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34 Years Old, 2 Kids with Bad Acne on my Face, Neck, Chest & Back - South Africa

Been a week on 20mg of Acutane now. Its winter in South Africa currently (11/07/2016) so at least I can cover up the acne else where. Feeling really down though as it is so bad and I have never had this so bad. I had it in Highschool but was on Hormone treatment so I didnt see any acne... READ MORE

28 Years Old. Never Had Acne in my Life Until 2 Years Ago..... Nothing Can Make It Stop!

I weight 54kg, have white heads and acnes around my cheeks and side burns since 3 years ago. Spent lots of money trying various facial treatments including lasers and doctor prescribed two types of strong antibiotics but nothing worked. It probably did for a very short while but eventually it... READ MORE

My Accutane Story. Salisbury, NC

Hi everyone! I am a 19 year old female who suffers from cystic acne. Before last year, I had never suffered with acne to the point where I needed to see a dermatologist, it never made me that insecure. Within the past few months, though, I had developed cystic acne around my chin and mouth. I... READ MORE

24 Years Old Suffering Mild Acne. Malaysia, MY

Just started taking accutane on 24th June 2016. Hope to get flawless skin before my graduation. I have mild breakouts after a week. The doctor had reminded me there will be initial breakout for the 1st month and dry skin eventually would happened. So lets hope there will be good results of the... READ MORE

22 Years Old and Just Got Approved for Accutane !! Stoneham, MA

I have been struggling with acne for at least 7 years now. It has increasingly gotten worse. I have tried everything from OTC face washes and treatments, to antibiotics and topical treatments that were prescribed with no relief. I went to see my dermatologist today and he approved me for... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Acne on my Face, Diagnostic with Seborrhoeic Dermatitis & Rosacea !!!!!! - Saudi Arabia

After i was suffering with the acne on my face, for quit long time, i decided to go check in the doctor, so after trying all types of cream med, allergic med, fungus med, pimple med, i mean mane it and i try it but nothing, it go first few days than come back, i the doctor told me to use... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Had Huge Breakout Once College Started - Clemson, SC

These photos had me at one of my lowest points of my life and I'm currently almost four months in and already have seen drastic changes even with still being on treatment. I was highly skeptical at first because of some side effects I originally experienced (very dry lips and dry skin, and not... READ MORE

Starting my Accutane Journey Today - New York, NY

I am so nervous but at the same time excited to start this journey, today is my first day taking accutane Claravis,ive suffered with acne 10 years now it made me feel very insecure and have low self esteem im just wondering how soon will i be able to see results and how fast does it work, i am... READ MORE

Black Female with the Worse Acne - Memphis, TN

Today marks my first day taking Myorisan (Accutane). I haven't seen my skin in years and I'm ready to see how I look without the makeup or acne... I suffered for years from body acne especially in my face, chest, back and arms. This has affected my self esteem tremendously. Im so exited to... READ MORE

42 Years Old and STILL Have Acne - Memphis, TN

I am 42 years old. I have super oily skin and I have been battling acne since I was a teenager. I'm tired of it! I also have visible oil glands so I hope this medication will help with that as well. I also hope that my shiny face will stop being so shiny. I look like I splash my face with... READ MORE

20 Year Old W/ Moderate Acne. Centreville, VA

I've always had minor acne and breakouts since about 6th grade but over the counter benzoil peroxide topical face washes have always kept it under control. Then, in the September of 2015 (my sophomore year of college) I tried a new product (Seacret) that a friend recommended to me. I used it for... READ MORE

23 Years Old - Moderate Cystic Acne (Start Accutane 5/16/16) Austin, TX

Hello everyone! So with help through these reviews and my own personal struggles with cystic acne, I have decided to start Accutane. I had my first appointment yesterday (!) and am going to start in 1 month! I am going to really try to be dedicated to posting updates so everyone can see what I'm... READ MORE

On Accutane for 6 Months - Santa Clarita, CA

So I was on accutane for 6 months, my face was really bad when I started in October, I got some really big pimples in the beginning and saw some acne all the way through month 5, the last month it basically all cleared up. Worst side effects was the dryness, my lips were so chapped and my arms... READ MORE

I Finally Can Start My Accutane Yayyyy!! Wisconsin, WI

So Happy I'm On The Road To Beautiful Acne Free Skin. I've Been Battling Acne Since I Was In Grade School And I'm 29 Now. Anxious To See Me Without Bumps And Blackheads I Seriously Cannot Wait Having To Deal With Being Self Conscience Wearing Makeup And Having Oily Skin Is Not What's Up So I'm... READ MORE

So Glad I Went on Accutane! - Orlando, FL

I'll make this review as short as possible. All through middle school and high school I was never conscious of my skin. I've never had acne until I turned 20, call it hormonal. I am 22 years old now. I tried over the counter washes, nothing worked. Then I started reading about Accutane... READ MORE

28 Years Old with Severe Acne from Since Age of 16 - Bronx, NY

This is the best medication ever invented, I look like a whole new person. Good things happen to those who wait. I waited 6 months for a Clean skin and I finally got it. Didn't have much side effects, only the dry lips, that was the least. Had my blistex at my side everyday, every hour. I was on... READ MORE

24 Female Using Accutane for First Time

I never have a problem with acne before. unfortunately, they (acne) start to coming to my face in the begining jan 2016.. i have tried all traditional care like use lemon, aloe vera and benzoil perozida but its did'nt working to me.. my acne getting worse and just put me on the hopeless. i work... READ MORE

47-Year Old Planning to Start Accutane for Peri-Menopausal Acne - Minneapolis, MN

So I struggled with moderate cystic acne from age 13 to age 38 (always bad enough for antibiotics and retin-a but never quite bad enough for accutane). I know there is a genetic component to my acne since my mom had severe acne, my grandpa had acne and oily skin until he died at 76, and my... READ MORE

25 Year Old British Woman Tired of Acne. Scotland, GB

Well, where do I begin haha let's start off with the beginning of my acne journey. Before I was 18 my skin was relatively clear. I'd get the monthly tiny spots, but nothing drastic and nothing that affected my social life. When I was 18 my father passed away and my life was constantly stressed... READ MORE

19 Years Old Starting Accutane - Chicago, IL

4/15/2015 Today is the first day I'm starting the generic brand of Accutane (Zentane). For some unknown reason Accutane is on back order. Meaning they aren't producing enough for the demand or the company is calling it back because of issues with the drug OR it could be a completely different... READ MORE

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