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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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19 Days.... Countdown Begins....BBL and Liposuction - Jacksonville, FL

So, I waited a whole year before the deciding to go for a consultation (just to make sure it was not a phase). I found Dr Hardy on Google and did some research, liked his pictures, and decided to see him. He was very nice during the consultation. I was very uncomfortable being half undressed,... READ MORE

33 Years Old with Three Kids - Miami, FL

I am scheduled for a lipo and bbl in October. I am a little nervous and excited in the same time. I am looking for a flat abdomen and more of a round butty. Please ladies can anyone tell me what vitamins should I start taking and what's the best hotels closed by vanity?.Any other suggestion is... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift and Vaser Lipo by Dr Ajaka Cosmos Clinic Sydney Australia

It's the night before the surgery and I'm surprisingly very chilled . I've researched about the surgery thoroughly reading many different Vaser lipo procedures performed here in Australia and bbl procedures here and abroad . I'm really excited for tomorrow morning just because I want to see my... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of Three - Houston, TX

I have never turned to surgery for anything but...I have been unhappy with my figure since god knows how long. I have an interverted triangle shape. No hips and really broad. I did my research for about a year. I found Dr. Cortes, my surgery is coming up soon. I would really like to get feed... READ MORE

28, No Kids, Dr Alvarez BBL Dec 2016 - Miami Beach, FL

So far everything has been smooth. I had a little trouble gaining weight but I was cleared and now I'm ready. The Experience Ive had with the staff so far was good and I'm now just waiting for December 7, 2016. I actually have a nice body already but I can't help I want perfection. My main goal... READ MORE


So here's my story I've been wanting this procedure for the last 10 months but haven't made any moves towards making it happen because my ex claimed he was fine with what I have! I am now knocked up with his baby and he is doing his thing. I'm three and a half months but I still want the... READ MORE

Bout to be Fisherfied!!!

Hey, I have considered Dr. Fisher for my BBL but I'm a lil nervous because when I sent my pics to the woman Shirley I spoke to, she stated I have to lose weight ( I'm 5'7 and weight 201, she wants me down to 191) and my tummy won't be completely flat unless I get a tummy tuck. #1 I'm not... READ MORE

25 Year Old Nurse with One Child, Needs Body SNATCHED for Wedding!!

So tired of lurking this site that I decided to join the bandwagon lol. I have been longing to have some ass since who knows when ???????? Im am getting married next year and I need my body to be SNATCHED for my wedding and there after. I have one kid and I have a very small frame so 133lbs... READ MORE

24 Years Young, 2 Kids 193 Pounds 5'7" Still Have Baby Fat From My Son !!

I Would Love To Get These Gills off my back (Rolls) this muffin top and my stomach period needs to be how it was before i was ever pregnant. I have a tear drop booty so I need to add some fat to the top and have it shaped like the pictures below. I'm beyond scared to do this any suggestions... READ MORE

I Finally Can Start the Countdown to a New Me! First Up is a BBL

I've been pretty much obsessed with complete a mommy makeover, and after over 4 years of going back and forth with researching drs, stalking RealSelf and procrastinating I officially set a date! Dec. 2015 I sent a deposit to Spectrum for the BBL procedure n today I finally went ahead and set a... READ MORE

2700 cc each butt total Dr.Aslani Marbella

Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and recommendations from anyone who had bbl surgery with cirumed and Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I have to travel for my surgery so I need to organize my stay. I am not keen to have surgery abroad but the lack of serious butt surgeons in UK leaves no... READ MORE

21, No Kids, 148 Lbs & 5'5, Want a flat stomach and round butt- Dominican Republic, DO

I have been researching Dr. Mallol & have been contacting him. He quoted me $3600 for the procedure and recovery house which is pretty good. I am not looking to have a big fat ass. Just a flat stomach and much better shape. My goal is to get a round heart shaped butt. I felt it was best to... READ MORE

From London - Brazillian Buttlift and Breastlift with Implant in Domonican Republic vs Turkey vs Spain

Hey everyone, after reading so many reviews, I have decided to post something. I live in the UK (london) to be precise. I have booked my procedure with DR hector Cabral. I am getting BBL, Liposuction of arms, stomach, full back lipo, fill in hips and breast lift my quote is $6000 excluding... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy Wants a Great Body. Dominican Republic, DO

I want to have an hour glass body, I'm tired of being insecure about myself. My stomach is almost near covering my privates I have to lose about 30ibs before she sees me I'm confident I can do it and I'm also looking for some awesome surgery buddies to go with me in March 2017 idk I'm... READ MORE

From Flat to Baby Got Back - Stockton, CA

Getting the BBL was something I've wanted for years. When I walked in to New Body MD in Stockton for a consultation the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They did not pressure me in anyway to make any decisions that day which I liked. I met Dr. Tavassoli and realized I was in the right... READ MORE

BBL With Dra Duran - I'm Getting Terrified - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone! So I've been on here for a while now, but this is my first post. I found Dra Duran through this site and have read pretty much everyone's experience with her. As my surgery date is almost a month away, I'm feeling extremely terrified. I feel like I'm either going to die or be... READ MORE

I Accidently Loss Weight!

I'm in my 40's, semi-athletic, no children and seeking a bigger BOOTY with great PROJECTION! Lately, I've been under a lot of stress & loss weight FAST. I am 5'2" currently 123lbs--DAMN! (33-25-36; thighs-20) Normally, I weigh 127-137lbs but have reached 145lbs. STATS on 09/09/13- 142lbs... READ MORE

soon to be MCADOO DOLL! - Miami, FL

Hello ladies , just like everyone here I've been stalking RS for a while now . just today I've decided to make a review , so far Ive chosen to have my BBL done at Vanity , unlike some of you , I have not had a problem with them yet . I don't think I'm to worried about the company , in more... READ MORE

Goodbye to the Insecurities That Have Plagued Me for Almost my Whole Life! - Long Island, NY

I for as long as I can remember have had body issues. My weight has always yo-yo'd and no matter how much weight I was able to loose i always had trouble areas I couldn't get rid of. I mean, don't we all ladies?!?! My love handles, my waist line, my little kangaroo pouch, not a one of them ever... READ MORE

Investing in Me! Brazilian Butt Lift and Arm Lipo W/Dr. Alexander Aslani, Marbella, Spain

For those of you who are doing your research such as I have, I know these reviews really help and I told myself I would make one as this process starts. I decided to go with Dr. Aslani because he's the best in the business. I went with my gut. After reading countless reviews, he stood out to... READ MORE

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