Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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BBL with Salama 5/25/17!!!

So after my journey with breast implants iam considering enhancing my butt and having a more curvy body. Im not sure i want to do my procedure with dr. Ortega (who did my breast augmentation). I need advise who is the best doctor for this kinda thinking brazilian butt lift., but ive... READ MORE

21 Year Old 145 Pounds 5'6 Johnthan Fisher

5 days till my surgery. I have been dealing with eres now called imanges for about 5 months. There office is horrible THE only reason I deal with them because I know fisher is great at his job. My date is may 26 2017 I'm staying at the recovery house that comes with the package. I'll keep you... READ MORE

My BBL Birthday present to me!

Similarly to many of you ladies, i spent a lot of time researching my surgeon. I've wanted this surgery badly for over 9 years, but I was very picky with who i would allow to work on my body. I was literally in and out of consultations with UK surgeons for 3yrs in Harley clinic and beyond.... READ MORE

Review on United Medical Credit

United medical credit is such a RIP OFF!!! They don't tell you that off back they charge you 1,200 dollars for their services. On top of an APR interest rate! So for a 5000 dollar procedure it would cost me 10,000!!! Ridiculous! In my opinion just save your money before u make a pricey... READ MORE

30 years old / 2 kids BBL

30 years old 2 kids. Planning on getting a Brazilian butt lift from Santa Domingo. With Dr.E Mallol on march 1, 2017 nerves an excited at the same time . Planning on staying at the sea lily recovery house . A few supply's Only would I break my ribs days b4 my surgery Very... READ MORE

23 yoa, No kids, Love Handles and back rolls MUST GO

When I first joined this site, I was in search of a BBL but after research I decided to do liposuction alone. My shape was nice before gaining weight so I didn't want to overwhelm my figure or do too much to myself. I want it to be believable. Once my waist and abdomen is liposuctioned my hips... READ MORE

It's almost time to be a mcadoll.....

Time is creeping up on me I need to find a recovery house for a reasonable price, I'm getting nervous but I been doing research for almost a yr, and I'm convinced that Dr McAdoo is the man for me.i am 5"7 205 BMI 34 I will try to loose weight before I go every tho I'm not fat most my weight in... READ MORE

2 Teens, 42! Ready for my Updated Body! - Tijuana, Mexico

I have waited many years to envision and dramatically improve me. Gave myself permission to finally do all of my yuck areas! Lol! 2 older teens, my time now! :) Diet and exercise gave limited results. I'm not a gym rat, 2x wk, but will maintain it tho!! ;)) Had a TT in 2004, Loved it!!! Older... READ MORE

BBL Surgery On May 24th 2017 with Dr. Martinez at Spectrum Aesthetic - Miami, FL

I'm 35YO with 2 kids youngest 5YO. My body is not the way it was before n my butt is completely flat now. I want my confidence back. So I decided on getting a bbl in Miami go at spectrum Aesthetic with Dr Martinez. Nervous but more anxious than anything. I weight 185 and I'm 5'4". Is anyone... READ MORE

21 Year Old Dr. Mallol Doll 2nd Round - Dominican Republic

Hello realself. I have consulted with dr mallol as to getting a lipo and bbl done. He was very quick to respond. After i finally spoke to him, i immediately sent my deposit to reserve my date for my surgery. I feel a confidence with him that i dont feel with anyone else. Anyway, this is my round... READ MORE

5 feet... 140-144 lbs surgery on May 25th!!

I've been wanting a bbl for about 5 years now. I've Done lunges, squats and all with heavy weights..but I never got to the butt I wanted.. I want a perky, full, round ass.. The working out just got me a hard ass.. THEN I got pregnant with baby #4 and my ass got flat!!! My cellulite came back... READ MORE

Dr Diaz to Make Me Hot Again, Tt, Lipo, Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello, I can't say I'm new to real self, however this is my first surgery and first review! I have been doing research for 2 years before deciding that I'm going with Dr Manuel Diaz in dr! Surgery is a big risk and I wanted to ensure that I was in the best hands and I can confidencely say Diaz... READ MORE

36, 2 Kids, Butt and Tummy Issues

Was looking to fill out some un even areas on my buttocks with a BBL procedure and slim the waist line. wanted an even and fuller look. The entire procedure was very seamless and fast. I felt extremely comfortable and the facility. It was a very warm and relaxed environment and friendly staff.... READ MORE

Happy bday BBL

I'm wanting a Brazilian butt lift, lip augmentation (fat grafting), and breast lift. I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10, 135lbs I would really love dr Miami... READ MORE

38 Year Old 2 Kids - Marietta, GA

My motivation was mainly for myself it's been something Iv wanted to do for awhile now and I have had previous surgeries a breast augmentation and tummy tuck 2 years ago and now I feel like the amazing job he did enhanced my other results even more! I am so happy that Dr Okoro did such an... READ MORE

22, No Kids, BBL in Miami with Llorente! Pics added!

I just started my journey towards my BBl! I've been on RealSelf researching doctors for years now and I've finally convinced myself to do it! I'm super excited. I've decided to go with Dr. Llorente at NewLife in Miami. Elena is absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful as well as friendly and... READ MORE

Future Calva Doll... - Miami, FL

So the time is almost here. Im 25 with 2 children and im going to be getting Lipo W/ BBL.. My surgery date is May 24th and i couldn't be more excited. Im a little nervous after reading about the deaths but understand every situation is different. Im looking forward to this experience and cant... READ MORE

Newmesoon Brazilian Butt Lift

Hello everyone I have to say finding the right doctor can get stressing this is how my journey goes me and my friend have been talking about getting a bbl I am 25 years old and next year is my golden bday 26& 26 I am mother I never really had a butt or any type of shape I hate my body but... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 3 Beautiful Children, Time to Get my Sexy Back

Hello ladies I am 38 years old with 3 children so I've been wanting this done for about 6 years now and finally I have a date march 27th 2018. I've decided to hold off for alil bit longer so I can really plan for this day. Also ladies if you have any advise or more info please share I would... READ MORE

27 YEAR OLD Goes for Brazilian Butt Lift!

So ever since I was in elementary school I was told my butt was flat. As I got older I just looked square so now I have decided that I am going to have a BBL! I am 5'2, 130 and natural 34DD Boobs and hope to look more shapely for my petite frame. I am a size 2/4 in jeans and I hope that I can... READ MORE

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