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35 Year with New Adult Old Acne

Ive had flawless skin up until I hit my 30s. When I turned 30, small melia with constant cystic acne invading my face for 3 years. I tried everything else from taking minocylcin to topical creams, laser, weekly facials.. before my decision to use accutane, I had spend at least $5000 on my face... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old, Mom of 3 Kids Struggled with Acne Since Puberty :(

I am wondering if anyone has any tips on keeping the dryness down with using acuatane? I am starting tomorrow and my dermatologist told me to cover my face in a thin layer of vasaline every night, was anyone else told this? Or the best mosterizer to use during the day? I will take pics and... READ MORE

20 Year Old Athlete Isotretinoin Experience

Hello all! Tomorrow I start the first day of my Isotretinoin prescription! (40/mg day) I have dealt with acne since I was probably 13/14 years old. My skin is combination, but tends to lean towards the dry side in the winter. I have good and bad days like everyone else, but my good days would... READ MORE

Accutane Journey

So, I started my 40mg Accutane, 1/day on 6/13 and I just finished my first week. I am currently experiencing the chap/dry lips and it seems like nothing helps put I'm hanging in there. I am beginning to break out on both sides of my cheeks more than usually. I will keep a monthly post to track... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mother of Two with Moderate Cystic Acne

Hoping this accutane works to clear my skin. I've been dealing with acne since puberty. Sometimes it can get really bad. Today is September 5, 2017 and I took my first dose of accutane. The doctor prescribed 20mg once daily. The generic brand I'm taking is called absorica. I've had a... READ MORE

Accutane Journey

Hello, I began suffering from acne in my teens & it's followed me to adulthood. I've tried several treatments from creams, soaps, proactive, doxycycline etc. I'm fed up & feel that I would be more beautiful & confident if I didn't suffer from adult acne. I switched dermatologist... READ MORE

Beginning Accutane - Wichita Falls, TX

I was seen by my dermatologist at the end of March and he prescribed accutane for my acne. However, being a female, I was required to have to negative pregnancy tests before I could start, which set me back about a month-extremely frustrating! But I understand why it had to be done. Anyway, I... READ MORE

46 yr old on Accutane

I'm just about 2 weeks into my third course of Accutane treatnent for stubborn oily skin, pimples and scalp acne. I was prescribed 20mg/d at 76kg (about 168lbs). After the first week I started taking one every 2 days because of a serious amount of family stress. I'm concerned about the possible... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor

My experience was amazing. I went in for what I thought were acne scars and wanted to get a laser treatment. Dr. Kosari informed me that what I had was not scarring but redness and inflammation from previous and current acne. We decided that the best treatment for me was to start taking Accutane... READ MORE

Accutane Journey, Accutane Review, Accutane

Finally got my medicine! After finally registering for the ipledge program online. Showing my pharmacist my card and waiting 20 minutes for my prescription. I finally got it! The packaging is crazy with pregnant women everywhere on it! For accutane since it's such a strong drug the... READ MORE

36 Year Old with mild acne

I'm so excited to start this process (accutane). I always had acne and it's no fun having a adult acne. I have tried everything under the sun to fade my dark spots. However, due to my oily skin, I have another breakout and create more dark spots/scars. I'm into my first week on accutane. What I... READ MORE

Accutane "Isotretinoin"

Today is day 2 on accutane I will be posting regularly and recording my progress weekly on my YouTube channel .. after years of trying other products and not getting the results I wanted I was over it I've been researching accutane for years and I'm keeping a open mind in regards to my results... READ MORE


I've been on accutane for 9 days now, and feel that documenting my progress will be helpful. So far the only noticeable side effect is dry lips, but this is rarely an issue because I apply lip balm through out the day. The skin on my face has not gotten dry at all yet. I also feel minor joint... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Frustrated and a Tarnished Self Esteem

I have had acne for a few years, mild in nature, then suddenly in 2015 it got severe. Doctors said I had cystic/nodular acne. I tried most if not all the different OTC remedies, and had prescription antibiotics but my face just got worst. My forehead, upper lips and cheeks were a mess. I asked... READ MORE

Accutane Journey. Edmonton, AB

I've had severe acne on and off since I was 12. Antibiotics cleared it but after a year it came back, and I did that twice and then it stopped working all together. I've tried everything, antibiotics, topicals, holistic healing, you name it I've tried it. At 22 years old I'd figured it be gone... READ MORE

New Tô Accutane!

Reviews are importante, I actually been reviewing many post for the past year before joining the journey of Accutane. My fiancée at first felt like it was insane after reading about the side affects but now is my biggest supporter. My mind is made up and I am ready to begin. Another reason why ... READ MORE

24 YO Female -acne 10 Years +

I've been suffering from acne for a while. Boy has it taken a tole on my self esteem. I'm always constantly covering up pimples with makeup.my makeup does cover it to a certain extent but I can't be living behind a shield of makeup anymore. Tried every other option out there and nothing seemed... READ MORE


I have had moderate consistent acne since I was a teenager and I am now 29. I just finished my treatment of claravis and I am happier with my skin than I have been since I was very young. I was motivated to start really treating my acne because I got tired of everyone else's suggestions and I... READ MORE

23 Year Old Girl

I am a 23 year old girl who struggled with acne all throughout high school and college. I was on many different medications, creams, etc. The antibiotics worked temporarily and once I went off them it came back even worse. Finally, I went back to the dermatologist and she recommended Accutane... READ MORE

Mom of 2, Age 41, Absorbica (Accutane) Improved My Quality of Life - Danbury, CT

Since I've joined the group, I've had little time to read posts and post my own journey but finally took time to write it. I am a 42 yr old mom of 2 children. I have depression (for years), some anxiety, PCOS, hive/itch issues, have suffered with acne since the age of 15, and cystic acne since... READ MORE

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