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How often can you use a VI peel without damaging your skin? (photos)

Looking at my acne scars, how many VI peels would it take to see a difference? READ MORE

I picked skin off prematurely after a VI peel. Is my skin damaged or is it just going to take longer to heal? (Photos)

First let me preface this with - I KNOW BETTER THAN TO PICK!!! I got a VI Peel 4 days ago. On day 3 after a shower, the skin around my nose, left... READ MORE

Post VI peel skin is dry, cracking, seeping yellowish inflammatory fluid, and burns with no matter what I put on it. (photo)

The skin on my chin on both sides of my mouth are extremely dry and no matter what I put on it, it burns. Last night, the only thing I could find to... READ MORE

Can I do the VI peel 2 weeks after doing the rejuvenize peel?

Will it damage my skin if I don't wait long enough in between READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Vi Peel?

I had the Vi peel 6 months ago. My skin peeled for a week and looked great 7 days post peel, when all the skin had flaked off. About 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Too much sun exposure after Vi Peel on Day 5? Is this normal or what can I do to undue any potential damage? (Photo)

I had a Vi Peel done 6 days ago. I am concerned because I was out yesterday (day 5 after the peel) in the sun for an hour with SPF 30 on my face. I... READ MORE

Vi peel. Pain with burning, peeling, flaking, crusting, irritation, and itching. Did I damage my skin and ruin results? (Photo)

I received a Vi Peel on 9/15. I used my normal Glytone face wash on day 3 after the peeling was complete. Its now day 5. I notice my face is getting... READ MORE

Will skin damage be permanent if it was peeled too early?

I had a vi peel and in day 3 I scratched my face and accidentally peeled off some skin. It left a red streak that is still here on day 6. Is that... READ MORE

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