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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Lipo & BBL at 35, No Easy Process - Dominican Republic, DO

I decided to do this procedure September 2014... I got tired of busting my butt in the gym for 3 years straight in order to gain muscle in my booty and get it as big as possible. My butt grew a little but I began to loose my hips. I never obsessed about my ass until I found out the man I love... READ MORE

42 Years old and still slaying, Dr Hazani. Sacramento, CA

I am currently looking for feedback with anyone that has had this procedure. I work 10 hours a day at a desk so I'm sitting all day. How long do you all recommend I take off of work. And I've been looking at Drs in Miami, anyone have recommendations for a CA Dr? I would prefer to stay in CA,... READ MORE

5'8 220 Loosing Weight for Bbl - Miami, FL

I'm going with Dr fisher! Just put my deposit down no problems with vanity so far. Will be in Miami feb 6 the if they don't change the date in me. Any other dolls around the same time let me know! Still haven't decided on recovery house. Keylas or monis sounds good. Definitely not Xanadu unless... READ MORE

32 Years with Two Wonderful Kids Looking for Butt Tuning - Marbella

Entering the road to the new happier me.It is great to find so many here who feel the same way as I do.Most important to me is to get a better shape with hips . I do not want an overly huge booty, just something nice I have already started to put on a bit more weight, I feel fat but the clinic... READ MORE

21 Years Old Mother of 1

I have been Indecisive about making this review but reading everybody else's and how much they helped me I figured I would, plus I'm super nervous!!! I've been researching doctors for about six months now I really wanted to go with Dr. campos but his services through email we're not great at all... READ MORE

I'm 38 Years Old and Have 3 Kids, I Have Been Studying the BBL Procedure over 3 Years, Now is Official Dr. Fisher is my Choice.

I'm Brazilian, so I'm obsessed with my body and after 3 pregnancies and only thanks to good gene I was able to get back in shape every time, but with the lack of exercise what was up, come down, so yes I need a BBL, breast aug, vaginal correction of the muscle ( blather is low) , yes I have a... READ MORE

Soon to be Duran Doll

So I've been back and forth with Dra Duran surgical coordinator via email. The problem is I have to wait days to get a reply to my email. I haven't paid for her yet so I hoping that is the lag. Does anyone have this problem when the finally pay? I want to book my surgery in March and want to... READ MORE

Curves ahead, can't wait!

I imagined the technology of transferring unwanted fat about 40 years ago. What's not to love? Isn't our world amazing? So, I'm a 60 yo nana (don't judge! haha) who wants to use her unwanted "spare tire" to perk up her kinda droopy (never very spectacular) butt. A couple years ago I... READ MORE

26 Yr Old No Kids Ready for my BBL

Hi dolls! I've been reading so many of your stories and I am now ready to share my own. Had a consult with Dr. Hsu 8/12 his staff is very unorganized but I loved him! My SX is 10/20 and I'm beyond anxious and nervous but so ready to get it over with. I've started buying my post op supplies... READ MORE

5'7 202 Lbs Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr. Sergio Alvarez - Miami, FL

I received a date for January 3rd, the price was $4100. My Coordinator Lizbeth told me to put a $300 deposit before Friday 9/24/16,after Friday the price next year will be for $4800. She told me for the best results loose 7 pounds but my goal is to loose 20. I never knew my body looked this bad.... READ MORE

**McAdooDoll2B** Fat Transfer to Breasts+Lipo w/BBL

What's up RS! I have one child and never bounced back to my pre preggo body. Sure I gained more boobs, butt, and hips but my boobs are saggy and my tummy isn't the way I would like it to be. I've been wanting to get surgery for some time now, but I have been going back and forth as to if I... READ MORE

This Will Be a Birthday Present to Myself. Soon to Be McAdoll

So this year instead of having a party or a big birthday dinner I decided to get surgery and change my body to something I will be happy with. I'm 30 with no kids 5'5 148lbs I love to travel but I'm never happy in a bathing suite so I decided why not get a Brazilian butt lift and lipo. I've done... READ MORE

mommy makeover - Miami, FL

Ok ladies I have been on rs every day all day i dont even drive half the time i make my boyfriend because im too busy sitting in the passenger seat stalking this site! I have read through hundreds of profiles and was initially going with dr perry because i like the way he contours the body shape... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old, I Have the Beauty Now It's Time for the Booty! Mid Life Crisis.

I'm 5'9 168lbs BMI 24, measurements 38 33 42. My wish is to obtain the waist to hip ratio with some projection & a small waistline. I've had 4 back surgery an over the years my abdominal area has grown. I've never been over weight but I have some stubborn fat in my abdominal that I just... READ MORE

My Brazilian butt lift journey with Aslani- Marbella

So in the end I am going for the big ride now…..I have been working in the cosmetic surgery industry for four years. I think I have learnt many valuable things about this stuff but in 4 years in the profession I have never seen any buttock surgery done. I have seen about everything else but n... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids - Miami, FL

Today I decided to switch doctors from my home state, and pursue a new doctor, Jonathan Fisher! I just put my deposit down for $1000 and my surgery is scheduled for January, 31 2017! I am so excited. I am working with the Service Coordinator, Amy, who is so delightful! She so prompt and has been... READ MORE

26 years old from UK Getting Brazilian Butt Lift-dominican Yily or Dr.aslani Spain

I have decided to post my bbl experience. My first choice was yily-she gives phantastic results, I continued researching and also like the results of duran. I'm 29, 5'6" and weigh 168bs. I've gained some weight for this surgery, I have seen girls with similar frames getting really great results... READ MORE

Future Doctor Fisher Doll - Miami, FL

Hello beauties... I am documenting my BBL journey. So here is some information about me. I am 5 foot 3 inches and a mother of 2. I had my recent baby on Oct 19 2015 in Vilseck Germany. She was 9lbs even. I am a commissioned officer in the US Army however I am currently stationed in Vilseck... READ MORE

Mother of 2 in Desperate Need of a Full Mommy Makeover

So in the past two years I gave birth to 2 beautiful babies and in the process my body has become a mess. I gained 30 pounds after my last pregnancy. I was able to lose all the weight plus 5 pounds. Now I'm ready to tighten up my body and look perfect. I recently put my deposit down for a bbl,... READ MORE

23years, No Kids, New York, BBL and Breast Argumentation with Dra. Tania Medina - Dominican Republic

Very excited to go do my surgery, surgery date is October 31st, I fly out Oct.29th...I've been following her in snapchat as well as Instagram and is very impressed with her. After doing my research on her I can say I'm comfortable moving forward with her Anyone traveling on that date to Dra... READ MORE

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