm willing to swap with you!!... READ MORE

1/19/2017 Looking for Surgery Buddy - Dominican Republic

After years of research I've finally decided to go with Fatima Almonte!!! I'm very excited, I am 28 and I'll be getting a TT+ liposuction of full back, flanks and abdomen + bbl. Is anyone thinking about it? Are you post op, how was your recovery? Going to make a appointment with my doctor here... READ MORE

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