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A member of the JuvĂ©derm family of products, Volbella is an FDA-approved injection used to increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of "smoker's lines" around the mouth. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scarring in the face. Unlike other fillers, Volbella blends different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, which allows it to create subtle volume that lasts for up to a year. LEARN MORE â€ș

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25 Years Old. Three Kids. Just Wanted to Have More Volume in Lips - Annapolis, MD

I'm so sad I got restyline silk and I like how it was after two week I noticed a bump on my upper left lip that was noticeable so I went to weeks later and told him I want to even it out. He decided that this time volbella on my lips to correct it and make it more even was best. He kept filling... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 1ML of Vobella XC by Paige! - Nashville, TN

I have been getting fillers since November of 2016 where I initially got a ML of Juvaderm XC. I found myself having to get .5 ML every couple months to maintain and get the size I wanted. I last got my touch up in February. My bottom lip was uneven and my top lip was small and disappeared when I... READ MORE

Voluma for Cheeks, Volbella for Tear Troughs, + Bruising

Under eye darkness has been the bane of my existence for quite a long time - the first time I noticed was in third grade! I am constantly asked by others if I am sick, tired, sad etc and it's such a blow to the ego! After double jaw surgery (for sleep apnea), they were much more pronounced. The... READ MORE

Volbella Lip Augmentation with Dr. Ridgway

Take a look at my photos. Dr. Ridgway in Bellevue, WA is the master when it comes to perfectly and naturally sculpting your lips and NO pain whatsoever during the procedure and NO bruises. I'm 44 years old and augmentation with Volbella gives me a much more youthful appearance. The HA filler... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Mother of Two, Beginning to Lose the Little Volume That my Lips Had

I have always had thin lips and now they are losing the volume that I had. Never would I have considered lip injections due to the fear of "duck lips", until I saw how natural my friends were. Looking into Vobella, I learned that it is a much more natural looking filler and could be reversed... READ MORE

Volbella for Lip Creases

The fat transfer in my original 11/2/17 full face PS menu as well as the fat transfer added during my brow lift revision 18 days ago didn't quite live up to my expectations so I had Volbella today for deep lip creases. She also added Botox between and along eyebrows to remedy crunching. I will... READ MORE

2 Syringes of Volbella in Lips

I had my first lip injections looking for just a little added volume on Feb 27. At first I freaked out with the swelling and lumps, after being told that within 2 weeks I would see a big change. I really feel like I see much better results around the 6 week mark. I love them now! Just longer... READ MORE

Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Volbella - Grand Rapids, MI

I think full lips really enhance a person's face. I've always used plumpers, make-up to outline my lips, and I even used to suction my lips with a cup to make them larger. I've always had a plump lower lip and my upper lip almost disappears when I smile. I went to the Bengtson Center in Grand... READ MORE

My Lips Are 15 Years Younger!!

I'm a 45 year old with full lips but very concerned about the lines around my lips. Just had this done. With numbing cream and ice it wasn't too painful just a few sticks that made me wince and tear up. The lidocaine in it works so well when my Dr. made a few touch ups i felt nothing on the... READ MORE

Botox & Volbella by Dr Laura Carmina Cardenas in MX - Tijuana, MX

I went to Tijuana, MX to see Dr. Laura Carmina Cardenas for fillers. This was a great decision! I think I made an excellent choice as far as my Dr. is concerned. Dr. Laura Carmina Cardenas is an amazing Dr! Where do I start? This was my first time in MX. I definitely regret driving my own car... READ MORE

Just Had Lip Injections Yesterday.

I had the bowl injections Tuesday at 4:30. The technician applied a topical numbing agent and the pain was very minimal. When it was over, my upper lips were noticeably fuller. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture for myself. I woke up with puffy lips, especially on top. I had a bit... READ MORE

41 yo smoker Volbella disappointment

Had Volbella done yesterday. What a disappointment ! 1 syringe, not painful, no results. The place I used is called Aesthetic Center of Lubbock . Very rude. Kept me waiting for an hour & 45minutes, when I mentioned, I was told I would appreciate the numbing time(not an apology) forgot to... READ MORE

Fillers for Under Eye and Lips

I have had bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember. People are constantly asking me if I am tired. I finally built up the courage to get something done about it. I went to Dr. Malhotra's office and had Abbey Bosco do the injections. She was really nice and answered all of my questions.... READ MORE

Volbella is the New Lip Filler for Lines!!

Looking to erase my vertical lip lines. I have an appointment with my lovely p/s on Dec 14th. I am confident that she will work her magic, and erase my lines!!! I have tried Botox, and it was not the solution. Dr. Sweis highly recommends this NEW product. I will post pictures after my visit... READ MORE

29 year old looking for a subtle lip plump

I first learned about volbella from the RN that is currently doing my laser hair removal. I was attracted to the fact that volbella is a subtle procedure that would yield me natural results. I like my shape and just wanted to add some volume to what I already had. Today I went in for my... READ MORE

All my Life I've Always Wanted a Cupid's Bow - Newport Beach, CA

When I went to see Dr. Diane's I was very nervous that the procedure would hurt or that it would look over done, I didn't really want to have volume I just wanted to have that Cupid's bow and more definition. Dr. Daines was so nice and gentle when he did the procedure. I didn't feel hardly any... READ MORE

Second Lip Filler Treatment - Rochester, NY

I had my lips treated with one syringe of Volbella in December of 2016 and a second syringe about a week ago and I absolutely love the results! Dr Quatella provided me with a prescription steroid cream after the second treatment because I was very worried about post procedure swelling after the... READ MORE

Natural Looking Fuller Lips with Vobella (35 Year Old)

At 35 my lips were starting to thin out. I wanted to regain lost volume and had 1 syringe of Vobella. I was very pleased and wanted to go for even more volume. I had a second syringe a week after the first. I'm very excited about the results. I was surprised at the years it has taken off my face! READ MORE

Thinning Top Lip: Volbella To the Rescue!

Amazing recovery! Zero down time. Went to a party 3 hours after getting Volbella. Slid on some lipstick and no one even noticed. None of that "punched-in-the-mouth" stuff going on. So natural that I felt like a million bucks, but no one asked me if I had something done. Exactly what I wanted!... READ MORE

47 yr old. Smokers lines and thin lips

Total of 2 visits. One in Nov. to test the product and a follow up on Jan 14th. Volbella comes in .55 cc syringes and Dr. Zieber used 1 syringe to address my smokers lines and injected a small amount to my upper & lower lip to add volume. After the holidays I decided to go back and get a... READ MORE

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