Venus Legacy Skin Tight for Face and Neck . Made Problem Worse!!! - Canton, MI

Light RX in Canton MI. Tricked me into signing on...

Light RX in Canton MI. Tricked me into signing on the dotted line. Sonya followed me outside when I said I wanted to think about it first. She made me over the top promises. She said my skin would be so smooth after 8 treatments. My turkey neck would go away, and that the Venus Legacy would tighten,plump and rejuvenate my entire face getting rid of all my wrinkles. Sonya also said I won't even need botox injections anymore. She offered me a free treatment to get me to stay. It was only 5 minuets free of the 30 minuet treatment. She said then each treatment is $187.00. I figured what the heck, I'm on the table I'll give it a shot for 187. After one treatment my face became very lumpy. Sonya said you have to have 8 treatment to see results. I said forget it I'm done. GET THIS, I will have to pay for all 8 treatments weather I get the treatments or NOT. She did not disclose this to me prior to my signing the in store credit card app.She played on words saying, You do not have to get the treatments if you are not satisfied. Never did she mention that I would still have to pay for them. So with high hopes ,seeing I still have to pay regardless I went ahead with VENUS LEGACY.After SIX treatments I AM WORSE. MY SKIN LOOKS LIKE CRAP. I HAVE A DROOPY CHEEK.I STILL HAVE A TURKEY NECK. MY FACE IS LUMPY AND LOPSIDED .MY WRINKLES ARE WORSE. I am discussed ... I am 62 years old. I work very hard for my money. I am having a surgery which they were aware of,but did not care .They took total advantage of a senior .


I'd like to let all know that the management of Light RX as reached out to me with great understanding and concern .They have expressed their desire to make me happy . I was offered a different type of treatment called the Venus Viva. They offered this at no cost to me. I have a week to decide. I do appreciate this offer,they were very polite in our conversations. I also wanted to mention the staff at Light RX in Canton.There was never a problem . They have always been wonderful. Very polite ,patient, pleasant and cheerful.I wanted to mention that in my first review. I again will keep you posted. Will post pics of before and after when ready.
Light RX

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