Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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The price is not as bad as i thought. so, im going to buy mines way b4 i get my surgery. they also have the chair for only 70.00 so ill be getting that also. i planning to have my baby b4 all this but, i just want all my supplies first then i pay for everything.thanks I want a nice shape soft... READ MORE

So im new to this journey. Ive been looking for a good doctor to work on my body and after major research i came across the name stephanie stover by a friend who had surgery by doctor stover about two years ago. I finally booked my procedure for august 9th. I have asked tons of questions which... READ MORE

After silently lurking RS for over 1.5 years, I have FINALLY decided to join the moment. I have read countless reviews, viewed pre/post-op picture daily and finally narrowed it down to "THE BEST SURGEON"! for the job. So the beginning of my journey started out with figuring out how get in... READ MORE

After 2 years of searching and reading reviews on realself, I decided to go with Dr. Blinski. I am super nervous but I cannot wait to have my dream booty. From the reviews and pictures on Instagram, his patients look natural and their healing process was very good. His staff is amazing and they... READ MORE

I'm about to turn 35 in June and I have wanted a tummy tuck since 2006. I had another child in 2009 so now my stomach is even worse. I started searching for surgeons a year and a half ago but I came across this site maybe 6 to 8 months ago. I had a consult with the Dr. in Nov and he was just... READ MORE

Hey girls! I'm getting nervous with my surgery approaching!! It's coming up on June 13th. I'm doing it with Dr. Dennis Dass. I've already gotten a breast lift & 371cc silicone augmentation with him back on December 15, 2015, about 5 months ago. Love his work! He did great. Love my new... READ MORE

Today is my big day and I put down my deposit I want to get  my body back into shape ! I am so tired of my pancake ass I did not get too much support from my loved ones in the beginning but my journey got a really unexpected twist. My whole family was totally against me having surgery abroad at ... READ MORE

Hi RS! So I've been sort of lurking through RS since October/November of 2015 and eventually decided to create an account. I didn't want to add additional stress and work on myself because I'm not a social media user so I decided once I'm close to my surgery date, I'll begin with my journey.... READ MORE

After lurking on RS and researching for a couple of months, i have finally decided to do my surgery. I feel like it's now or never. I chose Dr. Baez in DR to do my bbl, but i'm a little concerned that I can't get a hold of her... I did receive two emails from her (general instructions for bbl... READ MORE

Hello Real Self Ladies, I am considering getting a BBL done BECAUSE I feel like I won't be able to acquire the looks I want to in the gym. If there is any one that has knowledge on being curvy before a bbl I would like to see your pictures and after if you had procedure done. I want to know if I... READ MORE

Hey Real Self! I have been doing research, research and more research.... I have finally decided on Dr. Tania Medina in the Santo Domingo. From my research i found she was the safest doctor in the Dominican Republic. I have always been curvy a hourglass figure but after having my daughter i... READ MORE

So I had to create a new account my old one wasn't updating...I'm excited to get my new body I've been stalking RS for about 6 mns... I will be having my surgery by Dr. McAdoo July 12th I go in on July 11th for my consultation I've already done my blood work with my own doctor and had it faxed... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I am 29yrs old, 5'2 and weight 137lbs. I have two beautiful daughters ages 10 and 4 and I am married to a wonderful 6'2 tall dark and handsome man (just thought I'd throw that out there.. Lol) I am one week post op today. Got 1020cc in each cheek plus some on hips. Had lipo on my... READ MORE

I'm 36 years old 5'6 189lbs bmi is 30. Ever since I can remember I was never happy with my body. I always would find things to complain about my body. After having 2 pregnancies back to back my body is the worst it's ever been. I gained so much weight during my pregnancies and then lost a lot of... READ MORE

Hello dolls, I am so excited to be having this opportunity. I have juds and an amazing husband who is so supportive. I have been talking about this for years and finally it is becoming a reality . My husband and I decided on Manon. His work is consistent, and he responds quickly. I almost did... READ MORE

I am finally going to do it! I've talked about getting a BBL for over 10 years now. I'm 32, 5'10 and I weigh around 240. I paid my full costs last month and since then, I have lost about 10 pounds. My hips are very small and I store ALL my weight in my upper body. I hate my shape. I know a lot... READ MORE

I have read about 1000 reviews and seen I don’t count how many pics of some very good surgeries. I live in germany and it became clear at an early stage that would I need to travel for BBL. There is not really any surgeon in Germany doing really cracking BBl’s. This forum has helped me and at ... READ MORE

Amazing doctor very nice he explaint me every thing staff are very nice look very professional i love it.the price well a little high for me but i feelt confortable with them the clinic omg very clean and organized.they do a lot of procedures with very good results i didnt see any bad reviews... READ MORE

So I'm back. I had my BA in 2014 with Dr. Freiman at CG cosmetics. Now I'm planning on getting a TT, bbl and lipo with Dr Duran in DR. I sent her an email requesting a quote and called the office to confirm that they received it. Walkiria said she did and it was complete. She said that by Friday... READ MORE

I will be having some extra fat removed from under my arms area to transfer that fat and have a 2nd BBL Revision. I want some extra volume since a lost some from the first surgery back in October 2015. I figure since I'm having that procedure I might as well just a breast lift and have a... READ MORE

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