VI PEEL. I'm on second day and already peeling. Is it safe to use the third towelette even though I'm peeling ?.

I had a VI PEEL done on Tuesday afternoon, before bed I use the first towelette like directions said. Last night I used the second towelette. The two days my face have been tight. I started peeling this afternoon all of a sudden I had skin hanging around my mouth and nose. Question is. Can I use the third towelette tonight all over my face since I'm already peeling? Is it safe for the new skin underneath? I ask my dermatologist and said use it on places I'm not peeling yet? Help!

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Vi peel

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I would suggest you to listen to your provider and apply third towelette on the areas that did not start peeling yet. Vi peel is amazing treatment and good luck with your results. I hope you will love it.

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