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Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment for tightening skin, reducing cellulite, and improving wrinkles. A hand-held device sends a combination of energies below the surface of the skin. These energies heat the underlying tissue and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. In most cases, multiple treatments are needed to achieve desired results.

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It's just drinking a lot of water with the treatments it work each time you will see the difference believe me And my skin feels very tight I'm not even done with all my treatment but if you don't have a good eating plan and follow directions this is really not for you because the point is... READ MORE

Radio frequency do not work for everyone

Altogether I had over 16 treatments of Venus legacy and nothing changed...,then light RX tried their Lipo RX. Only 4 treatments....when I decided to wait on the $4300 I was going to spend with them for the sculpture treatment they quit servicing me and treated me like I was not so special so I... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Tijuana, MX

I'm a 20 yr old female and today just started my Venus Legacy treatment. After my first session I could already see immediate results, which was a nice surprise because i'd done radio frequency treatments before and they'd never worked. I am doing my stomach area for firmness and my legs for... READ MORE

Ruined my body!

I went into Sona Med spa to look into skin tightening above my knees. During my consult I was told that skin tightening would be the best choice. They told me that i would need to do the entire front of my thigh...and then began to recommend doing the back of the thigh to make things even. Then... READ MORE

Waste of Time and Money

I bought a 10 session package, used all the sessions. I kept being reassured that it would work and reduce the laxity in my skin throughout the sessions till the very end. The heat was maintained at 40 degrees and at the end of my sessions I waited another 8 weeks to come in for a consult to see... READ MORE

Venus Legacy Chin/Neck and Upper Arms - Keller, TX

I had this done over a year ago... never really noticed any significant changes. Can get quick painfully hot. Got hickies/bruises from suction. Current day results: My arms are now covered with tiny red dots...can't see them far away, only up close, large pocket of cellulite/crepey skin on... READ MORE

First Day of Venus Legacy

Ok so I decided to try the Venus legacy because there is just noooooooo changes going on for my backside...no matter how much working out or watching what I eat...the dimples are still there smiling at me. I am a mom of three, 33 y/o, size 4/6, and rather like the size of my gal back there. Me... READ MORE

Legacy for Loose Skin, Cellulite on Thighs and Buttocks

I am a 38 and have never worried over my legs until the last few years. Always have been active, playing tennis, running, cycling. I eat clean, exercise 5 days a week and am healthy. I really don't have excess fat anywhere on my body. Even my tummy looks better than my legs after 5 pregnancies! ... READ MORE

26 Years Old - Ontario, CA

I love cosmetic procedures and I've done a lot of Botox so I decided to switch up and do the Venus legacy. I had my neck, face and tummy tightened. The results are amazing and it just keeps getting better and better. I would recommend this to anybody and the younger you start the better. I'm in... READ MORE

Stretchmark Reduction and Loose Skin with Venus Legacy - Schaumburg, IL

Today was my first treatment, everything went well, the procedure is super cool, with some heat but really cool, I'm getting 8 treatments in total I was told my waist is at 30 inches and that hopefully I can get down to 28. At 24 years old I hope this is all worth it I'll keep y'all posted with... READ MORE

Venus Legacy - What They Don't Tell You. Virginia, VA

I tried Venus Freeze to firm up under my chin - nice procedure but I found out about Venus Legacy and decided to try that procedure. I do not recommend Legacy. My neck is very sore, my throat hurts and I have "hickeys" all over my neck / chin. The device was very HOT. I ask the technician... READ MORE

Formerly Deflated Labia Majora Back to Her Old Self Again! Venus Legacy and Fat Transfer - Beverly Hills, CA

As another realself contributor put it, I'd always had "an attractive situation" down there. At 47, I noticed about a year ago that things were not looking so hot. My labia majora had gotten wrinkly and deflated. This was upsetting to me, as it didn't match my face, which has held up pretty... READ MORE

Loved Getting Treatments! Great Results!

This was so worth it. I am glad that I spent the time and money to do this. Naturally I was pretty nervous but the treatment was not painful and I felt like I was finally proactive in taking extra charge in my appearance. I was taking my treatments super seriously, drinking lots of water and... READ MORE

Totally Worth It

Had my abdomen done & it appeared tighter post 1st treatment; my jeans even seemed looser. 6 treatments in & 2 months since my last treatment & I went from a size 10 to an 8/ tight 6. I will say that I think laser technician technique can make a huge difference; I had one tech that... READ MORE

Venus Legacy at Balance Clinic Navan

I had the Venus Legacy carried out in July this year on my arms, they were very flabby and I was embarrassed with them, I went to Aoife at Balance Clinic, Trimgate Street Navan Co. Meath, She was brilliant, explained to me the procedure, she told me there may be some bruising due to the suction,... READ MORE

Highly Recommended!

I've been visiting Skin MD in Peabody for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it has been amazing. The staff is so friendly and professional. I've been meeting with Karyn for silk peels and venus legacy treatments. Not only is she great at what she does, but she also makes you feel... READ MORE

42 Years Old

I've done a series of 8 treatments and I have to say that I love it. I started seeing results at my second visit. My thighs have a lot less cellulite on them. I work out regularly and eat a healthy diet but had some patches of uneven skin (cellulite) on the front of my legs about 2 inches above... READ MORE

Best Doctor

Excellent physician and a very friendly and helpful staff. I am 60 years old and have gone to other practices. Now I go exclusively to Dr. Wertheim. His injection technique and skill is evident each time I go to him. He has never given me something I did not need or want. Each time I go it is a... READ MORE

Affordable and Worth It

I go to Venus Medical Spa in Southern Pines. I am treating a second area. The Venus Legacy on my back fat and now I can wear tee shirts. They have later hours so I go after work.The staff is great, accommodating and best of all, I'm starting to love the skin that in. I can afford it by making... READ MORE

My skin looks and feels amazing.

Dr. Flashner is highly knowledgeable and has a wonderful disposition. I started out receiving basic treatments from his wonderful staff such as a silk peel and Venus Legacy treatment and have moved on to try Ultherapy and dysport. Dr. Flashner answered all of my questions about the treatments... READ MORE

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