Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I put my deposit down after seeing my friend's results. I am nervous, but excited - still got lots of time to go though. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time, but just didn't take that step. Seeing my friend really helped to push me. I am Asian - typical Asian body, petite,... READ MORE

My husband and I have been married 15 yrs but we didn't have a wedding. We are having a wedding 3/15/17. I wanted to get my body back to pre-childbirth for our wedding. I had my consult today and scheduled my surgery for next week. I am getting a BBL, taking fat from my abdomen, love handles,... READ MORE

Booked my date I'm super excited to embark on this journey I can't wait to be fluffy ??????I'm not really sure what to expect I've been stalking rs forever it seems first I wanted go to the D.R. But decided to stay in the states since this is my first time having any work done I've wanted... READ MORE

Today is my big day and I put down my deposit I want to get  my body back into shape ! I am so tired of my pancake ass I did not get too much support from my loved ones in the beginning but my journey got a really unexpected twist. My whole family was totally against me having surgery abroad at ... READ MORE

I'm 37 years old. I used to be super skinny, too skinny with no curves. At 20 years old I got breast implants and still have the same pair 17 years later. They gave me a boost of confidence! I later gained weight and magically had a big booty. But also with the butt I gained belly arms and... READ MORE

So this BBL journey has been a long road. I've lost deposits and some money but while I would have loved to go with Dr. Davoudi after doing some more research on Duran, Lorente, Fisher, and Ortega I decided that it is safer and wiser to go with Dr. Daryl Blinski at Blinski Plastic Surgery. He... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! I've been stalking this sight for a few years and am ready to move forward on my bbl journey. I have recently been researching Dr. Blinski and he seems to do phenomenal work! But he is booked out until Aug. of next year (I think)? Also Dr. Bbl in Minneapolis, hes only about 3 hours... READ MORE

Hello dolls and soon to be dolls. I don't even know where to begin. After having my breast implants deflated due to a plenty of reasons I began consultations for my much needed breast lift. I finally found a surgeon named Dr. Daniel Heichner out of Fort Lauderdale. I wanted to book for the... READ MORE

Hey Dolls, I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. I've always been big busted and have had a breast reduction previously. I definitely missed out on the BOOTY! Lol. I've been wanting to do the BBL for a really long time. I found a doctor in my area that was getting some... READ MORE

I received a date for January 3rd, the price was $4100. My Coordinator Lizbeth told me to put a $300 deposit before Friday 9/24/16,after Friday the price next year will be for $4800. She told me for the best results loose 7 pounds but my goal is to loose 20. I never knew my body looked this bad.... READ MORE

I've been on this journey for about 3yrs now. After having my second son and going through a divorce I finally decided it's time to do something for ME ! I've been speaking with Lizbeth who is such a sweetheart and come next week I'll be locking in my December date ! I wish I could go sooner but... READ MORE

I was set on traveling to Harold Villalobos in cali Colombia, but doing more digging I was just scared and not impressed. His stomach work comes out looking botched and he doesn't do thorough work on back fat areas or really snatch a waist like PANTOJA does. So today (June 12, 2016) I made my... READ MORE

I've always been told I look too stocky or I look like I was built like a pitt bull, and that I look like my brother from behind. I've always wanted a curvy figure that looked feminine and voluptuous. I exercised to try and get my butt but it needs some volume and during my exercises I lost my... READ MORE

Hi Dolls and Gents! I'm a 41 YR Old mom of 3 (24, 15, 11 - yes I was young with the 1st one :-) and my husband and I do everything together...including having plastic surgery :-) Crazy right?!?! As I type this, he says, don't mention his surgery :-) I can only talk about my surgery...he is such... READ MORE

Hey dolls! I'm finally going to become an Alvarez doll i cant wait!! i have poor credit and finally found a loan that would accept my credit so thankful for that! i will post my before pictures after the surgery then i will post how i look after my post op. ughh this is going to be a long... READ MORE

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my bbl am having trouble finding the perfect doctor for me if anyone has any suggestions please comment. Also I have looked in to Dr. Orlando Llorente but haven't seen new work also I was quoted to different prices including a 7 day stay at there... READ MORE

I live in Alberta Canada and am researching a great place to go for the BBL procedure. They don't offer it where i live so I need to travel. Any suggestions? The places I've researched are extremely expensive and really over my budget. Where are all the Canadian galz going for their BBL... READ MORE

So basically let's just say it's safe to say I've stalked realself for approximately 6 months!! Lol ive decided on dr fisher.. His work is impeccable!! Currently I weigh around 195 and I plan to drop 30 pounds before surgery here are some wish pics. Everyone at the office seems pretty nice and... READ MORE

Ok so my friend and I have booked comfort zone in turkey for a bbl on the 5th of September. From the real self reviews I've only heard about dr mete aksu. But Engin the director said my dr will be Ilker Manavbasi?? Anybody heard of him? I've done some research and he looks legit and Engin showed... READ MORE

I wasn't going to do an review until after I gt home but im bored so I'll do one day by day hopefully while I'm here....I arrived here at Dominican Republic sept19 greeted by driver Conrad he speaks English very well so after he picked me up he ask who is my Doctor I told him Dr.Robles so he... READ MORE

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