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After Vi Peel Treatment No Peeling Process on my Cheeks or Forehead, is It Normal?

I had vI peel 4 days a go. I have just some peeling around my chin. No other parts of my face peel yet. Is it normal? READ MORE

VI Peels Not Peeling?

I have had 4 VI peels since last Sept 2011. My last VI peels was on Sept 10, 2012. I had 4 layers of the peel and around the eyes. My skin peels very... READ MORE

I Have Done the ViPeel 4 Days Ago my Skin is at the Peeling Process Except Its Always Burning?

What can i do to help calm the redness and burning? when i apply the cream it burns as well. Anything else i can do to help cool my skin for example... READ MORE

I Am Having an Extreme Reaction to the Vi Peel, I'm Beet Red, Swollen, etc., Normal?

I received a ViPeel on Friday, it is now Tuesday. I did the normal peeling, now I am swollen, beet red, having splotchiness, and am peeling again. My... READ MORE

Vi Peel - Skin Came off While Showering?

I did it on Monday at 4:30. Tuesdy at 7:00 I noticed skin flaking around my mouth but this wasn't supposed to happen for another 24-48 hours.... READ MORE

Day 6 of VI Peel - Skin not peeling in sheets?

Im on my 6th day of the VI Peel. My skin has peeled around the nose, chin, lower cheeks and jawline, but the upper cheeks, forehead and hairline are... READ MORE

Today is my 4th Day After Vi Peel Precision Plus?

I know i am not suppose to pick or peel my skin during the process but this morning when i was in the shower i gently cleansed my faceand due to steam... READ MORE

Secondary Peeling/scabs After Vi Peel

On day 10 after vi peel. All went like the literature but after primary peel I peeled again. Its lighter/flakier but I have a few large patches on my... READ MORE

3rd towelette in VI peel aftercare kit??

I had the VI peel done 3 days ago. I used 2 of the towelettes that were included in the aftercare kit on days 1 and 2. My question is, when am I... READ MORE

No Peeling after a Vi- Peel, Is that normal? (photo)

I had a Vi-Peel last Wednesday. It is been 7 days, No peeling/light Peeling so far. My skin feel tight, rough and itch. My skin looks like 10 years... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Wash the ViPeel Treatment Off Before Getting Results?

I had the Vi Peel on 4 days ago, in the middle of the night my neck area was very inflamed, after trying the moisturizer and then the 1%... READ MORE

After Almost Completely Peeling in 3 Days No Visible Difference, Will There be Another Round of Peeling?

Can I expect another round of peeling? I expected that the underlying skin from the first peel would look different. No change in melasma, which is... READ MORE

There is No Peelling After VI Peel?

I had VI peel 4 days ago and just have a very small peel ling around my nose. Am I going have more peeling? So far nothing changed READ MORE

I Had the Vi Peel Done but It Doesn't Seem to Have Peeled That Much? (photo0

By the End of the Second Day I Began to Notice Flakiness. I kept it very moist adding Eucerin to keep the dryness down. Was just wondering why I never... READ MORE

Should I be worried about peeling the skin off after a vi peel?

I had a vi peel and on day three I started peeling. I thought the instructions; don't pull at the skin, meant if it was tough to remove, don't pull it... READ MORE

I had the VI peel Wednesday night. The sides of my mouth are so tight I can barely open to eat. Is this normal?

I had the VI peel on Wednesday evening. By Friday morning, my mouth and chin began peeling. By that evening, parts of my nose and all of my mouth and... READ MORE

I'm curious as to how long the reccomended wait to get microdermabrasion after a Vi peel? (photo)

I had my Vi peel three days ago, and I'm peeling today on schedule- all is going fine but I've noticed milia bumps popping up on all my pores. I know... READ MORE

Day 3 of Medium Peel, When Will I Peel?

I have not peeled today, Day 3 of the VI peel. I was told this is a medium peel. Is this normal? READ MORE

Could Skin Peel a Second Time After Having an Initial VI Peel?

I had a VI peel 6 days ago. I tried not to pick at my skin but did do some gentle picking especially around my mouth and nose. My skin around these... READ MORE

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