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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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BBL with Dr Llorente - Miami, FL

This is my new review since I changed surgeon. My original plan was to go to DR but my family got all cray-cray one month before ( my husband told them) so after a family intervention, I was left to find a surgeon in the USA. I was so upset because I spent over a year doing my research and the... READ MORE


Heyyyy ladies! Sooo I recently had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson, not much to be said about it. It was a basic virtual consultation from what I know, just pretty much a question and answer session. Of course, as soon as you get off the phone you think of a million more questions... Now with... READ MORE

4 1/2 weeks Pictures and Update

Happy Holidays everyone, I've been lurking this site for about a month now and decided to start and share my BBL journey with you all. I have decided to get a BBL due to my existing backside having a few flaws (dents). I had a TT about 7 1/2 years ago and even though I struggled with... READ MORE

Thank You Dr. Llorente!! :) - Miami, FL

Hi! I am 4 weeks post op from BBL!!! I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting my review. I am very happy with my results. Dr. Llorente did a fantastic job with the little fat I had. I am 5'5 and my weight before surgery was 137!! He answered all my questions the day of my consultation. He... READ MORE

New Body By 35 2/14/13

Dr. Hakki and staff were very welcoming, and professional during my consult appt. Ive independently contacted other patients to get post-op results and opinions, and they gave rave reviews! Im just trying to determine whether I want a more conservative result with Dr. Hakki vs. a more aggressive... READ MORE

So Confident! - Waldorf, MD

I've always been pretty fit im 5'9 average weight 160 turning 29 this past July its not clubbing as much i realized most of my weaight started to stick to my midsection and sort of gave me a ruler apperance and my little butt i did have sort of faded away constantly not buying clothes becuase it... READ MORE


Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last year but it didnt happen:-( So this year. I plan on getting lipo from my abdomen flanks back and arms into butt. I am also getting these low riders (my saggy DDs) lifted. I already sent my deposit, just need 2 confirm my date towards the end of... READ MORE

29 Yrs+ 1 Kiddo - Miami, FL

Hey there, So yes I've been following some great sistas and their journeys (thank you!!),I've also been doing some homework to help w choosing my Dr. And omg!! it's difficult because it's something I definitely want I don't see myself not having this surgery, I want to be able to shop with... READ MORE

29/F BBL Ready!

Hey Ya'll. First and foremost, i'm not new to this. I was set and all ready for my surgery last month but my hemoglobin was 11.3 and then dropped to a 10.7 so I had to reschedule. I never cried so hard in my life. I was done with everything. The fact is though it was my fault. I didn't start... READ MORE

Brazillian Butt Lift - Lipo Miami Fl APRIL 20TH DR CALVA

Im thinking about setting up a consultation for a bbl the question i have is does anyone have a review about the bbl i would like to know has anyone had this surgery performed by her and if so can you post some pics all the reviews just say she is nice she is hands on and thats good to know but... READ MORE

26yr 4'10", 1 child BBL Houston

I'm wanting a Brazilian butt lift, lip augmentation (fat grafting), and breast lift. I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10, 135lbs I would really love dr Miami... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Kids, Ready to Get the Body of my Dreams!!

I'm 28 years and have been thinking about getting a BBL for a while and finally decided to do it!! After doing research and hearing about recent fatal deaths in other parts of the country, I did not want to risk going somewhere where the price was too low and representative seems sketchy!! I... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, BBL, Lipo, and Tummy Tuck - Houston, TX

I'm 5'8" and weigh 136 lbs. I have always had an issue with my butt and tried to workout to make it bigger...could never get the results I wanted. After having 3 Kids, my stomach was never the same. I always had a pocket of fat right under my belly button and love handles followed by stretch... READ MORE

45 Year-old and Enjoying Life..

45 year-old,looking for a little improvement,when going on cruises and out to beaches.Just want to feel good when I wear a bikini .Love the fashion .But feel like she I wear jeans it's not fitting in bottom.A little nervous but I had surgery on both my hands I consider is worser than that... READ MORE

BBL with Salama 5/26/17!!!

