Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Good morning BBL ladies. I am new to this site. I have been following doctor J every since he was on the tiny show. And I am so excited to go ahead and get this new journey in my life taken care of. I am looking to go to get my bbl done sometime this year. And I know there are some wonderful... READ MORE

I have read about 1000 reviews and seen I don’t count how many pics of some very good surgeries. I live in germany and it became clear at an early stage that would I need to travel for BBL. There is not really any surgeon in Germany doing really cracking BBl’s. This forum has helped me and at ... READ MORE

I am 48 years and I have been contemplating doing a bbl seriously for the last four years. I finally got the courage to do the bbl and so far no regrets. Dr. Salama and his staff was down to earth and very helpful. It's been 3 days and I'm getting around fairly well I know everyone's experience... READ MORE

Hello dolls so my surgery is a little over a month away, and im excited anxious and scared at the same time. I chose to go with Dr. Fisher because from the work and reviews that I have seen HE IS AWESOME! I initially did my deposit during a special they were running in the beginning of the year... READ MORE

I am currently 167lbs weighed today. Most of my weight is in my tummy and thighs. Im about 5'7 - 5'8 and ive always had a boxy shape. No booty at all. My surgery is scheduled for July 19 with Sergio Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami, FL. I am very anxious, not nervous at all after lots of research. I... READ MORE

Hi dolls, I want to get a BBL for 2 years now. Here in Europe the results for BBL suck! You pay a lot and you almost don't see any differance. So I decided to go to Dominican Republic or Colombia. Colombia is really too far away (flight is 16 hours), so I decided to go to dra. Tania Medina in... READ MORE

So i've been stalking rs for about 6 months now lol, i must say i was torn between fisher, hanaberg, and salzhauer. vanity was out of the question they were very rude, and then salzhauer was booked til 2017 and i'm not tryna wait that long hanaberg it is!!!!!!well i've booked my sx with... READ MORE

To reacquire my juicy butt and flat stomach again. I'm hoping that dr. Duran to give me what I want I have reviewed her worked extensively and I love what I see my hemo is at 13.5 and I'm trying to get it up to at least 15, because I definitely dont want to have to have a blood transfusion. As... READ MORE

Been wanting this for a while. I'm pretty excited. I set up a date for Dr. Hasan 07/26/16. I'm hoping everything goes well. I was really petite before I had my son and I'm determined to get my shape back and a little extra. Can anyone recommend me a RH or hotel? And a list of supplies I may... READ MORE

Hello , i am a mother of 3 girls, 3 cesarians so the skin of my tummy got stretched and i have a little puch i would like to remove, alsow i would be getting a bbl , i work out alot but my butt is never get where i wanted, i wish more roundet and bigger butt! After my second pregnancy i got my... READ MORE

After much reviewing and stalking of her instagram and realself pages, I decided to go with her. I am in need of a tummy tuck, and a little cushion on the bottom. I am also considering a breast lift. My kids demolished me.. Sending the deposit was easy. Communication has been good. I'm anxious... READ MORE

I don't even know where to begin! Hmmm...a little about me...I am 24 years old, married, mother of 3. I live in Orlando, Florida. I have wanted elective surgery to perfect my imperfections since I was about 16 years old, however, I wanted to have kids first. Now that I am done having kids (my... READ MORE

Hello all I'm 30 years old and have two kids . My BBL is next year with fisher so it gives me one year to safe money and get everything I need . I feel like I have so much to learn and get before the surgery but I'm happy and nervous about it . I'm 150 pound and 5.3 my my waist is 37 and my butt... READ MORE

Ok so I originally wasn't going to write a review because I didn't want anyone I personally know to judge me. I am 2 days post op so far I like my results I just wish I had a little more of a cuff at the bottom....I will only be posting one pic. I want to write a review based on my experience... READ MORE

Hello ladies , I've been on here reader Hong this procedure for a while now and I'm definitely looking to have it done . I haven't found the right doctor yet . I did have a consultation with one already and he told me I needed to gain some weight :( ...10-15 lbs just seem so much especially with... READ MORE

Hi everyone! Im having a hard time choosing a doctor for my BBL next year in Miami. A short summary about me: - Im a out of town patient, travelling from Europe to Miami in June 2017 for 5 weeks - Im 19, turning 20 when I have my procedure - My BMI is 24. Im 168cm tall and 69 kg I do not want... READ MORE

Thanks to all the RS ladies, I finally decided to start my journey to getting this BBL. I am pretty slim with much needed booty and rounded out hips! My HT 5'2" WT 115 in February when I had my consult with Dr Hazani and he suggested I gain 4 lbs. I did better than 4 I gained 7 so far and will... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Dr. Davoudi on March 15. I drove almost 4 hours to meet him. He talks very fast and a lot. That initially threw me for a loop because in the examination room, I barely said 5 words. I was like, what just happened. lol Then we went to another room where we sat down,... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I'm sooo ready to begin this journey to a better me. I'm 26 years old and I have never experienced anything outside of Texas living and pretty much a home body outside of working. I'm finally ready to make a change with my life and for starters with this body that I have. I will be 27... READ MORE

44 year-old mom of 23 yearold recent college grad ready for an improved version of me. Pleased with my decision to go with Dr. fisher at vanity cosmmetics. My whole experience with Dr. Fisher and Vanity was excellent. I gathered all the necessary information from many selfless ladies and their... READ MORE

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