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From square to curves-Aslani November 2017!

I am 33 with 2 kids I need experiences and advice how best to prepare for surgery. I am planning to have BBL with Dr.Aslani in Spain November this year I am madly in live with his work just loooove his results. I haven't spoken to him yet but he reviewed my pictures and he says  that I am a ... READ MORE

BBL and mini thigh lift with Dr. Balza

Today was my surgery date. Dr. Balza has been so sweet and listened all my requests while she gave me her recommendations. I just got out of the recovery room two hours ago so I'm still not sure about the results but I feel really good I am not feeling any pain but that's because the... READ MORE

Slayage 2018 coming up!!!!!

Hey dolls, how are y’all?! So I’m 36 years old....I am a mother to 4 girls and a wife to a sweet and crazy man (we are one in the same lol). I have never been completely happy with my body. I have always been thick never a skinny Minnie...Ive never had a big butt or big hips ( I blame my mom... READ MORE

BBL/ September 18th my birthday. Will keep everyone post in case you are not sure which surgeon to choose

Well at 51 yrs young, I've finally decided to do BBL. In fact, not for anyone but myself. My husband on the other hand is in the dark, he wouldn't be to happy about it! He loves me just like I am, yet again it's my money and about me. At any rate, had some complications on last surgery TT. So... READ MORE

33 Recently Lost Weight Want my Body Snatched

Dr valls will be doing my surgery Elaine is my coordinator she made the beginning process smooth answered my questions an always respond to my emails. Anytime I call she always came to the phone short wait time for her to get to the phone so far the customer service has been great I'm looking... READ MORE

43 Years Old Mother of 4 Ready for BBL, LIPO, & Tummy Tuck - Linden, NJ

I am super excited and nervous at the same time and I am hoping I can help tell my journey so maybe other people can get a clear understanding of the process and what to expect. I've watched and review numerous doctors that offer this procedure and decided to stay local and have a consultation... READ MORE

now clinic center

I am finally ready to start my comfort zone journey. I want a huge but natural (lol) looking butt. I have huge thighs so will be able to carry it well and a flat stomach with a tiiiny waist. Anyone who has been to conform zone with the same wishes and got what they want? I'm 20 and a student... READ MORE

BBL and chin lipo!!!

Hi ladies!!!! So I'm considering getting a BBL & chin lipo with Dr. Dass. I just had my first baby 2 months ago so i feel like this is a perfect time especially since I've gained some weight & even more unhappy with my body then i was before when i started considering procedure. Im... READ MORE

37 Y/o I Want Hips and a Juicy Butt! - Miami, FL

I inquired with Eres in Miami so far!! They have responded quickly and very friendly.. I'm requesting Dr. J Fisher when I pay my deposit on April 14.. just going to be a stalker .. his work has been constant and all the ladies have been satisfied.. just now looking for an recovery house. I'm... READ MORE

Self Love Contract-Step 1

Didnt take much to decide. Dr Aslani has choosen to be a part of my transformation. I work very hard, i eat well,sleep well, workout extra hard. But even with cardio anf weight training. I just have never achieved the shape that i desire for myself. So this year. I decided i will no longer... READ MORE

28 Year Old No Kids; Always Had a Flat Ass, Just Want a Little Junk in the Trunk!! - Savannah, GA

Well, thus far not too much has happened, I have had a consultation with Dr.Shanklin here in savannah Ga, he seemed very realistic and stated her could put about 800cc in each cheek, which is fine with me cause I don't want a giant unrealistic phatty. I'm real also hoping to get my bra bulge... READ MORE

Here We Are Again!

Hello guys,sorry for going missing!! Few months ago I had to reaschedule my surgery...so here we are again! I'm few days away from my bbl! I'm packing with me my bbl pillow,tons of loose clothing,arnica Montana,snacks and few books. So far my experience with the patient coordinator has been a... READ MORE

BBL with Dr Hamza in Harley Street

I'm a 40 year old lawyer who used to be size 10/12. Two young children later and baby weight is slow to shift; worse on belly and back; despite cardio 3 times week; plus I'm shattered as a busy working mum. I genetically have a flat bum and always have even when I used to horse ride daily as a... READ MORE

46 year's old, BBL, Ab Etching, Dr. Coan (9/19/17)

I had a mommy makeover 15 months ago which went amazing! I'm in love with my new body, and am seriously thinking about a BBL. So, genetically I have "hip dents" which make me look very straight up and down. I would love more hips to even out this fantastic new body. I'm thinking maybe 600cc on... READ MORE

Turning 21 Soon and Want to Treat Myself

Hey y'all, so I'm turning 21 July 22nd and I would like to treat myself to more curves ????No I haven't scheduled my surgery date yet but I do have a consultation with Dr. Michael Spann at Little Rock Plastic Surgery August 1st, and If everything goes good I will be booking. I was going to wait... READ MORE

Hasanified by the Greatest!!

So after evaluating my blood all week & ft on surgery dye which I was cared bcz Dr.Hasan was like if it doesn't go down after few then he can't risk it. I respected that. My life & repercussions was fair more important then being Hasanified. My life, my children, grandchildren & my... READ MORE

Future 2017 FISHER DOLL BBL - Miami, FL

Hello everyone! Currently my date is set for Dec 7th, the last day Dr Fisher will conduct surgery for anymore patients until his vacation. I'm nervous, yet excited nonetheless! Although the procedure is a tad bit far away for me to be stressing over now, I'm still just so blown away that I'm... READ MORE

Waiting for years to be happy with my body

Hey Ladies I am in the beginning stages of my journey and I am so very nervous I am going with Dr. McAdoo because I heard he was the best and he works with women who have a higher BMI he is currently working with the Seductions Clinic who have been ...less than reassuring. They have my initial... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Toddlers and Wanting a Fab BBL! Hasan Doll to be :)

I am in the searching stage of my surgeon that I would love to have this procedure, slim lipo with a BBL. I found Dr. Lipo on Instagram and loved his B &a A. So I went in his website for an out of town consultation. Carmen was very helpful and I submitted my photos and demographics to her to... READ MORE

30 Years Old, F, 3 Third Kid, 5"1 inch, gaining weight, BBL with Dr. VALLS

Waiting on labs, just barely paid off my balance and ready for day of surgery. (09/29/2017) They got me in pretty quick on account of opened cancellations slot. Everything is done and ready to go, yay. I'M SO EXCITED GIRLS, Can't wait to get things going with Dr Valls already!!! SAFE JOURNEYS... READ MORE

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