So after my journey with breast implants iam considering enhancing my butt and having a more curvy body. Im not sure i want to do my procedure with dr. Ortega (who did my breast augmentation). I need advise who is the best doctor for this kinda thinking brazilian butt lift., but ive... READ MORE

ManonChick Watch Me Transform: New TaTa's and a Booty

I was able to find Dr Manon through lots and lots of research. Also my best friend who is also my surgery buddy will be going with me. I will be getting a bbl along with a Breast lift with implants I'm not trying to go to big just want to add a little more. I'm soooooo excited it can't wait to... READ MORE

Tummy tuck and BBL

Hello! I recently just booked my surgery for a TT and BBL for this upcoming Wednesday. I've been researching doctors for awhile and finally decided on Dr.Hughes. My main read for selecting him is because of his education , training and I like his work. I'm super excited and scared. I have... READ MORE

My 30th Birthday Gift to Me - Santo Domingo, DR

For the past year I have been doing so much research on what type of surgery would suit my need, for wanting a smaller waist trimmer upper thighs and back/butt. Once I decided a Brazialin butt lift would be my decision, I turned into Carmen San Diego. I even took it as far as doing a... READ MORE

27y/o Mama Need Some Ass

After going back and forth with different doctors from MX to DR and FL, I've decided to go with Dr. Calva! I follow him on IG & SC and let me tell y'all he snatches the waist and makes his dolls bootielicious! lol I've been emailing with Alexis from Eres Miami and she's been really sweet and... READ MORE

28 Years Old No Kids Very Scared - Miami, FL

Hi am Zianna but everyone calls me Zi for short. I'm 28 years old 5'1 and I weight 146.5. I'm not happy with the way I look. I'm big breasted G38 and I have nothing below. I did my research and found a doctor to do my procedure out Miami Fl. I want some hips and apple bottom. My only concern... READ MORE

BBl With Dr Ortega April 28th 2017. Follow My Journey

So this year has been the worse for me, no one can imagine it's been rough. With that said I want to enhance my body next year and feel better overall. I would like to have a BBL done , I am probably going to go with Dr Mel Ortega. Recently relocated so I'm trying to save up for it. Anyone else... READ MORE

Ghurani Doll - April 17th 2017!

Like so many others, I've relentlessly stalked real self for a doctor than can deliver. I'm from Chicago but will be traveling to Miami at he end of April to have my surgery performed by Dr. Ghurani. Dr Ghurani has so many videos, before and after photos and positive reviews that he quickly... READ MORE

Excited and Ready for Better Curves! - Los Angeles, CA

I have been doing research and consults with several drs in the LA area and Miami. When I found Dr. Hazani I was very impressed with his results! I have a window in June to get this done so I am booking it asap! I would love to connect with any girls on here as I'm keeping it all very hush hush... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 1 Kid, and I'm Getting a BBL and Arm Lipo - Santo Domingo, DO

Well first off hello I'm new to this community I'm glad I chose Dra. Robles she charged me $4,500 for the bbl and arm lipo I sent the $300 through paypal then payed a 19.50 fee as well through her website then after I secured my spot which is May 2nd (I'm taking my flight April 30th) I told her... READ MORE

Dr. Aslani Marbella updated before and after

I have been inspired by two of my friends who had BBL surgery before me.I have been thinking about doing it for a while.when I had my initial consultation the doctor said he would want me to gain some more weight which I did not really want to do. He likes to do very big butts but what I am... READ MORE

31 2 Kids

These are my b4 sx I'm 29 days away nervous and excited but new life cosmetics is making me a bit worried with not emailing me or calling me yet for my labs and EKG well ELena is my coordinator, she replies promptly but so far the rest of the office is not on board or too busy not sure which... READ MORE

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