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Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment for tightening skin, reducing cellulite, and improving wrinkles. A hand-held device sends a combination of energies below the surface of the skin. These energies heat the underlying tissue and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. In most cases, multiple treatments are needed to achieve desired results.

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Ruined my body!

I went into Sona Med spa to look into skin tightening above my knees. During my consult I was told that skin tightening would be the best choice. They told me that i would need to do the entire front of my thigh...and then began to recommend doing the back of the thigh to make things even. Then... READ MORE

Waste of Time and Money

I bought a 10 session package, used all the sessions. I kept being reassured that it would work and reduce the laxity in my skin throughout the sessions till the very end. The heat was maintained at 40 degrees and at the end of my sessions I waited another 8 weeks to come in for a consult to see... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Tijuana, MX

I'm a 20 yr old female and today just started my Venus Legacy treatment. After my first session I could already see immediate results, which was a nice surprise because i'd done radio frequency treatments before and they'd never worked. I am doing my stomach area for firmness and my legs for... READ MORE

Radio frequency do not work for everyone

Altogether I had over 16 treatments of Venus legacy and nothing changed...,then light RX tried their Lipo RX. Only 4 treatments....when I decided to wait on the $4300 I was going to spend with them for the sculpture treatment they quit servicing me and treated me like I was not so special so I... READ MORE

Venus Legacy Chin/Neck and Upper Arms - Keller, TX

I had this done over a year ago... never really noticed any significant changes. Can get quick painfully hot. Got hickies/bruises from suction. Current day results: My arms are now covered with tiny red dots...can't see them far away, only up close, large pocket of cellulite/crepey skin on... READ MORE

First Day of Venus Legacy

Ok so I decided to try the Venus legacy because there is just noooooooo changes going on for my matter how much working out or watching what I eat...the dimples are still there smiling at me. I am a mom of three, 33 y/o, size 4/6, and rather like the size of my gal back there. Me... READ MORE

Legacy for Loose Skin, Cellulite on Thighs and Buttocks

I am a 38 and have never worried over my legs until the last few years. Always have been active, playing tennis, running, cycling. I eat clean, exercise 5 days a week and am healthy. I really don't have excess fat anywhere on my body. Even my tummy looks better than my legs after 5 pregnancies! ... READ MORE

26 Years Old - Ontario, CA

I love cosmetic procedures and I've done a lot of Botox so I decided to switch up and do the Venus legacy. I had my neck, face and tummy tightened. The results are amazing and it just keeps getting better and better. I would recommend this to anybody and the younger you start the better. I'm in... READ MORE

Stretchmark Reduction and Loose Skin with Venus Legacy - Schaumburg, IL

Today was my first treatment, everything went well, the procedure is super cool, with some heat but really cool, I'm getting 8 treatments in total I was told my waist is at 30 inches and that hopefully I can get down to 28. At 24 years old I hope this is all worth it I'll keep y'all posted with... READ MORE

Venus Legacy - What They Don't Tell You. Virginia, VA

I tried Venus Freeze to firm up under my chin - nice procedure but I found out about Venus Legacy and decided to try that procedure. I do not recommend Legacy. My neck is very sore, my throat hurts and I have "hickeys" all over my neck / chin. The device was very HOT. I ask the technician... READ MORE

Formerly Deflated Labia Majora Back to Her Old Self Again! Venus Legacy and Fat Transfer - Beverly Hills, CA

As another realself contributor put it, I'd always had "an attractive situation" down there. At 47, I noticed about a year ago that things were not looking so hot. My labia majora had gotten wrinkly and deflated. This was upsetting to me, as it didn't match my face, which has held up pretty... READ MORE

38 Year Old That Wants to Loose Her Belly.

I've had a great experience at the Rochester Michigan location with Nicole and christina. They knew exactly what I needed and how to help me. It was NOT painful maybe uncomfortable I had the venus legacy. I've actually only completed half the sessions and I lost 9 pounds already! !! Looking... READ MORE

Venus Legacy Skin Tight for Face and Neck . Made Problem Worse!!! - Canton, MI

Light RX in Canton MI. Tricked me into signing on the dotted line. Sonya followed me outside when I said I wanted to think about it first. She made me over the top promises. She said my skin would be so smooth after 8 treatments. My turkey neck would go away, and that the Venus Legacy would... READ MORE

Scam Artists at Advanced Laser Skin Center

I had Venus Legacy at Advanced Laser Skin Center. It is a huge scam it did literally nothing. I bought the recommended package because I trusted ,Alicia , the estitician . Do not waste your money! I will not even trust this practice for Botox with such a dishonest crew. READ MORE

46 and not digging the loose skin after weight loss

My results actually exceed my expectations. After losing 50+ pounds through diet and exercise, I was struggling with loose skin and pockets of stubborn fat that I could not get rid of. I had my tummy, arms, and neck done. 11 treatments total. My skin looks amazing. I never thought my neck and... READ MORE

31 Yr Old Very Active Female Needed Cellulite Treatment

Hi, I'm 31 and wanted to change the way I look to be able to compete in NPC bikini fitness shows. I did the Venus treatment for 8 weeks (8 treatments) /mans have a personal trainer 3 times a week. This procedure does not work. If it should have worked on anyone it should have worked on me... READ MORE

Not Worth It! No Results Whatsoever

The procedure was painful. It got very very hot. I got my stomach area done. The woman said my stretch marks were going away as well but nothing happened. I saw no change despite my following directions to a T. I would not recommend this procedure at all. It was extremely expensive, and... READ MORE

30 Years Old - Las Vegas, NV

I love Deanna! I have received Legacy Treatments for over a year. Deanna is always on time, professional, and has an incredibly strong work ethic. Venus Legacy works. No cellulite. I noticed results immediately after the procedure which was performed on my thighs. They were smoother and skinnier... READ MORE

Venus Legacy NOT WORTH IT!

Fourty year old fit female seeking skin tightening in the abdomen area. Ive been looking for pictures of Venus Legacy to see the gradual improvement but so far all i can find is before and after pictures so i am documenting my results to be more helpful for others looking for simular feed back,... READ MORE

Venus Legacy Left Legs Lumpy - Carmel, IN

I paid $2200 for the front of my thighs and $2200 for the back for a total of 10 treatments. I've had 7 treatments thus far. I'm 5'6, 125 lbs, have a gluten free diet, workout 5 days a week but I battle with cellulite so I heard about the Venus Legacy and was optimistically hoping this would... READ MORE

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